Hello again! So this story, starts with my OC and Killian's first few years of friendship and relationship stuff, it doesn't directly go into the Iron Man 3 movie, and yes, I sort of made up a lot of scenarios that happen to Killian, so don't hate me for that. It's what works with my story.

Um, so yeah it will get into the movie scenes more than likely later on in the story. I just want to focus on sort of the background of Killian and Allison's relationship :3

Please Enjoy! and no flames, just honest criticism please :)

Forever Mine: Iron Man Fic



"He was crippled, even when I met him. Well, crippled isn't the right word, that's just what everyone else called him. He was crippled and had glasses, and was into science, a bully's dream, even in University. Aldrich Killian, was the laughing stalk at the University of New York, he had a limp, and used a walking stick to hold himself up." she explained, eyes avoiding contact with the interviewer.

He wanted the whole story, her story, on Aldrich Killian. This man was genuinely interested in her and her relationship to Killian. Why she had agreed to go through with this interview, was lost on her. Maybe it was because the interviewer was a close friend of hers, and she couldn't refuse him the story that would change his career.

"He'd always try to make jokes, you know, to try and forget the shit that the assholes at Uni did to him. He told me that if he couldn't stop it, he'd laugh about it. Not exactly something I agreed with, but if it made him happy, then...well I wouldn't get in the way.

Seeing him happy was a rare thing, especially when he would see me walking around with Eric, my ex. The light he got in his eyes when talking to me for hours on end about anything but Eric or the guys at school, just vanished. At the beginning, I never understood why, but then i discovered the truth." she said, continuing on. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed the glass of water next to her and took a long sip.

The interviewer, tapped his pen against the clipboard he held, whilst awaiting for her to continue.

"Which was?" he asked, after an overly long pause passed.

"Was what?" she asked, eyes widening innocently, even though she knew what he meant. She was just trying to avoid answering.

"What was the truth?" A long pause.

"He loved me and he hated seeing me with a guy who treated me like shit. The cliche story, I guess, but that's the truth of it." the girl responded with a shrug as though it was nothing, but it was everything.

"Ah...I see." said the interviewer, furiously dragging the pen in his hand across the paper on his lap.

Allison looked around the room, absent mindedly, waiting for the interviewer's next question. Minutes passed, and he still had not spoken. It was as though he had forgotten his questions and just decided to sit there and wait for her to say more, but Allison wasn't stupid, and she didn't want to share any of her story without him asking about it. Rarely did she speak of Killian, and her relationship with him. It just hurt too much to even think about.

"So...umm...look...Miss Karter-"

"Allison." she interrupted.

"Allison, you don't have to tell me everything, but I would like to know what happened. I mean, as your friend, I care, as an interviewer, I want to know what happened, so I can show the world the other side of Killian, not the side that Tony Stark saw. If you don't mind, maybe starting from the beginning?" he said, placing a small recorder on the table beside him.

Allison eyed the small device, then looked back up at the man sitting before her. "Fine...well I guess I'll start with the more interesting of situations."

Heyo! So this is the prologue! Now this story may take a while to update, but I'll try to get one chapter up every week, if possible :)

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