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Epilogue: Every Story Needs A Happy Ending

*what happened after the fighting*

"Now what?" Killian was the first to speak.

"Well, the police will be looking for you, and you'll probably serve a lifetime in jail." she replied, her voice completely emotionless.

"I meant with us." he said, clasping his hands in front of him as he looked up at Allison, who turned her head away from him.

"Did you mean what you said?"

For the longest time Allison said nothing, having nothing to really say. Of course she meant it, but only at the time. Now she wasn't sure if she meant it.

"I don't know anymore." she said, sighing deeply, placing her head in her hands.

"You know, I'm sure this is something we can fix...now that...now that I'm basically a criminal."

"How?" she asked, still avoiding looking at Killian.

"We could run away. Go to a completely different country, and start over." he suggested with a shrug.

"Then wouldn't I become a criminal too? For helping you?"

Rolling his eyes and laughing softly, Aldrich shook his head and said, "You're no fun."

It was those words that made Allison look up, a hint of a smile on her face. That phrase, and that tone of voice he used reminded her of the old Killian she knew, and that was what she wanted. "There he is." she whispered, grasping his hand.

Aldrich, being taken by surprise, glanced at the woman next to him, and gave her a half smile.

"Is that a yes?"

"It's a maybe." she answered, laughing.

The room had suddenly gone quiet. The interviewer didn't seem to be able to speak. What Allison had told him was more than he could have asked for in terms of a story, but in a way he felt he had gotten way more than he could have possibly imagined for a first story. Now, however he seemed to not know what to say.

He had tons of questions, but none were for part of the interview, he was just generally curious. Did it work out? Did one of his closest friends end up with the guy she had started out with? Secretly he hoped not, after all that he had done to her, or she said he did to her, he didn't want her to be with a guy like that.

He was about to ask her whether or not Aldrich had gotten arrested, but then he remembered, well, everyone knew that was true. It had been in the news for months after the whole incident.

But now, he wanted to know more about Allison. Did they run away together? Did they start over and create a whole new life together? He had so many questions he wanted to ask, but knew Allison would more than likely only answer one more, and he wanted it to be the right one.

Allison watched the interviewer, and noticed how there was questioning in his eyes. Of course he wanted to know more, but it was up to him to ask her the questions now. Then she would answer.

"Um...well, if you don't mind, can I ask you some questions, as a friend who is merely curious?" he asked finally, gripping his pen nervously in his hand.

"Of course." she replied brightly, surprised that he even had to ask that.

Charlie was one of her best friends, ever since they were kids, and it had only been a few years ago that they had re-united, especially after all of the things that had happened.

Of course Allison said very little about her relationship with Killian until now, at least. She had never really told anyone about her relationship with him, because it was so private, so personal. Things happened that just weren't really something you'd share with other people. However, Charlie was like her brother, and practically was, so she trusted him, and after all the mess with the press about Aldrich, she felt someone had to give another side of the story.

She knew that news was always one sided, always showing the viewers the side that they, the government, the producers of the news programmes wanted them to see. So, when Charlie came to her, asking for an interview that wasn't all one sided, how could she refuse?

"Are you two...back together now? Or...?" he asked, clearly nervous, which Allison thought there was no reason to be.

"Yes, actually. You see, what happened was, and I prefer that you don't add this in your story, we had people in our contacts still who worked with the news programmes, and basically knew their way around the government. They played their little tricks and they basically, after we payed them off, made a false news report that Aldrich had been taken into custody for a life-time imprisonment." she explained, staring at the interviewer directly in his eyes.

"Then we did as he said, we ran away, and made ourselves a new life. He promised me that he would change, and he did...or has...and he's almost back to normal. But, he did propose again, and we married. Now...now everything just feels right again." She finished with a nod of her of head before she stood up, and held her hand out to Charlie.

Though Allison knew he had more questions, she didn't want to stay much longer, she just wanted to go home and be with Aldrich, the way she always wanted to be with him. Forever.

Charlie looked at her hand, almost as if he was studying it, before taking hold of it, pulling himself up and shaking it firmly.

"Thank you, Miss Karter."

"Pleasure's all mine." she said, smiling at him before leaving the room, and heading on home.

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