An Apple A Day…

AN: I fixed the bold type that was making this hard to see. I have tried to fix the grammar errors as well. So far I have no Beta for this story, so I'm flying solo. SM owns all things Twilight. This is just my "What if" story. My Vampires, don't sparkle, can eat rare meat, and drink coffee and whiskey. Their family /coven practices Domestic Discipline as well. If you are under 18, have triggers for spankings or lemons. Read a different story. Oh and this is fiction, don't blow a gasket because I change things around a bit. I hope to repost each chapter in this manner (font and "fixed"). Please let me know if it's better for you. No flames please. This is a completed story so I should be able to post chapters very quickly. Thanks so much for your patience. Oona4

By Oona Cullen:

Summary: Returning to the Cullen Ranch and Apple Orchards after a small break in school. The Cullen boys run across the Swan and Hale sisters in a bar in Texas. Hours later they rescue them along side of the highway. Can four "Vegetarian" Vampire brothers find forever with human step sisters? Can they have the family they have always longed for?

Chapter One:


After a welcome break from Medical School for me, and American History for Jasper, all four of us needed a much deserved vacation. Peter and Emmet; have been working almost full time these last four years, on our family cattle ranch and my mom's Apple orchard. You would think being vampires would make this almost impossible, but there you would be wrong. Carlisle, our father and coven leader plus a well respected doctor learned long ago we could exist on animal blood and not human. As we were changed and added to the family we learned it too.

Since we raise prime beef, we can take a little here and a little there as well, plus we can have all the predators and deer we want. Esme, our mom for all purposes inherited the ranch a hundred years ago, we keep re-inheriting it every 30 years or so. We can be in the sun, but not for long periods of time without becoming drained and must hunt or drink as soon as possible. Our coven is a true family, with one exception all four of us must find a mate soon. Passing for young twenty something's is all well and good, but being alone for ninety years in my case is taxing to say the least.

That brings me to this little roadside Cantina in Texas; Jasper, and Peter, wanted to see their human parent's grave plus visit old haunts, Emmet wanted to travel with them, and I agreed to meet them here in this one horse town. Emmett had bought a new eight passenger SUV, just today for us to travel back to Washington State and our family Ranch. Now, here we are sitting here drinking whiskey while pretending to eat Nachos, it's a jumping place with lots of music and dancing no one is really paying attention to anyone.

As we prepared to head out, we spotted four lovely ladies laughing and dancing together in a circle. Golly they were cute, the little brunette was darling. Emmet seemed glued to the tall Blonde, his eyes followed her every move. Jasper was smiling at the antics of a tiny black haired fireball who, seemed to laugh constantly. Peter, couldn't hide the slow shy smile for the little blonde with luscious long hair and if I may say so nice figure. Watching them made me glad, wouldn't it be wonderful to come home to them every night, or better yet reach over to make love to such beauties for the rest of our lives?

After twenty minutes of this we sighed, paid the bill headed out into the night towards home.


My twin sister Alice, plus my step sisters Charlotte and Rose were having a blast at this little Cantina someplace in Texas. We had taken the holiday from school traveling to Cancun Mexico enjoying the beaches and diving. Flying back through El Paso, we decided to drive home to Washington State, where we were seniors in College near Seattle. Our folks, both divorced single parents married, when Alice and I were four, Charlotte six, Rose seven. Last year, they were killed in a head on collision, leaving us alone with no relatives at all. We are all seniors, because the older two wouldn't go to college until we all could go, they worked odd jobs while saving money for us all to have. I love them with all my heart.

I noticed the four handsome boys staring at us across the room. My heart, jumped in my chest when I locked eyes with the bronze haired sex pot, which seemed to have a similar reaction to me. Imagine waking up next to him for the rest of my life, Yummy. Then a warm feeling I had never before felt filled my body.

We rented a compact car to drive home, my only stipulation was we get the best insurance out there, they balked but then agreed. After noticing the boys had slipped out, we decided to head out too. Driving for three hours put us in a desolate area as far as you can see. Suddenly, the front tire explodes, causing Rose to lose control slamming us into a scrub type of tree. Making sure we are all unhurt, except for being scared to death, we climb out to investigate the damage. Gads, it's smashed to pieces, and then we find no cell reception at all.

Pulling out our luggage, purses, and anything else of ours, we pile it all behind the auto, climb on top to avoid snakes or whatever creepy things live here. After an hour passes Alice is getting worried, I can tell, thirty more minutes pass, before we finally see lights coming down this horrid road. Thankfully, whoever it is pulls over behind us.


Driving through some of the most boring landscapes ever, we amuse ourselves talking about those fine ladies we saw at the Cantina. Edward thinks we should hunt, in case we have to stay someplace and not keep driving. Not a bad idea, pulling off the road we each find something to take the edge off, before returning to the trip home. Seeing skid marks, followed by four girls sitting on top of a wrecked car at one am in the morning, sure broke up the boredom. I pulled over behind them, we all climbed out.