Chapter 42

A year and a half later...

Elisa was grabbing coffee before going to Macbeth's company. She knew this was going to be a long day. As she stood in line, she glanced to nowhere in particular and caught the attention of someone. She smiled politely and turned back around.

She ordered her coffee and paid. She felt someone's presence next to her. "The coffee here is good," said the man.

She looked up and said, "Yes it is." She put sugar in her coffee and stirred.

"So do you come here often?" he asked.

"Depends on the work week," she replied. She saw him smile.

"Maybe we can have coffee together some time?" She froze for a second collecting her thoughts. This guy was actually hitting on her.

"I don't know about that. I'm busy all the time," she said gently.

He smirked. "What's the harm?" he asked.

"Nothing. It's just I'm...I'm not looking for anyone special in my life. I have other obligations."

"Hey, it's just coffee. No pressure," he said.

She chuckled. "Listen, I'm flattered but, um, this isn't the right time. I should go." She walked off before the man could say anything else.

A smirk crept up on her face. It was nice to be asked but being in a relationship so soon was not on Elisa's list of priorities. She went on to Macbeth's company.

She walked in and he greeted. "Hello lass," he said.

"Hello," she replied. "What's new?"

"Just wanted to check on you and the kids. Also, I need you to go on a business trip."

Elisa arched an eyebrow. "I thought I only had to go to lunch meetings."

"I know but I need you to come so we can present an united front. Besides, this is an important. We leave for California in two days."

"Why are you just now telling me? I have the kids to think about. Where are they going to go?"

"I've arranged for both Robyn and Beth to be here tomorrow," he replied.

"So I'm just supposed to jump at your helm. I have a job too," she said.

"I've spoken with Chavez this morning," he said. She just looked at him annoyed. If he wasn't Jason's uncle, she'd give him more of a piece of her mind with a few choice words. She breathed deep to calm herself.

"What time is the flight?" Elisa asked.

"8am," he replied.

She stood up and asked, "Is that all?"

"Say hi to Meghan and Chris," he said.

"Sure, " she said and walked out the door. "That man never stops," she thought to herself.

When she arrived at the precinct, Matt motioned for her to come to Chavez's office.

"Hey," Elisa said.

"Hey. Captain wants to see you." She said thanks and walked in.

Maria got up from her desk. "Hi Elisa. There's someone I want you to meet. This is Agent Joshua Davidson from D.C. He's helping out with a case," she said. The man turned around and it was the guy from the coffee shop.

Elisa smiled. "This would happen to me," she thought. He stuck out his hand for her to shake. "Elisa Canmore. It's nice to meet you."

"Likewise," Joshua said.

"The case Agent Davidson is working on has to do with the recent increase in drug activity."

Elisa nodded. "Welcome aboard then."

"Alright, I need to speak with Davidson further," Maria said. Elisa left and breathed. Of all the people to flirt with her and this happens. She walked back to her desk.

Matt noticed the way she sat down. She seemed a little flustered. "Everything ok?" he asked.

"Yep, everything is just fine."

Some time passed and Joshua came out of Chavez's office. He walked to Elisa's desk. "Detective Canmore, may I have a word?"

She looked up and Matt excused himself. She inwardly groaned. She didn't want this to turn into something awkward. "About this morning-

Elisa waved her hand. " Forget about it. We didn't know."

Joshua gave her a smile. "The offer still stands though," he said. He glanced to the photo of her kids. "Cute kids. Are they yours?"

"Yes. They're mine."

"Well, they take after their mother," he said.

She smirked. "Is that a pick up line or are you being honest?"

"Honest," he replied.

"Aren't you the flatterer?" she joked.

He chuckled. "See you around Canmore."

Matt watched their encounter and shook his head. As he saw Joshua approach, he stopped him. "Agent Davidson."

"Yes," he answered.

"Whatever it is you want from Elisa, she's not the type of girl to give it to you. She's been through a lot this past year. Don't mess with her. She's my partner and I don't want her hurt."

He walked off leaving Joshua wondering what happened. Matt sat down. "What did you say to him?"

"What?" he asked innocently.

She stopped writing and looked at him. "You went all big brother on him, didn't you?"

"Maybe." She chuckled.

"Thanks," she said returning to her paperwork.

"I just don't want to see you get hurt." She flickered her eyes to Matt.

"That won't happen because I'm not dating anyone. Too soon."

She subconsciously fiddled with Jason's wedding band on her chain. "Way too soon," she thought.

Elisa picked up her children from school and went home. She noticed Meghan was quieter than usual. After helping them with homework she turned to Meghan and asked, "Meghan, honey, what's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said looking away.

Elisa turned her daughter's head to her. "What's wrong?"

"I miss daddy. All the other kids have dads. Why can't I have one?"

Elisa's mind went blank for a second. "Did something happen at school?"

Meghan shook her head yes. "Father-daughter dance."

Elisa shook her head in understanding. "Come here. I want to show you something." She led Meghan to the living room. Chris sat next to her. Elisa went through the DVDs and put one in. She sat next to them as they watched the video pop up on the screen.

It was a home video of Jason dancing with Meghan in his arms. He was trying to calm her down after she'd been crying for some reason. Elisa happened to walk by and saw them. She smiled and quickly went to their room to grab the camera. Jason had no idea she was there. He started singing for her benefit. She loved that moment in time.

Elisa glanced over to see her children smiling. Once the video shut off, Elisa knelt in front of them. "Daddy did dance with you. You were his princess." Meghan nodded her head.

"Mama, can we watch more movies of daddy?" Chris asked.

"Right now?" she asked. They said yes. They watched the videos of Elisa's wedding day, the twins birth and their first birthday party. Elisa sat there thinking about how ridiculous she thought Jason was being for recording every single thing. Now, she appreciated it.

"Hey, there's something I need to tell you. Uncle Macbeth and I have to go out of town in two days. Aunt Robyn and aunt Beth are coming to visit."

"Will you come back?" Christopher asked.

"Of course baby," she said her heart breaking a little. She knew they had a fear of her leaving them behind. She had that fear sometimes.

"Come on, we're going to the Eyrie to see the clan," Elisa stated. Their faces lit up and they took off. "No running," she yelled.

When they got there, the clan had come back from patrol. The clan greeted them in the study and they all went to the dining hall. After dinner, Elisa put Meghan and Chris down for a nap. She went to the terrace alone. She fiddled with his wedding band once more.

"Hey Jas, I wish you still here," she said looking at the sky.

A few minutes later Goliath walked onto the terrace. "Elisa, is everything alright?"

She turned to him and smiled. "I had an interesting day."

He walked forward and stood next to her. "What happened?"

"I'm going to California with Macbeth in two days and he didn't tell me until today. However, he told Chavez, Robyn and Beth. I watched home movies with the kids. Meghan has a father-daughter dance at school and it just makes her miss Jason more. It makes me sad that I can't give her what she wants."

"You're doing a fine job. You're a great mother," Goliath said.

"Thank you but it's not the same. My dad and I have a great relationship. I wanted the same for her. We watched a video of when she was two and Jason held her and danced with her."

Goliath chuckled at the image. "Oh, I got asked out today," she said as an afterthought.

"What?" he asked.

"Well, it was just for coffee but I turned him down gently. Turns out the guy is an agent from D.C. Guess who is working with him?"

"He's at the precinct," Goliath said.

"Yeah. Of all people, I would attract a coworker," she joked.

"Who did you attract?" Fox asked out of nowhere.

Elisa rolled her eyes. "Were you eavesdropping? Anyway, a guy asked me out today."

Fox smirked. "Our Elisa is growing up."

"Shut up. I turned him down. I'm not ready to date anyone."

Goliath was glad to hear that. He would have been worried about her. Fox noticed his expression and chuckled. His feelings never went away. "Elisa, may I have a word?"

Elisa followed Fox to a guest room. "So this guy...tell me about him."

"Fox, there's nothing to tell." Fox continued to wait.

"Alright. He's African-American. About 5'10. He's a charmer but he's very focused on his work. I could tell that by looking at him and the way he interacted with the other cops."

"One day," Fox said.

Elisa chuckled. "Dating isn't a priority. I'm still grieving over my husband. Besides, I don't want men coming and going out of my life. The kids will get attached and I don't want them caught up."

"How are you?" she asked.

"A lot better. I find myself twirling his wedding band a lot. I feel closer to him when I wear it. I guess it's a little absurd."

"No, you do what you need to do," Fox said. "I know it hasn't been easy."

"No but I have all of you. The kids love coming here. But um, I'm going on a business trip so Robyn and Beth will be babysitting."

"Macbeth," Fox said.

"Yes. It was kind of dropped in my lap. It's not like I had a choice to back out."

Fox nodded. "Maybe getting away will do you some good. Take time for yourself."

"If only I could really do that," she said.