Chapter 56

Twelve years later...

Meghan and Christopher were hanging out with James and Rebecca after school. They were going to the cafe to grab something to eat. They walked into the cafe and ordered.

As they sat down Meghan asked Rebecca, "What's life like now that you've moved out of your parents' house?"

"Alright. Mom calls me twice a day. Dad calls me once a day," she answered. "I'm in the city and they still worry."

James laughed. "Trust me...that is nothing compared to how my mom is going to react." They burst out laughing at the thought.

"Your mom is kind of crazy," Rebecca joked. James smirked.

"Does aunt Elisa know both of you plan on going to law school?" she asked.

"She will tonight," Christopher said. "I think she actually prefer it. Being a cop is no picnic."

Their food came and they ate. In the middle of their conversation, Meghan looked out the window and someone caught her eye. She looked more closely and her heart stopped.

"No way. It couldn't be," she thought. "Guys, I'll be right back." She walked out the cafe and went down the block. She saw the person turn around and gasped.

She watched as the person seemed to be looking for something. Her mind was going and wasn't until she saw feet moving in her direction that she walked away. She walked into the cafe pale.

Christopher stood up. "Meg, what's wrong?"

"Chris...I saw him," she said. She looked toward the window and back at her brother.

"Who?" he asked.

"Dad," she said in disbelief.

"My dad is here," James said.

"Not your dad. Our dad," she said her voice now certain.

Christopher looked at her confused. "Meg, that's impossible. He's gone. It's been over-

She grabbed his hand and walked out. She looked both ways when she spotted him again. "He's down there," she said dragging him along. She walked feverishly and Christopher was having trouble keeping up.

Christopher stopped her and turned her around. "Meghan, this is ridiculous. Dad is dead. There's no way you saw him. It's all in your mind. I'm sure this person just looked like him."

"I saw him," and she turned around to keep walking but she couldn't find him anymore. "He was right there Chris. I'm not making this up."

He sighed. "Did you have a dream about him and that's where this is coming from? Come on, let's go back," he said and pulled her forward. She looked over her shoulder again.

"But he was right there," she thought.

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