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"I usually pay people to do this part." Oliver said as he brought Felicity another moving box.

"Yes, and I agreed to let you pay people to move the big heavy things but I need to do this. No one else will get the cataloguing right. They will put all my books in random piles and I will be left with months-"

"Months?" He interrupted skeptically.

"Yes, Months, of work getting them all back in their proper order. Don`t fight me on this, I get very mamma bear about my books." Oliver raised his hands in surrender and went back to assembling boxes.

"Is there anything I can take care of that won't send you into a stress spiral?" Felicity thought for a moment.

" Office supplies or towels and linens." Oliver grabbed a box and moved into the hallway.

It had been two months since Felicity had been captured for the simple crime of being his girlfriend. After the happy reunion with the rest of their friends and family at the mansion, Oliver decided she needed some time away from Starling City. He arranged for them to spend a week relaxing in wine country in Washington State. They ate and drank well, spent long mornings in bed and tried to be a normal young couple in love. However, they both snuck away to check in with Diggle when the other one was distracted. John couldn't help but laugh with each set of matching phone calls or text messages he received.

Shortly after they returned from their trip, Felicity was informed that her landlord was selling the building and turning it into condos. Meanwhile Oliver was finding it harder and harder to hide his injuries or exit the mansion without arousing suspicion from his family. It was an easy, logical decision to move in together. They found a condo halfway between Verdant and the QC building that had enough privacy for their needs but also allowed Felicity to pay half the costs as she insisted.

They had two days left to pack and move Felicity out of her apartment. The single-minded focus that lead to her best computer work also meant that she was a very slow packer. Oliver heard her sigh heavily from the living room. " Need another box?" He asked.

" And a dose of sugar. Why is it when the city's in danger I can stay up for three days straight but when I'm packing I find it hard to keep my eyes open past eight thirty?" She took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes. Oliver left his station by the linen closet and made his way to the flattened cardboard pile.

"If you look in the fridge I'm thinking you'll find emergency brownies. I'll get a fresh box ready." He helped her off the floor and made a few folds while she passed him. He silently put the box down and followed her to the kitchen staying just out of her eye line.

Felicity opened her fridge and found three things: The promised brownies, a bottle of champagne, and a small red velvet box.

"Um, Oliver? I, um, I know you aren't used to packing but there's something, um" She looked up to see him standing in the kitchen doorway smiling. He walked over closing the fridge door just enough to get around it. Felicity was frozen in place as he reached in and pulled out the small box. He closed the fridge and turned to face her.

"You know me, All of me, better than anyone." He said as tears started to well up in her eyes. "And you mean more to me than anyone. I've been thinking about this for a long time." Oliver's voice got softened as he tried to hold it together. "You said that you weren't leaving. I wanted to show you that I'm not leaving either." Oliver opened the box, revealing a large emerald cut diamond nestled into three white gold bands containing smaller diamonds. He got down on one knee and took her shaking hand in his. "Felicity Megan Smoak, will you marry me?"

For once in her life, Felicity was able to express herself in a single word.