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Chapter 1

He dropped to one knee, tired and out of breath. He had only been in the gym for about three hours now. That shouldn't have left him this drained or sore. He had great stamina and endurance; the Batman would accept no less.

Robin's mind wasn't focused on training though. He had gone to the gym with the intention of clearing his head. It didn't work. Now instead of having a clear idea of what to do, he was sore and still just as lost.

He got up and wandered over to the bench where he had left his gear and cell phone. "Let's see if he has called back yet," he said quietly to himself, picking up his cell phone. "No missed calls, no voice mail," he sighed. He wasn't surprised really. Things had been uneasy between him and his former mentor since he had stormed out. He wasn't expecting Bruce to call him back.

'Oh well,' he thought to himself, Robin didn't need his advice on how to handle his team anyways. He had done just fine these past six years. 'But still,' he thought, tossing his phone back down on the bench, 'it would be good to have his opinion on this.'

In the months since they had returned from Tokyo Robin had begun to notice things. Two of his teammates were acting…off. He couldn't really put his finger on it. It was like they were closer because they were trying to keep their distance from one another.

Beast Boy always the jokester of the team never missed an opportunity to try and make her smile. Even though it almost always ended in failure he never stopped. Until very recently, when he just seemed to give up on his endeavor to get a response out of her. He now simply addressed her like he would any other member of the team. No more stupid jokes at her expense or off the wall silliness directed at her. Well no more than any of the other titans anyways.

Robin walked over to the punching bag near the back of the room and began to stretch and loosen up before beginning his next set.

As he went through his many different martial art styles his mind began to move to the other side of this equation. Raven. Her actions had been off as well. The dark and mysterious empath was always hard to read. Even for Robin, who made it his job to know all the titans as well as he could.

Robin decided to stop. He couldn't keep his mind on training right now. 'This is stupid really,' he chided himself. 'Here I go, I'm doing it again. Just like Cyborg always tells me when something like this happens.' He walked in a circle around the gym while thinking to himself. 'I'm obsessing, or over thinking it,' he could almost hear his metallic friend saying in his head.

'"I" wonder where those two are anyways,' he wandered as he began gathering his things.

Down the hall a ways from the gym area two of the Titans were walking together hand in hand.

"Hey, we should go out for pizza or something. Just the two of us," the green changeling said smiling at her.

She was still slightly taller than him, but not by much. He had really hit a growth spurt since they had gotten back from Japan. "Not hungry," she said flatly, turning her head gently in his direction. "I need to meditate."

They continued to walk down the hall slowly, wanting to have time to themselves. "Aw c'mon. You haven't eaten like all day, please!" Beast Boy pleaded.

"No. See if Cyborg will go with you."

"But I wanna go with you." He stopped walking and turned to face her directly. She just stood there looking at him with a blank expression on her face. His smile was warm. "Please Raven. Why don't you ever want to go out? We could have fun." He said happily.

"No," she said looking down at the floor, letting her violet hair cover her face. "Everyone will ask questions."

His smile faded a little but it was still there. "Will you go shopping with me then? I need to get something and I want your help picking it out." he offered.

Raven looked up at him. "I don't do shopping. That's Starfire's thing. You should go ask her. She should be with Robin somewhere," she said in her usual monotone voice. She started to walk past him and down the hall towards the living room.

"But I wanted your help!" he said angrily "Why are you so cold?! I just asked for a small favor, but no!" She stopped dead in her tracks and turned and looked at him with a glare that went straight through to his very soul. Realizing what he said, he eased the tone of his voice. "Come on, it's a free dinner and a chance to get out of the tower. Just be yourself for a while." His grin returned to his face, but her expression remained the same."…No, right. I don't even know why I try. You're just a cold heartless woman." He turned his head quickly and looked the other way down the hall, trying to hide the hurt he was feeling welling in him.

Raven felt shocked and taken aback by her new boyfriend's comment. But it wasn't long before her anger got the better of her. "Well excuse me for not screaming my emotions from the rooftop! My powers are dangerous, and I can't afford to let them hurt our friends! I can't afford to let them hurt you…"

'Did I really just say that to him? ' she thought to herself.

"Whatever, I'm out," he said, more looking through her than at her. He turned around and started walking down the hall towards the gym; he needed to get away to think.

What was it about this little green shape shifter? He could blow past her defenses and get the worst reactions out of her.

"No wait Beast Boy, come back," she called after him.

She knew that the fear of losing control of her powers wasn't what was stopping her from going out to eat with him. She really had no idea of how to act around him now. For six years they had been close friends and roommates. And yes it was true that the Teen Titans resembled more of a family than they did a crime fighting team. Complete with the annoying little brother of the team, Beast Boy.

But since Tokyo she had seen him in a different way. She wasn't really sure when it happened but she had fallen for him pretty hard. And he was all too eager to admit he felt the same way. But she had never had the 'boyfriend experience'. She wasn't sure she could handle it.

"Well what? You just going to stand there Raven?" he said, crossing his arms and looking at her with annoyance.

She had drifted off in thought and forgotten he was still standing there.

"Look Beast Boy, I'm new to this," she started. "I don't really know what you want out of me."

Beast Boy looked at her for a moment. But then he got caught by her eyes. Those big, beautiful, inviting eyes. And he couldn't stay mad. Not when it was her.

"I want you smile Raven. That's all I have ever wanted." He said softly. Never taking his eyes off of hers, he reached out and took her hand in his once again.

What was it about this little green shape shifter that could blow through her defenses and get the best reaction out of her?

She smiled and pulled him into an embrace and kissed him gently on the lips. She said quietly into his ear, "Can we get pizza before we go shopping? I'm starving."

A ways down the hall Cyborg had stopped when he had heard the sound of his two teammates fighting.

"It sounds like they are at it again," chuckling as he stopped before going around the corner to listen to them. He didn't usually make a habit of eavesdropping; he tried to let Raven be Raven. But something had taken him by surprise.

'New to this', he thought. 'New to what?' It didn't make sense. Raven sounded uncomfortable and nervous. And what the hell did Beast Boy want from her?

"I kind of wish I would have caught the beginning of this fight," he said quietly to himself as he leaned on the wall. The first thing he had heard clearly was his little green friend asking Raven if she was going to stand there all day or something like that.

"'Smile'? Ok, this is getting weird," he said as he shook his head and wandered off down the hall away from the other two Titans. "I need to go talk to Robin anyways," he sighed as he brought up a display on his left forearm to find the location of the boy wonder.