Chapter 17

Raven held his hand tightly as she leaned over his gurney and strained to hear him. His breaths were shallow and his voice was weak. He did manage to breathe out a single sentence.

"I…am so…sorry," he inhaled deeply after finishing the last word.

Raven had almost forgotten. The last thing she had said to him was "Don't you dare touch me." How long ago that seemed now. "Beast Boy I…" She couldn't finish the sentence. She didn't have the words. The one time she needed to say something, anything, and she couldn't. Everything she thought of sounded so stupid and pointless. 'If I hadn't gotten mad at you I wouldn't have stormed out. Starfire and Robin wouldn't have had their argument. We would have all been in the tower when Harley attacked. We could have fought her off. And you wouldn't be dying in front of me.'

Beast Boy still looked at her through only partially opened eyes. "Forgive…me…"

"I did a minute after you said it," she spoke softly. "Please, you have to forgive me."

A weak smile spread across the boy's face. That act alone spoke volumes to Raven. "Do…you…mean it?"

She nodded her head gently as she smiled. "Mmm hmm."

She didn't hear or sense him approaching. The first thing she felt was the baseball bat slamming into the side of her skull. She didn't have time to register any pain as she was unconscious before she hit the ground.

"Raven!" Beast Boy chocked out as he struggled to look over the edge of the gurney to see her. She lay on her side completely still.

"Stupid witch," Lucas said as stood over holding a wooden bat. "She isn't so scary."

"You…" Beast Boy growled out as he glared at his captor. "Kill…you!"

"No I don't think you will boy," he said with a carefree attitude. As he turned his gaze to the young changeling he noticed the look on Beast Boy's face. "You seem awfully upset."

"Why…did you…do that?" Beast Boy huffed out.

"Why not," came a quick reply. "Say, that wasn't your girl was it? You two seemed really friendly a second ago."

Beast Boy didn't say a word as he watched Lucas walk around Raven's unconscious body. 'Oh no'

An evil grin spread across his face. "It is, isn't it? Oh, this will be fun," he said as he raised the bat high above his head and brought it down onto Raven's ribcage. He raised it up again and struck her across the back of her head. He then looked at Beast Boy. "She isn't prego is she?" he asked nonchalantly as he kicked her as hard as he could in gut.

"Stop!" Beast Boy screamed out finally.

"No. This is too much fun," he said with laugh as he raised the bat yet again for another strike. He was stopped by a giant black claw of dark energy. He was slammed into the wall behind him with a loud crash.

"Raven! You're ok," Beast Boy remarked softly as he saw Raven levitate off the ground. "I thought he had…" Beast Boy was cut off when he noticed the tendrils of dark energy escaping from under Raven's cloak. "Raven?" he asked as she turned slightly in his direction. He noticed four red eyes glowing from under her hood.

"No BB. Not right now," she uttered from a row of clenched, dagger-like teeth. "It's my turn to have some fun."

"Hey! What the hell is going on here?" Lucas shouted. It was followed by a defining scream as both his shins were shattered just below the knee caps.

"Raven, stop!" Beast Boy shouted as he struggled against his restraints with a renewed vigor. "You can't do this!"

"Quiet!" she snapped back at him. "This animal deserves this!"

"No he doesn't! Not like this." Beast Boy pleaded with her as he heard another loud crack as Raven broke his right forearm.

She picked up the baseball bat from the floor with her powers and pressed it against his throat. She was going to choke the life out of him. "You will die here!" a dark and ominous voice shouted.

"No!" Beast Boy screamed once more as he decided he would have to endure the immense pain and morph and escape his restraints. After taking a deep breath to steel himself against the coming pain he quickly morphed into a small snake only for half a second before reverting back to his human form and crying out in agony. It was the most intense pain he had ever felt in his life, but he was free.

Ignoring the burning pain that had taken over every last cell in his body, he rolled of the gurney and staggered his way over to Raven as fast as he could. He took another deep breath as he lunged out towards Raven and grabbed her in a bear hug as they both slammed down onto the ground.

Beast Boy quickly looked over at Lucas as he dropped to the floor. He had blacked out from the pain and lack of oxygen, but he was alive at least.

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