Chapter 18

She didn't bother to listen to Cyborgs protests; she knew what needed to be done. She quickly crossed the room and made her way to the group encircling Robin. There had been times in the past where fear and panic had prevented her from taking flight. But here, will drove her past her fear as she darted through the air.

She had trained herself to limit her power output when dealing with human opponents. The Titans didn't often have to deal with normal humans; the ones they did encounter were either super powered or expert combatants like Slade. In her normal, rational state of mind, human combatants would be no threat to the Tamaranean princess, but Starfire wasn't in anything that resembled a rational state of mind.

Her mind was a jumbled mess of fear, panic and anger. She had never before felt anything like what she was feeling now. She did her best to force her fear and panic from mind. She let her anger control her actions. Only wanting to save Robin and destroy anything that was to get in her way.

She shot through the air at an incredible speed, slamming the closest thug into the reinforced glass windowpane of the tower. Not stopping when she heard the crack of his bones. She quickly turned her anger on the next thug she saw. She grabbed him and flew up, slamming him into the ceiling before letting go and letting him fall back to the floor below. She threw starbolts down into the crowd, the resulting explosions stunning the gang with burning shrapnel and debris.

The half dozen that remained were unsure of what exactly was happening. Some ran for cover while two of them fumbled with handguns. They began attempting to load fresh magazines in and train the weapons on her.

She didn't let the two men get far in the endeavor. She swooped down and grabbed one of the goon's wrists, giving a quick twist and shattering the bone, causing him to drop his weapon. She then planted her other fist firmly into the side of his ribcage. He screamed out in pain before collapsing to the floor.

In another second she was across the room. Grasping the remaining firearm in her hand she effortlessly crushed it into a dozen fragments using her massive strength, before finally slamming the thug with a point blank starbolt blast to his chest.

Starfire was sure he had to have suffered unbearable burns but she didn't care at this point. The only thing present in her mind was the safety of Robin. Three of the remaining men rushed out of the common room and down the hall. There was just one left to deal with. She turned her attention towards Robin and was shocked by what she saw.

He was holding a knife to Robin's throat. His hands were trebling as he locked eyes with Starfire.

"Back off bitch! I will end him I swear to…" he was cut off by a hand fist tithing around his throat as he was slammed into the wall behind him.

"You will do no such thing!" Starfire growled out as she clenched her fist tighter around his throat. "You will not harm him or any of my friends."

She saw what looked to be panic in his eyes briefly before she felt his neck snap. She released her grip and let his body fall and slump limp on her boot. "Troqs like you do not understand mercy or compassion. So I will not spare any for you or your kind." She kicked the lifeless heap at her feet away with an effortless motion. 'That was over quickly' Starfire thought as she turned her attention back to Robin only to find a shocked expression on his face.

"Star, what have you done?" He said almost in a whisper.

She wasn't sure what he meant at first as she glided over to his spot on the floor. Starfire began looking over Robin, trying to inspect his injuries, as his words started to register in her mind. He had numerous broken bones, bruises, cuts, and a horrible stab wound in his abdomen. This did not help her fear. The adrenaline was still thick in her system and she noticed she was shaking uncontrollably. She was staring through Robin, lost in the rush and chaos of the thoughts now flooding into her mind.

"Starfire!" Robin said again louder as he reached out and grabbed her by the arm. "What did you do?"

The sudden sensation of Robin's touch brought her out of her daze. She saw the destruction the laid in her wake. All of the men who just a few minutes ago were scrambling to defend themselves now all lay scattered across the room. All of whom were groaning and whimpering in pain. All except one who remained sickeningly still.

"…I do not know." She said meekly.

"Did you kill him Star? He was disarmed. He wasn't going to hurt you. You had him by the throat, you had the upper hand." Robin said half to Starfire half to himself. As he tried to convince himself of what he just saw. "Why?"

"He…he was going to kill you…" She scrambled to try and rationalize what she had done.

"No he wasn't. He was using me as deterrence. If he had killed me what would you have done?"

"I…" She started.

"You would have killed him the second he slit my throat. Killing me was the last thing he would have done." He tried his best to remain calm. She was on the brink of breaking into tears. He was still in great pain and could barely move. "Come here Star." He motioned for her to come and sit by his side.

She began to sob quietly as Robin did his best to put his arm around her. "I did not mean to kill him. I just wanted to stop him." She whimpered out.

"It's ok Star, are we sure he is dead?" Robin said, glancing over her shoulder to the motionless body on the floor.

"It does not matter. I have shamed myself. I lost control. I…" Her words lost form and simply turned into a quiet sob. The adrenaline in her system was starting to thin out. The fear and panic rushed back in to fill the void.

"It will be ok Star…" he said in an attempt to comfort her. "It will be ok." He knew in his heart it wouldn't be. Not for a long while.

A small group of four still wandered the upper floors, away from the fighting in the common room. They moved from one room to the next, looking for anything of use.

"There are four of 'em," a voice said quietly from the shadows.

"I see them," a gruff and low voice responded.

"I got 'em. This will be fun."

"No," came a curt response. "We can't risk it while they have hostages."

"I know, do it your way," the younger voce said with a noticeable amount of annoyance.

The duo moved quietly and effortlessly down the hall towards the first goon. In an instant he was pulled into the shadows of the dimly lit hallway. In another moment the second man was gone. Then the third. Till only one remained.

"Alright let's get back before Harley and the boys have all the fun without us," the final target said as he came out of one of the bedrooms. "There ain't nothin' here anyways…" He trailed off as he walked into the empty hallway. "Guys?"

A large muscular arm wrapped around his throat and dragged him backwards off balance and into the shadows. He felt his body become numb and his vision faded to black as he succumbed to the chokehold.

"We need to move. That won't be all of them," the gruff voice said as the two shadows made their way through the tower.

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