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Chapter I

Izaya sighed. It had been a looooooong day. So many things to do and so many people to see. He had almost fallen asleep during a job with a client.

As he changed, the door slammed open, making a dent in his black wall. Izaya sighed once more.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, Shizu-chan? Can't you see I'm just getting ready for bed?" he asked.

Shizuo trudged in, pissed off.

"I'll tell you what the fucking hell is wr-" he stopped short and almost had a heart attack.

Shizuo's mouth hung as he indulged the view in front of him.

Izaya was in nothing more than his jeans and glasses. His pale chest was well built for a small man and his crimson eyes highlighted the dark brim of his glasses.

"I didn't know you wore glasses flea."

"Now what? Gonna laugh at me?"


"Hmph," was the response he received. But something was off.

There were no overly smart comments and Izaya seemed to be facing him to hide something.

"What? You're creeping me out with your staring, Shizu-chan."

"Turn around."

"Pardon me?" he said after a second, processing what he just commanded.

"I said, turn around."

"And why should I listen to you, you brute?"

"Because I said so."

"That's not excuse enough. Anyway, I don't want to show you Shizu-chan." He said flatly. "Please leave me alone now," he said, emphasizing the 'please.'

Angrily bounding his way over, he grabbed the raven by the shoulder and spun him around with Izaya protesting all the way.

Shizuo sucked in his breath, eyes widening at the sight and the brunette twirled around once more.

"What the mother fucking hell, you shitheaded son-of-a-bitch dick-faced bastard?" he yelled. The ex-bartender had never heard him use so many cuss words in one sentence.

"Are you happy? One thing I try to keep for my sanity and you ruin it," he screamed, tears blurring his vision.

He had yelled so loud, it was throat-tearing and he started coughing up blood.

"Oi, Izaya!" Shizuo exclaimed, a bit panicked. He approached the informant but Izaya shot away from him. He slammed into the bed, knocking his glasses off and fell to the carpeted floor. He curled up into a ball and sobbed his eyes out.