A Chapter

Authors Note: Hey new story I'm stuck on the others but promise to finish them. Also find me on Instagram I just got into it loll. IG Name:lemiabron This is a sequel to Lover's Pact

Bulla walked into the large open spaced gym and just looked around. She smiled thinking of the man associated with building. Bulla adjusted the strap on her designer bag. Her five inch heels clamped down on the dark hardwood floors. A tall muscular figure appeared in front of her with long black pants and a bare chest with a towel hung on his neck.

The room behind him doors opened as people flowed out. It was clear that he had just let a class out. "Hey I wasn't expecting you today, you look beautiful as always". Bulla blushed and tucked a piece of loose curls behind her ear. Goten smiled at her and pulled her hand from her hair.

"You're still shy after what we did"?

Her pale skin instantly turned a bright pink as she covered his mouth. "Don't say that so loud, Goten". Goten smiled and pulled her into his office by her wrist. Bulla looked around to makes sure not too much attention was being drawn to herself. Even though her presence there was expected. There was always talk between his students that they were together.

That was exactly true now but it was a nice thought. Goten closed the door behind her and just smiled at her and crossed his arms over his broad chest. "What's so funny"? Bulla asked walking over to his desk looking at pictures he had on his desk and looked over her shoulder to him.

"It's not exactly funny, but I was just thinking about that thing we did last week and how much fun it was…" He said staring at her smirking. Another subtle blush came to her cheeks. "It was fun." Bulla said feeling her body getting warmer as he came closer to her.

Goten placed his hands on each side of the desk enclosing her in and placed his head on her shoulder. "Do you think we should do it again or was it a onetime offer"? He said smoothly whispering into her ear. Bulla could feel herself just melting in his words. She was burning up now as he moved the hair off her neck and began to kiss it.

Bulla just relaxed her neck back on his shoulder let him do what he wanted. Either way she knew the result would end in ecstasy.

Stopped and just observed her as she looked like she wanted more, more of him and the things he could offer were limited. "I wouldn't want to ruin that good girl image of yours." He said sitting in on the couch in the corner of his office.

"I don't have an image. I don't even know why people care about my life anyways. Is just work and no play. It very boring." Bulla said flopping down on the couch next to her. Goten looked at her. She wore a white tight dress that complimented her figure very well and kept his eyes glued to her. Heels that made her legs look like they went for days and her long blue hair was neatly curled in place.

She put both hands over her face and huffed loudly. "Let's go out tonight, get some drinks, and maybe dance a little bit. You need to relax". Goten removed her hands from her face and kissed her cheek. "We don't have to have sex either". Bulla turned and looked at him and bit her lip and kissed him on the lips. He was surprised a little but wasted no time reacting to her lips on his.

Goten placed his hands on her face and pulled her deeper into the kiss allowing her have some control. She took more than he expected climbing into his lap she pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Goten hands gripped her waist tightly pulling her down onto him. His hands crept up her thighs and stopped when the couch began to vibrate. Bulla stopped and tossed her head back in frustration. Goten handed her the small bag that contained her phone and annoyingly let out as sigh.

"Yes, Trunks" Bulla said whispering sorry to Goten. He nodded and just ran his hand up and down her back making her eyes close as she talked to her older brother.

"Okay, Okay calm down I said I'll be there….Well when you see me walk into your office you know I'm there!" She threw the slick phone back in her purse and stared Goten as he sat under her.

"I have to go." He nodded but still didn't let go of her waist. "So…drinks tonight"? Bulla shook her head. "I can't I won't leave Capsule Corp until like ten and I know you go out early and we both wake up early it's maybe tomorrow.

Goten just nodded and smiled at her. "You over think everything Bulla." She stood up and adjusted her dress and frowned at him. "NO I DON'T'!" Bulla said letting her frustration show.

"Bulla…It took you four years to convince yourself to have sex with me and then you planned it. Sex is supposed to spontaneous and wild. I think you should just be free and not think for two seconds." Bulla frowned and just looked down to him.

"Having a plan is a good thing. I need to go". Goten got up off the couch and nodded. "Maybe next time." Bulla just nodded and walked out the room.

Goten watched her leaving his office. He only sighed and sat at his desk. "Damn".

Asus Maria Bar

"Hey I didn't think you were going to come?" Goten said greeting his purple haired friend at their favorite bar in the district. "Yea, it was a long day at work. I needed this." Trunks sat at the bar stool next to him and order his drink pulling off his jacket. Goten couldn't help smiling and finished his drink and ordered another.

A girl walked over to them and drunkenly threw her arm over Goten's shoulder. "Heyyyyyy….cutie. Why don't you and your friend buy me another drink?" Goten said her removing arm. "I think you've had enough already." The girl looked at him and took the drink in front of him.

"Don't you see me? I'm beautiful I model for the best company in the world!" Trunks threw her a twenty at her. "Every girl in this city wants to be a model. Here's a twenty go away." The girl rolled her eyes and stumbled away. Trunks narrowed his eyes to his best friend.

"Now what was that really about"? Trunks asked curiously sipping his dry martini staring at his friend just smiling at the window. "What do you mean"? Goten said checking his phone and looking back to Trunks as he texted Bulla.

"I know that look and you RARELY turn down a drunken mess. Do you have a girlfriend or something"? Goten laughed and shook his head. "No she isn't my girlfriend. I don't know what she is really but I like her a lot. She's beautiful and smart just the whole package really". Trunks playfully punched him in the shoulder and smirked.

"Damn you sound like you're in deep. Have I met her"? Goten smirked widely and nodded to him having another drink. "Really?! What's her name?"

Goten raised an eyebrow and looked at him. "Sure you want to know"? Trunks looked at him and nodded. Goten laughed and looked at his phone one more time looking at the picture Bulla just sent him of her smiling. Goten smiled at the picture and bit his lip.

"It's Bulla". Trunks looked at him and punched him hard in the shoulder. "Bulla has a boyfriend. My shy nineteen year old sister is dating you? I'm not sure what's more surprising that it's you or that she talking to someone! You dog…" Goten laughed holding his shoulder. Trunks smiled and pushed his hair back and looked at him and laughed.

"She's really something but… I don't think she's ready to be in a relationship". Trunks calmed to know that he took his sister's feelings into consideration. "Well Goten just remember she's my sister and I'll kill you if you hurt her."

The Next Morning

Bulla's house was very close to Capsule Corp. It was actually down the road. The house was grand of course and was filled with the best things that money can buy. She woke up after a long night at the office and barely received any sleep after texting with Goten pretty much all night. A smiled graced her face as the sun peered in her room. She wrapped herself in a black short silk robe.

Bulla brushed her long blue hair and tossed it over her shoulder. Washing her face and doing her hygienic routine. She heard her door bell ring but she couldn't tell who it was. Whoever it was they were suppressing their energy or was too low to tell.

Walking out her room she descended the stairs and opened the door and was surprised at the man standing there with flowers.

She quickly tightened her robe trying to cover her ample cleavage and not revile so much of herself to him. "GOTEN! What are you doing here?

He smiled at her as she really wasn't helping covering herself up. Not that it mattered to him because he had seen her completely naked in various positions. "Can I come in"? He said handing her the tulips. She smiled and grabbed them from him and opened the door for him. She walked into the kitchen and found a vase as the pleasant smell danced in her nose.

"Give me a second to go put something on." Goten appeared behind her and ran his fingers threw her hair. "I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable". Bulla let out a deep sigh at his touch. "I just want to be decent that's all…"

Bulla said turning around looking at him. Goten pushed her hair out her face and just kissed her cheek. Bulla pulled away and headed to the stairs. "Let me go change and we can talk then". He frowned a bit as she left him there. Bulla Briefs had quite the talent of arousing him beyond return. He opened the fridge and saw there was nothing there.

His stomach ached for second breakfast. "She's a Saiyan where is all the food?" Bulla came back down the stairs in long sweatpants and a white tight tank top and a jacket. He preferred her first outfit.

"Thank you for the flowers." Bulla said walking back over to him. "You're welcome". Goten said trying to resist touching her. "What's the occasion"? Goten smiled and looked at her. Goten pulled her by her hand and lead to the couch and sat down and pulled her on his lap.

"I want to court you". Bulla laughed and started to blush. "Court me"? He nodded.

"Yea, I googled it. It's what you do when you want to date a woman but before you ask her to be your girlfriend you court her". Bulla couldn't hide her smile and wrapped her arms on his neck. "Goten, were both so busy and I'm your business partner. I don't know it's going to work". Goten looked at her and caressed the side of her face.

"I promise you that I will do my best to make it work out. I just need you to try too". Bulla kissed him softly on the lips. "Yes, I accept your courtship but one condition. No more sex until I'm sure of my feelings". Goten nodded and lifted her by her legs and slammed her on the couch climbing on top of her. He began to tickle her ribs and biting her ear. She laughed uncontrollably and to make him stop she crashed her lips into his.

He stopped the tickle fight and began to kiss her back. He ran his hands over her thighs and pulled her closer as he sat between her legs. Bulla took control and pushed him on the floor with a thud as she laughed. Goten looked up at her frowned as had the brilliant idea to pull her on top of him.

Bulla laughed and slowly kissed him running her hands over his muscled chest. Her hair fell in her face and he tucked it behind her ear. Slipping her tongue in his mouth she pinned his arms down to the floor arousing him even more as she felt the rise from him.

They froze as they heard the back door opening and Bulma looking at them making out on the floor. Bulma couldn't help but smile. "Oooooo….I didn't know you had company. I was just checking if you were coming for breakfast but I see you have plenty on your plate this morning". Bulma said laughing at the embarrassment on both their faces.

"Good morning, Goten". Goten waved under Bulla as she still had him pinned to the ground. "Oh my gosh mom get out of here. I have other plans". Bulma laughed walking out the door. "Oh I see! Keep in mind I'm still too young to be a granny"! Bulma left the mansion still giggling as made her way back to Capsule Corp.

"UGH". Bulla screamed covering her face. Goten laughed and kissed her forehead.