Father Figures

Goten wiped the slumber from his eyes as a beam of light strayed from his blinds. As he opened his eyes he shook his head slightly as he thought he must be dreaming. It would just be completely unorthodox situation if Vegeta was standing in his bedroom.

"Wake up you fool". Vegeta said yelling at Goten and kicking him out of bed with a loud thump. Bulla woke up at the jolt of Goten's body hitting the hardwood floor. The sleepiness was quickly stripped away from him as fear was now replacing it.

"Dad what are you doing here"?! Bulla said shooting up from the bed looking at a very annoyed Vegeta. Goten rubbed the back of his head and frowned at his attacker. Vegeta ignored his daughter's question and locked eyes with Goten. Goten wasn't sure if he should stand up or not. He didn't want Vegeta to think he was up for a fight at seven in the morning. In Goten's mind Vegeta was like an angry Grizzly Bear. With a grizzle you never look them in the eye, don't make stand up to challenge them, and you make yourself look as harmless as possible.

Goten laying on the floor in superman boxers defiantly didn't make him look intimidating.

"Do I look like an idiot to either of you two"? Vegeta asked with his arms crossed as he looked over Goten. "You better be wearing clothing under that cover as well Bulla". Vegeta said changing his intimidating glance to Bulla.

"Dad! You cannot break into people's houses. Mom has told you that is not okay!" Vegeta rolled his eyes at the lecture Bulla was giving him and watched Goten.

"You didn't answer my question, boy"! Vegeta asked a very nervous Goten. Goten shook his head back and forth quickly.

"No, I don't think your and idiot at all Vegeta". Goten answered the eldest Saiyan quickly. If Vegeta wasn't approachable while he was watching TV, then he really wasn't now. Goten thanked himself quickly for falling to sleep in clothes last night after they had sex for the third time that night.

"If that is your case then why haven't you formally asked my permission to be mating with my daughter?" Goten looked at Bulla and back to Vegeta as he remained on the floor with his elbows propping him up.

"Umm…I'm…sorry." Goten said hesitantly not sure how he should answer the question. He wasn't sure if Vegeta was luring him in or if he was being serious. It wasn't like Vegeta had any sense of humor. The only thing Goten had ever witnessed Vegeta laughing at was hurting someone, or someone being hurt.

Vegeta didn't say anything as if he was waiting for Goten to say something else.

Bulla shook her head behind her father's back. She mouthed the simple words "ask his permission". Goten wanted to laugh, but he also wanted not to be choked out at seven in the morning. Goten also knew how much tradition meant to Vegeta so he complied with the demand.

Goten stood himself up off the ground and looked to Vegeta.

"Vegeta. May I have your permission to date your daughter"? Vegeta twisted his face into a frown. Vegeta gave him a sudden nodded and turned on his heels and began to leave the room.

"You owe me a training session boy". Vegeta said leaving the room. Goten didn't say anything until he heard his front door slam and his entire house shaking by the force Vegeta created. Bulla looked over to Goten and just gave him a reassuring smile.

Goten just scratched the back of his head and smiled back at her. Goten began to crawl back into bed with Bulla and wrap his arms around her warm body. Bulla looked down to his forearms and began to rub them.

"You must be cold. You have goose bumps on your arms." Bulla said rubbing his arms trying to make them go away. Goten gave her a nervous laugh and shook his head.

"Actually, no that's from your dad about to kick my ass". Goten said laying his head on top of hers. Bulla laughed and kissed his forearms.

"I need to get ready for work. Since your unemployed would you like to join me"? Goten asked as he began to sit up in the bed. Bulla watched him get up and sat up in the bed with her legs crossed. She ran her hands through her messy sex and watched him enter the bathroom and turn on the hot water. Bulla watched him reappear in nothing but a white towel wrapped around his waist.

"My clothes look good on you". Goten said before he started to brush his teeth. She looked down at herself and noticed she was wearing a t-shirt that had his dojo's insignia on it. Bulla smiled at him as he disappeared again, but she could steal hear his voice. "I would invite you to shower, but I don't think we'd do much cleaning."

"It's okay. I don't want to make you late". Bulla said with a sarcastic smirk on her face.

The Dojo- 9:00

"Sorry, class for being so late. I had a …ugh busy morning". Goten said sitting his bag on the floor of the dojo. Bulla crept into room after him and took a sit in the back. There were always a couple of chairs lined for family and friends to watch his classes.

Bulla was actually excited. It was a weekday and she didn't have to wear five inch heels or a designer outfit to impress her partners. She was wearing a simple pair of jeans with knee high riding boots that were brown, white V-neck shirt paired with, an emerald green cardigan. Bulla had her long blue hair neatly pulled back into a sleek ponytail as she just watched Goten from a far. She smirked at the mention if this morning.

Despite the sudden intrusion of her father. The morning was a very steamy one. As agreed she didn't join him in the shower. That didn't stop her from having him in his bedroom…for a while at that. A blushed covered her smile until she saw Mira walk into the room and damped her mood.

"Okay, so for today's lesson we'll be learning intermediate take downs and Mira is going to help demonstrate". Goten said as he put himself into a defensive position. He was stopped by Mira's voice as she locked eyes with Bulla.

"Why don't I demonstrate with Bulla? I've heard she's quite the fighter. What do you think Bulla"? Mira said hoping she would accept. Mira was tired of Pan and Goten saying how strong and good Bulla was. It was time for Mira to show how good she wasn't.

Bulla looked at Mira as if she was crazy. Goten gave the same look to Mira that Bulla did. "Ummm…no that's fine. I'm just here to observe". Bulla said nonchalantly as they whole class turned around to look at her.

Mira clearly wasn't happy with her answer as she continued to heckle Bulla. "Aw…come on. The Great Bulla Briefs too uptight for a little demonstration?" Mira said with a misplaced smirk. Bulla crossed her legs underneath her chair.

"Mira, this isn't high school. I'm not going to spar with you. I don't even have the appropriate clothing." Bulla said feeling uncomfortable with all of the students staring at her. Goten cleared his throat and frowned at Mira's persistence.

"Mira if you're so anxious to spar then pick a student to beat up on not my girlfriend please." Goten said trying to ease the situation. Mira turned back to Goten and frowned at him. She shrugged her shoulders and resumed the class with Goten. Bulla shifted uncomfortably after a couple of too close moves between Goten and Mira.

She was wished she did take the opportunity to put Mira on her back. The class ended quickly as a couple of students asked for her autograph. Goten approached her as the last of the fans left the studio. Goten met her with a small kiss on her lips.

"You mind helping with some paperwork today? I know you're a bit overqualified for the job". Goten said placing both of his hands on her thighs supporting himself. Bulla gave him a sweet smile and a nod.

"I'd love to play your assistant today". Bulla said kissing him back. Goten grabbed her hand and pulled her along with him. Goten pulled her into his office and pushed her against his door quickly. Bulla relaxed at his forceful touch. That was one thing that Bulla appreciated about being with Goten. She didn't feel like she had to hold back with him at all. She loved how he made her feel. It was like he was in her head. Every time he touched her it was like electricity was going up her spin.

"You know… I was really hoping you'd take her down". Goten whispered into Bulla's ear as he had her pushed up against his office door. Bulla smiled as he began to kiss her neck passionately. Bulla gently pushed him away.

"I thought we were here for work"? Bulla said seductively kissing him back. Bulla stopped kissing him when she felt someone pushing against the door she was currently pushed up against. Bulla and Goten had no choice but to move from the intruder.

"What the hell"? Trunks said as he busted into office. Bulla and Goten looked at him with complete surprise.

Goten threw his hands up as he gave up. "Is any other member of your family going to pop up today"? Goten asked with frustration as he went to sit down on his couch. Bulla gave him a sad smile.

"Trunks, what are you doing here? I hope you're not here to try and drag me back to Capsule Corp". Bulla said taking a defensive tone with Trunks. He only rolled his eyes at her proceed into the office.

"Actually, no I'm glad you quit. I love my new job. I'm here to tell you that I actually tried to talk to mom. She's not giving in". Trunks said leaning against the wall in his custom tailored suit. Bulla let down her defense as she listened to his words.

"What did you tell her"? Bulla asked her older sibling curiously. Trunks just shrugged at her and sat next to Goten. Trunks was no idiot he knew what they were doing behind the door before he literally barged in. He took pride in knocking Goten's game off when it came to his sister.

"I told her you could do it and she was just being arrogant. We didn't get anywhere she just kicked me out her office." Trunks said as he put his foot up on the in table in front of them. "Also, I don't think you should come back until she gives in". Trunks said placing his hands behind his head looking up to the ceiling.

Goten raised his eyebrow at how nice Trunks was being to Bulla. He very rarely was nice, more less civil to his younger sister. "Why are you giving me advice?" Bulla asked as she sat in Goten's lap staring at Trunks.

Trunks rolled his cerulean eyes at her. "Because I think you can do it to. Plus, I'm not just here to see you. I'm here to talk to Goten about maybe starting a new dojo in America. I have a partner who interested in you." Trunks said pulling the card out of jacket pocket.

Goten looked over the card and it read. "MMA World Champion Gym" Goten raised his eyebrow at card. "Trunks you know I hate MMA, all those guys do is hug each other for thirty minutes". Goten said handing Bulla the card.

"Trunks you hate MMA plus I know this guy and he is a terrible business partner. Actually, he knows nothing about business at all". Bulla said handing the card back to Goten. Trunks rolled his eyes at her comment.

"Well, how about you listen to the person who has a job in business and marketing. He wants you to come out to California to check out the space and talk business." Goten looked at the card and looked up to Bulla.

"What do you think"? Goten said as he watched her think about it.

"I think we should go to California and see what this guy is about". Goten smiled at Bulla and nodded to her in agreement. Trunks rolled his eyes at the corniest if the situation. He excused himself from the room allowing them to make plans.

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