He spins around in a circle, his hands clapping together. "So." He smiles at his two companions. "Well, then, where now? Or should I just pop down to the swimming pool for a few lengths?"

"I don't know. Anywhere's good for me." Rory shrugs and smiles in his fiancé's direction. "I'm happy anywhere. It's up to Amy this time. Amy's choice."

The couple grins at each other, oblivious to the Timelord pausing in his mad dash around the council, his smile crumbling briefly into an almost scared expression. The Doctor blinks away the vision of the Dreamlord and resumes his spinning. "How about New Year's Eve in 2070? They have flying cars by then. Fabulous fireworks. Or Chicago's World's Fair of 1893 where they unveiled the first Ferris Wheel. Or course there's always Biblios. It's a fantastic planet, documents everything."


"Everything. From the tiniest world to my grandest adventures. From K-9 to—" The Timelord freezes, his eyes on the monitor. A face he has not seen for many years sits hunched in a chair, defeated and tired. A very human face. "Castiel."

Amy frowns. "Castiel?" She ambles over to peer at the screen that is now back to static. "What's a 'Castiel'?"

"An old friend. From a different time."

"Um, aren't all your friends from different times?"

"Yes, but this is something completely different. This is something . . ." The Doctor whirls away, flipping switches and twirling knobs.

"What is it?" Rory asks, peering at the Doctor through the TARDIS's glass power stem.

The Doctor looks up and the corner of his lips twitches. "It's apocalyptic."

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