Okay I'm sorry but I don't know if I can finish this story properly, I've pretty much completely lost interest in this one but I'll at least give you an ending. You guys are so nice and supportive I wish I could've gave you more but I don't really have the time and patience. Thanks sooooo soo much to everyone who left nice comments and liked my story! I don't know how to get to the ending so we're just gonna do a timelapse to prom.


I fixed my collar one more time. I wish I wasn't so nervous, Dean just wanted to do this as friends right? I didn't need to be nervous, except for the fact that Dean was probably going to interrogate me after prom about who I had first wanted to go with. "Ugh." I ran my hands through my hair and went downstairs to wait for Dean, he was picking me up since he was the one with the gorgeous car.

"Look at you honey! That cute boy is gonna fall for you if he hasn't yet darling!" My mom chirped when she saw me. I groaned.

"Mooooom don't." She seemed to notice that I was really nervous and calmed herself down a little, putting her hand on my shoulder.

"Hey- honey. Dean is a good kid, whatever you're nervous about, its gonna be okay alright? He's gonna be a good friend no matter what." I nodded and fiddled with my fingers.

"Thanks mom." Just then there was a knock at the door. I took a deep breath and stood up, opening the door and there was Dean. He looked stunning, his suit looked so perfect on him and his hair was done up adorably with a little gel- and he had a flower. I blushed red.

"H-hi Dean." I stuttered. He smiled, fiddling with the flower he had, like he wasn't sure if it was a good idea.

"Hi Cas." He breathed. "I um, got you a corsage." He snapped off some of the longer part of the stem and tucked the pretty blue flower into my pocket. I blushed more, not knowing what to say.

"Um t-thank you Dean." Dean noticed I wasn't acting normal, I must've almost been shaking. I was going to prom with Dean and he just bought a flower for me and put it in my shirt.

"Are you okay Cas? Is it weird that I got you a flower? I can take it back if you want-"

"No." I interrupted him. "I love it. I love flowers." I said softly. He smiled and nodded.

"Good, maybe you're just a bit warm in that fancy suit, you look like you're about to collapse. Here, lets drive with the windows open." He grinned and took my hand and lead my out to the impala. I was not gonna make it through the night, damn. He opened my door for me and I got in.

"T-thanks." I took a deep breath.


Cas and I walked into the hall, finding seats and talking. He seemed to be slowly calming down, he must of been nervous or something for a big night like this but he seemed to be getting more comfortable. After a while of talking and sitting I was ready to get out on the dance floor, I tapped Cas' hand on the table. "Hey- lets dance." Cas didn't look too keen but I got out of my seat. "C'mon! You don't have the excuse that you're a bad dancer." I chuckled, taking his hand. I didn't really care anymore what everyone else thought, and I pulled Cas onto the dance floor. At first we danced to some more fun songs and obviously Cas kicked my ass in the dancing department and he was starting to let loose a little more. But the next song that came on was slow and Cas started to wander back to his seat but I caught his arm. "Hey- uh we should keep dancing. Just for fun- will you do me the pleasure of giving me this dance?" I asked jokingly dramatically. He smiled a little despite his trying to look detached and nodded.

"Okay, one dance." I put my hands on his waist and he put his on my shoulders and we slowly got closer. It was seeming to become evident to both of us that this wasn't really just for fun. People were probably looking but I honestly was just watching Cas and thinking about him. We were almost pressed together halfway through the song and he let his head fall on my shoulder and I let out a deep breath and embraced him completely, his chest was pressed against mine and we were swaying with each other. The song and the feeling of Cas pressed against me was making me feel some kind of high and I think he felt the same the way he was gripping my shoulders like he never wanted to let go. When the song ended and the next one started playing we still didn't move for a good minute, just standing there holding eachother. Cas swallowed deeply, taking my hand and leading me out of the hall and into the abandoned entrance of the building and I followed unquestioningly. When we were alone he took a deep breath and squeezed my hand, not looking at me. He turned over my hand and started to trace my palm absentmindedly. "Dean- that, the person I wanted to take- to..to prom.." I smiled and stopped him, cupping his cheek.

"Cas. I know." I leaned forward slowly and pressed a chaste kiss on his lips, nerves and electricity shooting through me, and his lips were soft and it was like they grounded me. He gasped and his hands gripped my shirt and he kissed me back gently before he pulled away.

"Dean! What-" He exclaimed, hands flailing out from excitement and I just smiled. "How?!" We both ended up laughing and he grabbed my face and kissed me again, this time slower and longer.

"Mmmn." I pulled away and grinned. "Cas- whatdya say we blow this popsicle stand?" He nodded eagerly and we automatically joined hands, walking out together, giggling like children. We walked out to the car and I think Cas felt more comfortable in there because as soon as we were both in he basically pounced on me and we were kissing again, not just lips touching, but moving now with bodies pressed together and I felt like I was going to explode and I was messing up Cas' gorgeous hair again and it was perfect. It was us. Everything was going to be perfect from now on.

Well that was short, choppy, and cheesy as hell but hey! I ended the friggin story I'm happy! I'm sorry to kinda rob you guys of a little more quality but this is all I think i can manage. It would take a loong time for me to motivate myself to do more than one more chapter of this so I'm just gonna be finished here.