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Chapter One:One Who Took Your Place

' A Dragon slayer's true power!'

Erza thought in amazement after watching her pink-haired friend, Natsu shoot towards her childhood friend and secret crush Jellal Fernandez, flames encircling the girls body as they seemed to spread out taking the form of blazing ethereal wings giving the look of a soaring dragon.

"You'll never know freedom!There can be no freedom for someone like you whose restricted by some ghost of the past,free yourself Jellal!"She cried slamming her fist into the boys face sending him crashing back down to the tower.

Explosions resounded through the massive structure as Natsu landed shaking it even more, Erza eyes widened in amazement as she marveled at the strength of her childhood friend, as this really the girl who only ever picked fights with everyone?

'So this is Natsu's true strength, incredible! The power capable of defeating even a dragon'

Natsu turned seeing Erza smiling back at her and couldn't help the small smile of relief that came on her face as well, the fight was over...Jellal was defeated

'Finally, my eight year-long battle is finally over' Erza thought feeling immense gratitude swell in her chest towards her pink-haired friend looking back up just in time to see Natsu fall to her knees as the last of the girls strength dissipated


The battle was over, but their fight for survival was not as Erza soon found herself with an unconscious Natsu slung over her shoulder and a crumbling tower around her, chunks of the structure falling through the air die to the unstable etherion stored within.

The magic was spiraling out of control, and fast.

'Even is we manage to get outside to where the others are, we'll still get caught in the explosion' Erza thought slamming a fist into the ground"Is this the end!?"

Erza's eyes fell on Natsu who was still unconscious, her savior.

"No, I can't give up now it's my turn to save you Natsu"Erza said aloud standing back on her feet, she suddenly remembered what Jellal had told her about merging her body with the etherion to create a body for Zeref

'Merging!Would that maybe somehow allow me to control the etherion and prevent it from exploding out of control?'Erza thought looking towards her reflection in one of the crystals, she took a deep breath walking over and placing her hand on its surface

A few moments passed and there was nothing, erza waited

suddenly her hand was sucked in, slowly being swallowed as a wave of pain shot through her body feeling the crushing weight of the magic held within"Good!The lacrima still accepts me"Erza said to no one in particular being the only one who was still conscious

Natsu blinked, her vision still a bit fuzzy as she slowly regained conscious

The pinkette looked around a bit and immediately her brown eyes landed on the disappearing form of Erza herself, Natsu brows furrowed in confusion noticing her hand was inside the crystal for some reason

"Erza?"She called

The redhead froze hearing her name

"Natsu!?"She said turning to look over her should and seeing that Natsu was now awake and staring at her in confusion

"W-what are you doing?Why's your body going into the lacrima?"Natsu asked

"It's the only way Natsu...to stop the etherion"Erza explained softly

"Stop the etherion...?"Natsu repeated even more confused than before feeling a sudden quake from the tower around them

"Yes, it is going out of control and if nothing is done everyone is going to die"Erza continued"However I think...I can merge with it to save everyone...!"

"Are you insane!?"Natsu shouted, realizing what Erza was saying and not liking the idea one bit"If you do that you'll die!"Natsu yelled back

"Ahh!"Erza cried out as her whole arm became engulfed

"Erza, no!"Natsu said attempted to run towards her but fell due to a lack of strength

"Don't worry, I swear I'll stop it!"Erza assured seeping further into the lacrima while screaming in pain feeling as if she was being crushed by an invisible force of some kind

"Stop!"Natsu shouted, she didn't want to see her friend leave her, not like this!

Erza was halfway in when she felt a pair of arms wrap around her pulling her back with all their might causing her to tumble back onto the ground no longer in pain


Erza looked up and felt her eyes widen in horror seeing Natsu, the girl who would always pick fights with her, who always bragged to her about the day she would surpass Erza, now submerged from the waist down into the crystal


The great Titania screamed scampering to her feet willing them not to let her fall as she somehow made it back over falling to her knees before her friend

"Natsu, w...why!?What do you think you're doing!?"Erza scolded, her one normal eye starting to leak out tears"H-hold on, I'll get you out just-

"Erza..."Natsu said, the pinkettes voice unusually calm as she looked down at Erza

Erza didn't answer too focused trying to summon a sword to her hand, a spear,anything!But she felt no magic power...she had no more strength to push out of her...


Erza started to sob, her usual tough fa├žade crumbling in less than an instant...Natsu was...

A hand touched against her face lightly tilting it up, her eyes locked with Natsu's seeing the imprisoned dragon slayer smile at her, a sincere, happy smile

"I can't live without Fairy Tail"Natsu said softly

"Then why are you-

Erza began but was stopped by Natsus voice, the girl seemed so at peace...

"I can't even imagine a world without the friends I love so much..."

"Not being able to walk into the guild and see everyone's smiling face, the day-to-day beatings with Gray, the constant scoldings from you Erza, being able to go hang out at Lucy's place all the time..."

Flashbacks of all the time they spent together ran through Erzas mind as natsu listed them off

"You guys are all my family, and if I can save you now by doing this one simple thing..."She continued slowly lifting her hand from the scarlet-haired female's face


"Then I'll gladly be the one..."Natsu said becoming slowly submerged in the lacrima as she spoke'..who took your place!'

"Natsu, no please come back!"Erza said using her bare hands to pound against the glass furiously unaware that tears were now cascading down her cheeks from both her eyes"Natsu!"

Erza, thank you for being my friend all these years you were like a sister,please take care of everyone for me...I'll always be right there with you all'


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