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Chapter Five:Burning Passion

"Ahh, feel's so nice to be out of the rain~!"

Natsu sighed flopping back on the black leather couch while Laxus stood glaring at her from where he had just come back into the living room. He felt a blonde brow twitch in annoyance seeing how comfortable Natsu was making herself in his house!

"If you so much as think of burning my furniture, then I'll shock you until you're nothing but a pile of ash, understand?"He bit out harshly not making eye contact as he spoke. Natsu looked at him, blinking innocently before deciding to speak figuring the sooner they got this out of the way the better, but first...

"I'm hungry, got any food?"She questioned with a cheeky grin

"This isn't a hotel!Say what you wanna say, or get the hell out!"Laxus seethed, his patience beginning to fray at how dodgy the fire breather had become after they reached the shelter of his house where he had been lenient enough to invite her in so she could dry off and talk like she wanted, only now she was doing everything except talking!

"Alright already, sheesh just thought we could have a little fun, ya know...So anyway, about earlier today"Natsu began finding a sudden interest in the bottom of her borrowed T-shirt that Laxus had lent her, mainly because she took it without asking, but he figured it would do him little good to argue with someone as stubborn and ignorant as Natsu Dragneel, after all an entire tower of etherion couldn't keep her down...

"Well while I was,err, let's say 'asleep' um"Natsu stumbled over her words scratching the back of her head while Laxus cocked a brow at her, arms folded against his chest leaning back against a wall listening silently to her recollection of the time she thought she was dead.

She told him how she saw her own funeral and truthfully the thought sent a small shudder up his spine having to imagine what something like that must've felt like...she then went on to say how she saw everyone from the guild there, her teammates, his grandpa, and others most of which he never would've pegged as being close to the little flamebrain, what stuck out of him the most though was when he didn't hear her mention his name at all.

Had he not been there?Is that maybe what this is about, she doesn't think he cares for her the way the others do?

"I-I saw you too..."she finally admitted, her voice straining a bit looking down at the floor. Laxus felt his blonde brows knit together in a mix of confusion and curiosity"Where was I?"He asked quietly and for a moment he was fearful of the answer, would he really have not attended her funeral because he truly didn't care for her?

"You were...at my house, actually..."

"At...your house...?What was I..."He trailed off, why would he be at her house instead of her own funeral?That just didn't make sense...

"You were crying..."she said more softly, and for a moment Laxus felt his eyes bulge, he had been crying!?

Despite the sudden shock Laxus kept a look of indifference plastered on his face with the only noticeable difference being when he turned to look at the wall on the opposite side and a shadow fell over his eyes. Natsu felt something twist inside of her unable to get the mental images of him broken with shimming tears in his eyes that came form her death...and now here she was alive again, still unable to reach through to him it seems

Then she remembered, eyes widening for a moment as she bolted up nearly stumbling in the process hurrying over and reaching into Laxus' pocket"Natsu!What the hell are-

He didn't get to finish, his throat felt like it had closed in on itself when she pulled out the Raventail symbol holding it out for the two of them to see and truth be told...he felt ashamed. "Natsu,g-give that back to me..."He said in a quiet yet serious tone reaching for it only to have Natsu pull it away stepping back a few steps as she did so.

"Natsu I'm serious!"He continued coming closer

Again, Natsu merely sidestepped him now looking over the insignia with intrigue

"Natsu!"He growled in frustration"I said give it to me you little flame-

He was cut off by the sudden sensation of a pair of warm, soft lips pressing against his own catching him off guard and making his amber colored eyes widen, Natsu was...kissing him?Slowly whatever protests or angry curses he was about to mutter died in his throat when his back hit the wall and he heard the insignia in Natsu's hand fall to the ground in favor of tangling her fingers through his soft golden locks.

He heard a soft moan slip through his now parted lips feeling her pull away just enough to look him in the eye, her hot breath fanned against his lips while her brown eyes trailed along his body gently moving to interlace her fingers with his speaking softly to him as she did so"I'm sorry Laxus...all this time you were suffering so much, and I never once took notice of it"

Laxus remained silent, but he could feel his well preserved mask of indifference was suddenly starting to chip away with each word that left her mouth, why was she saying such things to him?Why now of all times?He wondered lowering his amber colored eyes tot he ground letting his golden blonde bangs shadow them.

"After Lisanna's death, I just..."

"Natsu..."He said feeling a light crack on the said girls name, like a sharp dagger had suddenly been shoved into him actually wincing a bit when she brought up the deceased strauss sibling. The only one other than Natsu whom had ever had the guts to approach him. His voice went unheard though as Natsu continued

"I was feeling too sorry for myself to really pay attention to anyone else, I mean...Mira and Elfman were always crying after that, and they were for the longest time that I just thought they needed to be left alone. They were really the only ones I ever thought of as taking it worse than I did..."

Outside the rain continued pouring down in heavy amounts, every now and then accompanied by bright streaks of lightning in the sky.

"And then when your dad left...I just assumed you were strong enough to deal with it on your own, either that...or you just didn't care"Natsu said truthfully not noticing the way Laxus bit his lip at her words.

How could he not care?It was his father for crying out loud, the man who raised him, sure it wasn't the best childhood and in all honesty not a day of his life has gone by that he still wishes he could at least get rid of the horrid memories left behind...but...but...

"I'm sorry..."Soft, warm hands touched against his face, and for a moment time seemed to slow around the two. Laxus didn't notice that tears were now rolling softly down his cheeks until he felt Natsu brush them away, he wanted to shove her, tell her to stay away and leave him alone...but the dull throbbing in his chest said no.

Inch by inch she leaned in closer, her almond eyes burning intensely.

"Na...tsu..."The name left Laxus's lips in the form of a softened whisper, but to the fire users ears it sounded almost like honey coated in that deep, gentle voice of his. For once in his life Laxus had lost the urge to fight back sinking into the feel of the moment while his hands pressed forward tugging on the ends of her blue jacket just as she pressed her body closer to his, one hand slamming into the wall to keep herself from toppling over completely

"We should stop"Laxus finally said, unsure of exactly where this might be headed. He felt so confused right now,more so than he had ever been...here was this girl whom he had known his whole life...ridiculed and made fun of even,standing before him and looking at him with those strange molten brown orbs making his heart give an odd pounding sensation.

"We should stop..."Laxus said again,this time more to himself as his hands pressed her shoulders willing her back,putting space between them as thunder flashed outside. Natsu however was having none of it as she grabbed his wrist using it as leverage to pull him along sending them both crashing to the bed with Natsu somehow maneuvering on top at the last minute.

"Natsu,don't..."The blonde mumbled weakly feeling her hand push away the still dampened strand of golden hair that clung to his face with the other having a firm grip on his wrist stroking her thumb against it, he felt trapped shutting his eyes and turning to face the other direction as Natsu stared down at him.

"Laxus,look at me..."She whispered attempting to turn his face back towards her,but he only shook his head squeezing his eyelids shut further gritting his teeth in a show of distress"No!"He shouted with a little more defiance than before. Natsu saw through it though,possibly because she had now seen him when he was broken, she could tell it was an act...he didn't want his wall broken down. He didn't want to seem vulnerable to anyone...

"Are you that afraid of what others will think of you?Of what they'll do?"

Laxus didn't respond,he couldn't...because he knew it was true. He had worked so hard to make people think he didn't care,figuring if he could just pretend then the pain would go away.

"You don't know me Natsu,now get off before I-gasp!"He was cut off by the sharp intake of breath feeling Natsu shift on top of him bringing her one knee between his own two legs,followed by an involuntary groan of sorts giving out a small shudder resisting the urge to brush his hips against hers

"Is this what you want?"Natsu asked curiously gauging Laxus reaction seeing the way he grit his teeth in frustration while clenching his fists burying his face against his arm. His breathing had gone from even and controlled to heavy and uneven in an instant, all from one move.

"Natsu huff,huff get the fuck off of me...right now...!"

"Pl-please don't*sob*don't go, I*hic*I need you*Sobbing*"

She ignored him gently using one hand to turn his face back to her seeing something she hadn't been expecting. Tears. Laxus was crying"Natsu,please...I-I can't do this, not with someone who could die and leave me so easily...!"He finally admitted feeling his resolve start to crumble from being forced to look into those burning eyes of hers.

Laxus stiffened,his breath hitching slightly when her forehead touched his feeling warm breath upon his lips


"Kiss me"She said softly,it wasn't a command,she would never go that far with someone like him,not now at least...her thumb softly brushed his tears away while bringing his face the extra mere inches closer before finally connecting their lips feeling a spark as well as a wave of burning passion take over blissfully ignorant of the pounding rain and heavy bolts of thunder going on outside the rest of the night.