Ch.1: Eve's New Friend!

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Austin: Hello again guys!

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Wigglytuff's guild exterior, Eve's Pov:

"There it is, Wigglytuff's guild, I made it!" I said as I approached the front entrance of a Wigglytuff shaped tent. The entrance had a steel grate that, with the help of the tent's hight and the two alit torches near strange totem poles gave it a sort of eerie feel. It was quite strange looking. The look of it made me shiver. "No, I came here for a reason! I have to carry through with this. I cannot be labeled as a coward forever!" I said to myself as I proceeded to look at the strange grate that looked eerily out of place. "That must be what I step on for clearance to the guild." I said out loud. I then walked up and stepped onto the grate. Just as I stepped onto it, I heard a voice yell. "Pokemon detected, pokemon detected!" This, of course, freaked me out and I immediately jumped off of the grate. I then heard the same voice grumble something about "ding, dong, ditching and foolish kids. /I can't do it! After traveling all this way, I chickened out and couldn't do it. Why do I have to be such a coward?/ I thought miserably. I then remembered something. Treasure town is famous not only for it's guild, but it's proximity to a beautiful beach. I've always wanted to go there. My parents said that they met on this beach a long time ago and that it had the most beautiful sunsets they'd ever seen. I sighed. "I guess I'll have to try again tommorow. Maybe I can also spend this time figuring out what this strange rock I found is." I said, disappointed while I headed for the beach. Even though it was just a rock, I considered it my prized possession.

The Beach:

As I reached the beach, I was immediately stricken by it's beauty. The sunset was magnificent. I then noticed bubbles, and upon closer inspection, I found out that there were crabby blowing the bubbles on the cliff sides. It was so beautiful the way the sunlight refracted off of the surface of the bubbles, creating a sort of prism. "My parents were right, this is beautiful." I said with wide eyes as I sat, watching the sunset. Suddenly, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. "Huh, what's that over there?" I said to myself as I began making my way towards it. As I approached it, I saw that it was a pokemon. I started panicking as I ran up to it. "Hey, are you ok!" I said as I ran up to the snivy laying in the sand. It was apparently unconscious. "Come on, wake up!" I said while shaking the snivy.

"Ugh, huh, where am I?" Asked the snivy as it woke up. From the sound of it's voice, I could tell it was a male.

"Great, you're awake, you had me scared for a second." I said after sighing.

"Huh, a-a talking pokemon?" He asked in shock. Jeez, it's like he's never seen a pokemon talk before. (Little did I know that was true.)

"Yeah, of course, all pokemon can talk can't they?" I asked rhetorically with a laugh. "I mean, you're a pokemon and you're talking." I said which seemed to surprise him.

"What? What do you mean I'm a pokemon? I'm a human, not a pokemon." He said to my surprise. A human? Ugh, here we go again. Does that world have a hole in it or something?

"Well, you look like a snivy to me." I said, a little unsure despite Austin, and a lot just to tease him. "Are you sure you're not pulling a trick on me?" I continued a bit smugly. He didn't seem to catch it though.

He had already checked himself head to foot. "Yes, I'm telling the truth, I used to be human! Please, you have to believe me!" He said in a scared tone.

"Hahaha it's ok, I was just kidding! I already know someone who used to be human, in fact, he's my twin sister's boyfriend. If anything, you're the one I should be begging to believe me." I said, still laughing.

He looked at me inquisitively. "You mean someone like me?" He asked, calming down.

"You heard me, my sister's boyfriend used to be human like you, although the way you got to being a pokemon is still a mystery. I would assume it's not the same..." I said, trying to think.

"If you don't mind me asking, where is he?" He asked me, seemingly getting impatient. I sighed.

"Probably along way away unless he decided to follow me. Anyway, do you remember how you got here?" I asked him.

He seemed to think about it. ", I can't remember a thing." He said uncertainly.

"Just like Austin, hmm? Do you at least remember your name? Austin did according to my sister." I asked curiously.

"Huh? Oh, my name... Oh yeah, my name is...Alex." He said after a while of thinking. "Other than that, I can't remember a thing...nope, nothing." He told me sadly.

"Cool, my name's Eve, nice to meet you!" I replied. He looked at me oddly, as if he weren't expecting that kind of reaction. I was about to say something else when someone from behind me tackled me and sent me into Alex's arms as I dropped my relic fragment. I had decided to call it that half an hour ago.

"Oops, well, excuse me!" Said a rude voice. I looked to see that it was a coffing. Who the heck was he?!

"Hey! Why did you do that?! Can't you see we're having a conversation here?!" I said in a furious tone. Did I mention I had a temper?

"Hey, that was uncalled for! You clearly saw her!" I could hear Alex standing up for me.

"Well of course we saw her. It'd be no fun if we got her attention first." Said the zubat as I glared at them.

"Oh, what's this?" Said Coffing, indicative of my relic fragment.

"Hey! That's my-" I was about to say when he picked it up.

"Hehe, sorry kiddo, we gotta take that." Said Coffing, evilly. I just stood there, looking shocked. They seemed to notice this.

"What? Not gonna try to take it back huh? Wow, I didn't expect you to be such a wimp, oh wait, yes I did. We saw you chicken out when you went to sign up at the guild, which you clearly aren't fit for." Said Zubat. His comment hitting me straight in the gut.

Alex seemed to notice my uneasiness as he was quick to jump to my defense. "Hey you two. You're annoying me. Just give it back to her will ya?" He said in a quite annoyed manner.

"Oh look, the chicken's boyfriend is standing up for her. Jeez, can't fight your own battles can you?" He said, making us both blush. I hoped Alex didn't see mine. "Yeah, sorry, but we'll just be leaving." Said the two bullies as they escaped through a beach cave.

"Ugh. Man, what is it with those two?!" Said Alex in irritation. I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"Th-that was my prized possession. It-it was the first treasure I ever found. It-it means a-a lot to me..." I said in a small voice. I was now sobbing uncontrollably. Alex must have noticed because he spoke up.

"Hey, are you all right?" He asked me in a soothing tone.

"N-n-no, they took my relic f-fragment." I said, not even looking at him.

"Hey, it's ok, that cave looks like it leads to a dead end." He said to me. "It's gonna be ok, I'll help you get it back." He said, surprising me. I looked up at him and straight into his blue eyes.

"R-really?" I said, calming down a little. "Oh, thank you so much!" I said. I was so excited that I tackled him to the ground in a big hug. I looked into his eyes again and froze. A blush crept it's way across my face. I felt like my heart skipped a beat, but not in the bad way.

"Uh, can you get off of me?" He asked me, trying and failing to hide his face, which was now tinged with pink.

"Oh! S-s-sorry." I said as I quickly got off of him. He stood up.

"Well, let's get going then." He said with a smile. 'Is this what it feels like to be in love?' I asked myself silently before following him. 'Because if it is, it.' I thought again, smiling to myself as we entered the cave.

A few miles from town, Austin's Pov:

"Ugh, Austin, how can we be lost? The directions are right there." Said Ally in an annoyed voice.

"But the map is written in footprint ruins." I whined. "I can only read english and unknown script." I explained to her.

"Oh, well why didn't you tell me that sooner?" She asked me. "Speaking of footprint ruins, I really need to teach you that. Normally, pokemon learn that at age five." Explained Ally. I blushed, embarrassed. "Let me see." She told me as I handed the map over to her. "Well, it might help a little if you held it correctly, even though you can't read it." She frowned. "Mmm...ok, I think I know where to go now, turns out, we're only a few miles from town." She said with a sigh of relief.

"Oh, well I guess I'm just that great at navigation." I said, a little too prideful. Ally just rolled her eyes.

"Let's just go silly." She said with a smile as we started walking again.

One hour later:

After about an hour, we finally reached what looked to be crossroads. "Hey, there's the guild, let's go." I said before I saw a suspicious looking quadrupedal pokemon wearing a robe look around and run off. "Uh, Ally, who was that?" I asked.

"I don't know, I'm not exactly psychic." She remarked. "But it could be an outlaw, let's go check it out." Said Ally with the same level of suspicion in her voice. We managed to spot the pokemon again and followed it to a house. We had to hide behind a corner since it looked around before entering. After a few seconds of waiting, I began to head over to the entrance to the house, but Ally stopped me. "Wait Austin. Isn't walking up to the door a bit too obvious?"

I looked at her confusedly. "Well what do you suppose we should do then?" I probably shouldn't have asked considering when I did she looked towards the chimney. "Oh no..."

"Do ya wanna investigate or not?" She asked me as she began looking for a place to climb up there. Finding a ladder on the far end of the wall we had been hiding behind, she soon advanced on it and started to climb up.

"Are we seriously doing this?" I asked her, not really wanting to go along with one of her on-the-spot ideas. Don't get me wrong, she was really smart when it came to thinking things through, just...yeah, not in a hurry.

"Yep. Unless you have a better idea." She continued to climb. I quickly followed suit. Best not to argue with her. Once we made it on top of the roof, Ally looked over to the chimney on her left.

"Alright then. If we're doing this, might as well take it seriously. Now quick, into the chimney!" I almost yelled, pumping my fist into the air. Ally just gave me an unamused look.

"Really?" Was all she said before we ran at the chimney and jumped in. We were through in less than five seconds and were more or less covered in soot. Luckily, I landed on my feet.

Immediately upon landing, I took out my badge, flashed it out and yelled. "Freeze!" There was someone in the room at the time who subsequently jumped in surprise as soon as I yelled. I assumed it was the person we had seen outside because there was a robe hanging by the door.

"Ok, I'm taking you off confrontation duty..." Ally remarked as she pushed herself off the dirty bottom of the fireplace.

"Ok, w-who are you? W-what do you want?" The pokemon, female by the voice, asked us nervously. "Wait a minute...why did you just jump down my chimney?"

Ally just froze at the sound of the pokemon's voice. "Wait a minute, hold on... Your voice..." Ally seemed surprised for some reason. "Your a...a..." She didn't seem to be able to finish. "Mom?!"

Wait a minute, what?! The pokemon came a bit closer and examined Ally. "Ally?!" She took a step back. "Just what are you doing jumping down chimneys?!" She asked, almost scolded, the now very confused Ally, before swiftly waving her paw towards us.

All of the soot that had gathered on our fur from the fall instantly spread out away from our bodies and went straight back up through the chimney, leaving us completely clean. "What the?! How did?! Huh?!" I asked as I looked myself over in surprise.

Ally's mom sighed. "I was hoping you wouldn't find me this early." She looked at me oddly. "Rather, I didn't expect it either." She looked over at Ally with a soft expression. "Hello my baby." She said in a very motherly voice as Ally ran and gave her a huge hug, crying tears of joy the entire time. This gave me time to acknowledge her appearance. She was mostly pink and white in coloration, with light blue eyes. She had ribbons and bows attached to her body that were a pattern of these colors. One of the bows was attached to her right ear, which was fluffy and big. I think Ally called her a sylveon?

"Hello miss um...Grace." I greeted, thankfully remembering Ally's last name from when she signed our rescue team application form. Thank you ironic photographic memory!

"Call me Ella." She suggested. I shook her paw. Ally had stepped back after a while, although I saw she was a bit reluctant to.

"I'm Austin." I introduced myself as I put my badge away. "Nice to meet you."

She just laughed. "I know who you are. Who do you think sent you guys that letter?" She asked us, catching us off guard.

"You sent the letter?" I asked. Man this was confusing. Ally said both of her parents were dead. Apparently she was wrong, and her mom was actually watching her.

"But of course." She replied, as if it weren't obvious. "I did worry about Ally, all the time actually. It helped that someone was there to keep her company, but not as much as I would've liked, so I sent the letter." She explained. "I trust you found the item I told you about?" She asked me. I pulled out the strange orb.

"Yeah, but what was with that weird dungeon?" I asked her, still confuse by the oddity of it all.

"What, why magic of course." She said with a smile, not even cushioning the blow. Then again, she didn't do that in the letter either... "My husband and I put a spell on it long ago, just ask Lucario." She explained, looking towards Ally. "Ally has magic as well. It may not look like it, but that's because we placed a seal on her powers a long time ago. She explained. "That orb, in fact, is the key to breaking the seal."

"Mmm... But I don't get it. If I've had magic all this time, why hide it?" I asked her.

"Well... It's complicated. We'll save the explanation for another time. For now, you two should come in. You must be exhausted from that long journey."

"Right... Well this certainly beats my record on the weird scale. I'm a pokemon that used to be human, but magic being real is on a whole different level." I said to her.

"Human? Really?" She asked me, her eyes going wide in surprise.

"Oh, well I used to be human." I explained. She seemed to study me for some odd reason before laughing.

"Well, it seems as though I'm not the only one who has surprises." She smiled.

"Mom, is dad here too?" Asked Ally hopefully.

"Hmm, oh yes, I suppose he will want to see you too." She laughed. "Please, make yourselves at home."

Beach Cave, Alex's POV:

When we first entered the cave, it was wet, which at least seemed characteristically correct. Everything else Eve had told me about dungeons made little sense.

We had been traveling for a while, defeating enemy pokemon as we went (which by the way seem to show up out of nowhere), when we came to some stairs. "Man, you really weren't kidding when you said there were going to be stairs. What the heck is up with this place?" I asked Eve. She just smiled at me. She was pretty cute the way she smiled like that all the time.

Apparently I had been spending too much time in my thoughts. When we reached the next floor, I was zoned out and immediately got slapped in the face by a mud slap attack and fell into the water. By the time I had gotten out, Eve had defeated the attacker and was laughing hard. "You've done this before haven't you?" I asked as we found more stairs and continued on.

"Yep, I was in my sister's rescue team before and I picked up a few things." She explained to me. "A rescue team basically helps others in need." She continued. I nodded in understanding. Well at least that made sense. Apparently, this was a short dungeon because we were already on the third floor.

"I think I spot the stairs." I said as we approached them. The problem was that a shellos was right next to them. "Hold on." I said, getting an idea. I then used my vines to grab the shellos before it could react and threw it into the water. "Yeah! Take that shellos!" I yelled triumphantly. I really didn't appreciate being thrown into the water. Eve just laughed. We quickly ran up the stairs.

When we reached the fifth floor, we noticed that it was a dead end where Coffing plus Zubat equals trapped. Eve stepped up to them, their backs turned.

"H-hey." She spoke up. They turned around.

"Well if it isn't the chicken!" Stated Coffing. Eve hesitated and looked back, but I urged her onward.

"G-give me back what you stole, it's my personal treasure and it means a lot to me." I commanded.

"Woohoo, hold on there. If you want it so badly, come take it. If not, we could always sell it. I bet something as ancient looking as this would sell great on the black market."

That looked like it ticked Eve off. Uh-oh... "Fine, you want a fight?! Then here you go! You asked for it buddy!" She shouted as she shot what looked like a shadow ball at him. I jumped in and fired an energy ball straight at Zubat who was caught off guard and was sent crashing into the wall. He was out like a light. Wow, all bark and no bite. I thought to myself.

And it was true, by the time I looked over at Eve, she had already knocked Coffing flat against the floor. "What?!" Eve yelled at his unconscious form.

After a while, they woke up. "Ugh, fine, just take it!" Said Coffing before he threw the relic fragment on the floor. "This was a fluke! Remember that. Wimps like you could never beat us in a real fight." Said Zubat as they left in a hurry. I thought I almost heard one of them whimper in the distance, but then again it could've just been me. And they call us wimps?

Eve picked it up. "Thank you Alex! I got it back because of you!" She thanked me. I shook my head at her comment.

"Eve, as much as you want to thank me, I'm pretty sure you would've been able to beat them to a pulp without me. Eheheh." Remind me never to make her mad.

Back at the beach, Eve explained to me what the relic fragment was. "This is the relic fragment." She explained. "I don't really know much to say about it, but I just like the pattern." She said, indicative of the strange inscription on the stone. "I want to someday figure out what this stone is for. That's one of the reasons why I want to join Wigglytuff's guild and form an exploration team." She stated. "I've always loved tales of treasure and legends. Making historic discoveries would be so great! I was just too cowardly when I went to form a team and I couldn't do it... I guess I just couldn't do it alone." She smiled weekly.

"Um...listen Alex, if it's not too much of a bother, I know from experience that you have nowhere to go, so, will you form a team with me?" She asked me, surprising me a little.

"Well um...ok, you have a point. I don't have anywhere to go..." I looked at the pitiful expression she was giving me and sighed. "...and you're my friend, so I guess I will." I said while smiling.

Eve looked extremely excited to hear that. "Really? Thank you!" She said ecstatically, flashing me one of her amazing smiles. "Oh, and thanks again for being my friend and helping me get my fragment back." She said as she picked up the said rock. "Let's become the greatest exploration team this world's ever known!" She said with an excited smile. I nodded and we left for the guild.

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