Okay, this is my first attempt at writing Kim Possible fanfiction. It's an idea that's been bugging me for a while, so I figured I may as well give a shot. Enjoy the chapter!

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Kim groaned as she heard the Kimmunicator began to beep. Can't they leave us one night to ourselves? She thought as she threw on her dress. This was her 3-Month Anniversary with her boyfriend, Ron Stoppable. Whatever this is, it better be good. "What's the sitch, Wade?" She asked, more sharply than she intended.

"Am I interrupting something?" Wade asked, looking at her black dress.

"Yes, but go ahead." Kim sighed.

"Well, according to my calculations, there's a new device on the outskirts of Middleton." Wade began to explain. "What it does is apparently classified, but guess who's after it?"

"Drakken and Shego, right?" Kim guessed.

"Yep, they're headed straight for it." Wade informed. "They'll be there in about ten minutes; you can beat them if you hurry. And Kim... I'm sorry about this. I know how much you were looking forward to tonight."

"It's ok, Wade; part of the job." Kim replied, deciding to take her anger out on Drakken and Shego instead. "I'd better let him now." She ended the call and dialed her boyfriend.

"Hey, KP, good to hear from here." Ron smiled on the screen. "Look, I lost track of time, but I should be able to get there in about half an hour."

"Sorry, Ron, we've got another mission." Kim pouted. "Drakken and Shego are up to their old tricks again?"

"Didn't we throw them in prison last week?" Ron complained. "I thought it would at least be enough time for one romantic evening together!"

"I know, Ron, and I'm sorry about this." Kim apologized. "Think of it this way: the quicker we send them back, the sooner we can get back to it."

"Cool!" Ron smiled. "No villain's getting in the way of Bueno Nacho!"

"Ron, we talked about this, remember?" Kim interrupted. "Bueno Nacho does not qualify as a romantic night."

"Hey, you can't blame me for trying!" Ron declared. "All right, all right, no Bueno Nacho. Pick you up in ten?"

"Please and thank you," Kim responded and hung up, changing back into her mission clothes, hanging her dress back into the closet. Oh, she was so going to kill those two for ruining this!

"Hey, Kim, don't forget about your big night." Ann Possible walked into her daughter's room, averting her eyes.

"There's not going to be a big night." Kim replied, hanging her head. "We got called for another mission. Drakken and Shego are trying to steal something on Middleton's outskirts."

"I'm so sorry, sweetie." Ann hugged her daughter. "I know how much you were looked forward to it."

"No big," Kim tried to dismiss, but it was obvious how distressed she was. No longer trying to hide it, she snapped: "Why can't we have any time to ourselves? Every time we make plans, Drakken or Dementor or Monkey Fist goes after something, making us cancel our date, and fly halfway across the world to put a stop to them. Is one night too much to ask?!"

"I know, I know," Ann sighed, rubbing her daughter's hair. "Maybe if you hurry, you can stop them and still have your romantic evening."

"That's what I'm hoping for." Kim brightened up a little bit. She heard a horn honk outside. "That's Ron; gotta go!" She bolted out the door, nearly waking up her father, who was sound asleep in his chair.

The instant she spotted him on his scooter, she hugged him tightly and gave him a light kiss on the lips. "I've definitely got to come more often if you greet me like this every time." Ron joked. "Now what were we doing again?"

"Ha ha, very funny." Kim smiled, hitting him lightly on the shoulder. Ron was always able to put a smile on her face, no matter the situation. "Now let's get moving; we'd better hurry if we want to have our night on the town!"

"On it!" Ron exclaimed, revving up his scooter to its top speed, driving recklessly enough that he nearly slammed into a mailbox. "You've got the coordinates for this place, right?"

"Not a problem," Kim took out her communicator, which was showing a GPS map of the complex. "Take a left right here." She held on to him tight as he made a sharp turn.

"Okay, what next?" Ron wondered as the scooter began to slow down.

"Ron, don't tell me you forgot to put gas in this thing again!" Kim groaned.

"Come on, I just put some in the other day." Ron protested, pointing to the gas gauge, which was near Full. "Give me a little credit, would you? Oh, that's the problem! I accidentally let go of the accelerator!"

"Only you, Ron, only you." Kim shook her head, but there was a smile under it.

Thanks to his improved scooter, along with the fact that they lived close by, they arrived in no less than fifteen minutes. Maybe we will have time after all. Kim smiled.

"Uh... KP, this doesn't look like the right spot." Ron stated, pointing his finger at the building. It looked like it hadn't been occupied in years and was obviously abandoned. The paint was flaking off, most of the windows had broken glass, and the gate was broken in half.

"Seems the perfect place to hide an invention," Kim informed. "This is supposed to be a secret lab, you know."

"Yeah, I guess, but I'm getting some bad mojo from that place." Ron shuddered. Despite his misgivings, though, he followed his girlfriend inside.

"Come on, let's get this over with." Kim sighed as they walked. She couldn't help but mutter to herself, though. "Can't even celebrate our three-month anniversary. Damn it, why tonight; you two are so going down!"

As they entered the building, though, there was nothing. That is, nothing but a cry of pain when Ron stubbed his toe in the darkness. Hurriedly putting their night vision goggles on, they searched the building, but found nothing but cobwebs and dust.

"This doesn't look like the right place to me." Ron commented. "Now can we please get out of there? This building just screams 'bad slasher movie'."

"This is what is says on the GPS." Kim commented and pulled out the communicator. "Wade, are you sure this is the right spot? We don't see anything inside here!" And we could be having a nice night!

"Positive, Kim." Wade responded. "Electrotech told me that this was where their new prototype was being kept for safekeeping."

"Well, the only thing here is darkness and dust and lots of broken stuff, so... what are we waiting for?" Ron wondered. They didn't need to wait long, though.

"Are you sure this is the right place, Dr. D?" They heard Shego groan in the distance. "I can't see anything in here!"

"I intercepted a call from Possible's techno-geek that a prototype was being hidden here!" Drakken laughed. "And then once I get my hands on it, and... figure out what it does, I can use it to take over the world!"

"Let me get this straight: you want to steal this thing and you don't even know what it does?" Shego groaned.

"That's the beauty of it!" Drakken declared. "If it's unknown, that means that nobody will be expecting it! I just can't wait to get my hands on this thing!"

"I don't think so, Drakken!" Kim screamed at him. "You're going to pay for ruining our night together!"

"Kim Possible, what are you doing here?" Drakken screamed.

"Shouldn't it be obvious by now?" Shego sighed. "Every time we try and steal something, she... look out!" She yelled, launching a last-second cartwheel to get out of the way of the incoming attack. However, Drakken wasn't so lucky and a burst of red energy hit him square in the chest, burning through his clothing and singeing his skin.

Their previous conflict forgotten, Kim, Ron, and Shego looked around the deserted building for any sign of their new adversary. "Stay close to me," Kim ordered her boyfriend, and Ron saw no reason to disobey.

"How very predictable," The figure laughed, his voice echoing throughout the deserted complex. Several circular lights turned on, one of them directly above the trio. Kim and Shego scanned the entire room, but neither of them could spot him. More red energy shots were fired, two more hitting Drakken, sending him straight to the ground. "A mere mention of a device that could be put to evil purposes and the four of you arrive like moths to the flame."

"Show yourself!" Shego demanded, igniting her plasma to a lethal level, a far greater degree than she ever allowed herself to use against Kim.

"Kimberly Anne Possible, how nice to see you once again." The voice claimed, their enemy stepping out of the shadows. He was wearing a navy blue robe, concealing his face, walking in a circular motion with a grace of confidence.

In no mood for talking, Shego launched a pair of plasma shots at him, which he easily sidestepped. If anything, he seemed to be amused by her efforts. "Who the hell are you?" Kim demanded, trying to hide the fear in her voice and not altogether succeeding. "How do you know me?"

"You've built quite a reputation for yourself, Kimberly." The man told her, evading her question. "Kimberly Possible and Ronald Stoppable, freelance agents of those incompetent fools, Global Justice. And you can call me... Shadow."

"Wait, you actually know my name?" Ron raised his eyes in surprise.

"Not a good time, Ron." Kim reminded, watching for her enemy's next move.

"I make it a point to know who my adversaries are." Shadow replied. "Of course, there is no need to introduce myself to you, is it, Shego?"

"What do you want with us?" Shego snarled, barely restraining herself from going straight on the attack. Any such assault would have to be cautious, if Drakken's moans of pain on the floor were any indication. From what little she did know of him, she was aware that he was extremely dangerous and something she'd have to actually think through.

"That's for you to find out." He smiled at them, slowly crouching into a fighting position.

"You're going down!" Ron promised, positioning himself in the middle of them, glaring at their new opponent. He had greatly improved during his summer at Yamaguchi, and from what he had seen, Kim was going to need all the help she could get.

"Ugh, I can't believe I'm asking this, but... will you help me, Kimmy?" Shego asked, putting as much derision into her voice as she could. She knew she was a skilled fighter, but... she didn't think she could fight this one by herself.

"I don't think we're going to have much of a choice here." Kim responded, still keeping her eye on her opponent, who was simply waiting patiently for them. She gave the briefest of glimpses to Ron, though. Yes, he had improved, but he still wasn't at her skill level yet, and... she feared what might happen to him if they clashed.

"Don't expect this to change anything," Shego warned. "Once this is over, we're still enemies."

"I wouldn't expect anything else." Kim agreed.

"Shall we get on with it, then?" Shadow asked. "Or do you intend to shield your boyfriend forever? The four of them simply stared at one another for a few moments, Kim standing in front of Ron. Then, as if on cue, all moved at the same time.

Shego started out the battle with a stream of plasma blasts. She was well aware that none of them were going to hit, but hoped that it would at least give her an opportunity to close in, where her chances would be higher.

She charged from the left, Kim from the right, Ron from the center, all of whom intended to take down their new enemy. Once he had been beaten, they'd go back to their quarrel, but for now, he was a higher priority.

Only to find that he had disappeared, jumping up over a dozen feet just as they would have run into him. Shego looked up just in time to see him smash his foot into her face, knocking her to the ground. Had the comet not enhanced her durability, she would have been down for the count. Ron charged him as soon as he hit the ground, Shadow evading every single one of his attacks, not even caring enough to physically block him.

Damn, he has gotten better. Shego had to admit as she watched the two go at it. Nevertheless, it told her how dangerous he was, being able to move faster than either of his opponents.

She moved behind him as Ron was kicked in the stomach, just in time for Kim to move in, throwing several punches, none of which connected, and moving back before any reprisal attacks.

While Shadow was distracted fighting Kim, she chanced another plasma blast a mere second before she launched the strongest kick she could at his head.

Only for him to dodge the plasma, grab her foot, and kick Shego in the shins, all while dodging Kim's attacks. He moved back, swung her around, and sent her flying straight into Ron, who had just recovered from Shadow's barrage. The two were sent crashing in a flail of limbs.

"Come on, get up!" Shego all but dragged him to his feet, furious but with a great deal of fear behind it. She was throwing everything she could at him, and Shadow barely seemed to be paying attention to her at all.

"I'm disappointed, Kimberly." Shadow taunted as every one of her attacks were either blocked or evaded. He sent a punch of his own into her gut, and while she was quick enough to avoid the worst of it, she wasn't fast enough to escape injury completely. "I thought you were the best Global Justice had to offer."

"You haven't won yet, Shadow." Kim promised, but attacking less and less, realizing that it seemed quite futile. She knew she had to revise her tactics, operate on the defensive, and wait for an opening.

"We'll see," he smiled, flipping over Ron, kicking Shego in the stomach, and then moving so quickly that Kim was unable to take advantage of his distraction.

"Are you all right?" Kim asked Shego, not daring to avert her eyes. She could hardly believe what was going on. Kim had never faced an enemy this quick and skilled and worse than that, it seemed like Shadow was playing with them. And I still don't know what he wants, making him more dangerous.

"I'll live," Shego grunted, igniting her powers, moving towards her opponent more slowly than before.

"Trying to surround me again?" Shadow grinned at them. "I believe you saw how useful your little trick proved before."

"We've still got a few things up our sleeve." Shego glared.

"Then by all means, show me." Shadow laughed, obviously not seeing either of them as a danger. Oh, all of them were reasonably skilled. He knew all their tactics: Kimberly was the one who constantly moved, threw a few punches and kicks, then retreated. Shego was the aggressive one, going straight in for the kill. Ronald had mostly copied his girlfriend's style, although he was slightly more direct. Had they known how to coordinate their attacks that matched their differing techniques, they would indeed be formidable. As things stood, though... he shouldn't have any trouble at all.

Before any of them could strike, Shadow moved first, kicking Ron between the legs, burying his elbow into his gut, and stepping on his shin to make sure he couldn't get back up.

"Why, you son of a..." Kim screamed, attacking again. She kept a better angle on her punches and kicks, however, switching martial arts frequently, altering her moves, making Shadow work furiously to keep her at bay.

Shego moved in on his right, coming close enough to contact that part of the hood he was wearing burned away, his black eyes glinting dangerously Shadow retreated, the two of them hot on his heels. He grabbed Shego's arm, twisting it, but Kim intervened before he could do anything more, sending a punch into his jaw, hitting him for the first time since the fight began.

"Impressive," Shadow complimented, although further attempts to injure him were unsuccessful. She backflipped, attempting to catch him in the chin, while Shego took advantage of the distance to fire another plasma blast, hoping against hope that it would actually hit its target.

It didn't, although it came close enough that his clothes were burned. Disregarding the ruined robe, he decided to alter his own tactics.

"Any suggestions?" Shego asked as Shadow karate-chopped her in the chest, forcing her to jump in order to avoid a leg sweep that would surely have injured her ankle enough to take her out of the fight.

"How about this?" Kim ducked, launching a leg sweep. As expected, Shadow jumped over her head, but this time, she was ready for his counter, catching his foot, throwing him to the ground. Shego fired a plasma blast at full power, since unlike her temporary ally, she wanted him dead, not merely incapacitated.

This had not gone unnoticed by him, either, who fired a red stream of energy to intercept it, while he rolled back to his feet.

Things had gone on long enough. "Time to end this charade of ours." Shadow ran, standing in front of Drakken's unconscious figure. "You've failed, Shego; you're nothing to me. Even Kimberly puts up a stronger effort than you." He poured energy into Drakken's body, making it convulse, and were he conscious, he would be screaming in agony.

"You're dead, you bastard!" Shego screamed, charging straight for him. Yes, Drakken got on her last nerve most of the time, and many of his take-over-the-world plans were silly, but she still cared about him.

"Shego, no!" Kim tried to call her back, realizing what his intentions were, but it was no use. Her rage blinded her to everything else, and sure enough, she was intercepted, as Shadow laughed at her efforts. He kicked her in the knee, stepped on her foot, and wrapped his hand around her neck, tripping her over his own leg. Once she fell, he kicked her in the head multiple times, ensuring that she wasn't going to get up again.

"Two down, one to go." He grinned, turning to face his last opponent. Kim scrambled her brain, trying to think of a way to win.

And then the time for thinking was over as he moved, Kim barely managing to block a powerful chop, only to have his knee land in her gut. His attacks became faster and more powerful, and it was all she could do to move back fast enough to avoid meeting the same fate.

It wasn't until now that Kim fully understood how outclassed she was. Before, Ron and Shego had forced Shadow to divide his attention between them, but now she was the last one standing, and was all but running away from his relentless assault.

Shadow stuck his hand into his pocket, and only too late did Kim realized what he had grabbed. Two darts found themselves in her chest and they began to effect her almost immediately. Kim found her moves becoming slower and slower; Shadow moved back and watched the tranquilizer darts take effect. Only then did she realize what he really came here for.


She fell to her hands and knees, straining to stay awake, refusing to let him beat her. Anything's possible for a Possible, She recited, the words that came to her whenever she was in a dangerous situation. But no matter her spirit, her body refused to cooperate.

Shadow resisted the urge to laugh. Another couple of minutes and she would be sound asleep, meaning that this little struggle was...

Which was as far as his thoughts went, as he was kicked across the jaw and punched in the throat, sending him down in a heap.

"Get away from her!" Ron screamed, his Mystical Monkey Powers coming to the fore, his eyes glowing with the promise of retribution.

"Impressive, Ronald." Shadow smiled at him. "Perhaps I underestimated you. Rest assured, I won't make the same mistake again." His mind groaned at the complication. He had just beaten the impulsive Shego, sedated Kimberly, and now Ron had managed to recover. This was proving more difficult than expected.

"Leave now, or you'll regret it." Ron glared, forcing himself to concentrate and not give in to his overwhelming anger, lest he suffer the same fate as Shego.

"Empty bravado," Shadow sneered. Recovering from the previous attack, he fired a few energy shots, making sure not to hit Kimberly in the crossfire, not intending to do any serious harm, merely getting the measure of his now enraged enemy.

Ron didn't move a muscle, standing in front of Kim, eyes glowing. Shadow took the offensive, but Ron's defenses were strong enough that none of his attacks got through. "Very impressive... but not enough to save you!" Shadow promised.

While barely able to move, Kim was still conscious enough to see that Ron was holding his own, refusing to move, his eyes determined and resolute. He drove him back, Shadow taking the defensive, using his agility to hold him back, hopping from one side of the building to the other.

From a distance, Kim knew that it couldn't last. Ron was using an enormous amount of energy hunting Shadow, and as soon as he began to tire... She wanted to warn him of what he was trying to do, but her vocal cords wouldn't let her.

Kim gathered all her strength, trying to force herself to her feet. She couldn't let him fight that thing alone! She wouldn't! Through sheer force of will, she got back up, but only walked a couple of feet before she fell once again. Obviously, whatever he had drugged her with was not only a tranquilizer, but paralyzed her as well.

She could do nothing but watch as flashes of blue and red lightened up the building. Ron and Shadow were committed to their dance of death, the former pushing him back, looking for a way to corner his opponent, his hands glowing a bright blue.

For a mere moment, Kim thought Ron would succeed, moving the first straight towards Shadow's head... but he moved faster than she reckoned possible and it impacted nothing but air.

That opening was enough for him to regain the initiative. Shadow grabbed his wrist, dislocating it, Ron's screams echoing throughout the complex. Surprisingly, though, he continued to fight on, his resolve blunting the pain enough to keep him mobile.

He did his best to continue, but Shadow was relentless, sensing his advantage, driving him back, landing one punch after another, breaking even Ron's temporary respite.

At that point, Kim's eyes closed and she saw nothing more.

Ron groaned, the first thing coming back to him was the prodigious amounts of pain he was in. His wrist was dislocated, his jaw was sore, and if he lifted his shirt, he knew he would see countless ugly bruises on his torso.

What... what happened? He groaned, trying to force the pain out of his mind. He remembered... someone attacking them and then...

It all came back to him. Ron searched frantically, but it was no use. "KP's gone!" He cried out, sinking to his knees. I've failed. Mystical Monkey Powers and all, I've failed.

So... should I continue or not?