All characters and events in this fanfiction-even those based on canon-are entirely fictional. All characters are impersonated... Poorly. The following fanfiction contains coarse language and due to it's content should not be read by anyone.

Chapter Two: Today's Lesson

Saturday, May 18th, 11:04 PM

The door of the yellow school bus opened and Kenny skipped out, his orange hood covering his mouth, but from the look from his squinting eyes you could tell he was grinning underneath. Cartman sloppily made his way out, one hand on his backpack and from his facial expression anyone could tell he was not amused with his hooded friend's up-beat attitude. Kyle walked out, leaning behind Cartman, smirking from his idiotic friends' actions. Stan, being the last one out, only smiled. It was April 12th in South Park, Colorado. The snow was moderately melting as the sun shined down upon the small mountain town. A breeze brushed Stan's face as he noticed Cartman's glare towards Kenny.

"God dammit, Kinny. Stop skipping around so much. It's pissing me off."

"Cartman, calm down. It's spring." Kyle, though it was rare, gave Cartman a tender smile. Cartman only frowned.


"You gotta admit, it's pretty nice out."

"Yeah, well it would be nicer if Kinny would shut the fuck up."

Kenny paid no attention to any of them as he spinned around in perfect bliss. Stan chuckled as he passed him, causing him to notice he was passing all of his friends. Cartman glared at Kyle as they argued and Kyle only snickered at him. Kenny continued his dance of ecstasy and ended with the finale being a cartwheel. Stan turned around and started walking backwards to beam at them.

"Dude, you guys are so slow. Hurry your asses up already!"

"Sorry, Stan. Cartman's slowing us down."

"Fuck you, Kahl! I could probably beat you to Stan's house if I goddamn wanted to!"

"Cartman, you're such a fat shit, you couldn't drag your fatass as fast as possible down the block."

Cartman smirked, "Oh, so is that challenge, Kahl?"

Kyle turned to him with a devious smile. "Well, fatboy, if you really want to..."

Before he could finish the sentence he was pushed over into the slushy thin layer of snow. He lifted himself up, wiping snow from his arm with a scowl, but before a word could be uttered Cartman was already long gone. He heard his ass of a friend mocking him from afar, saying one of his well-known catchphrases, "Screw you guy, I'm going home!" Kyle fiercely struggled to get up and then started sprinting at full speed to get past Cartman.

"Cartman, you are the biggest asshole I know!"

Cartman only laughed mockingly as he ran faster. Stan ran off the snow onto the hard concrete to catch up and Kenny was soon right behind him running as well. Before long they were all jogging next to each other. Kyle, Stan and Kenny snorted as Cartman slowly fell behind, but as soon as he caught up again he nudged Kyle into Stan and soon he was laughing with them. They ran like this laughing only out of joy now, but soon the laughing was drowned out by the sound of music coming from Stan's head. We gotta get out while we're young. Cause' tramps like us, baby we were born to run! He didn't know what the song was, but it sounded like some rock n' roll song that his dad would listen to non-stop. Whatever it was, it didn't only drown out his friends' laughing but their words as well. With a cheerful smile Cartman said something to Kyle and he made a response that made Kenny burst out laughing. The song in his head continued, everybody's out on the run tonight, but there's no place left to hide. Kyle turned to Stan with tears in his eyes from laughing so much and the blinding sun. He said a short sentence. Though Stan couldn't hear a word of it he smiled back at him.

He jogged faster and faster, a joyful grin on his face as he wished everyday could be like this. It was strange, he didn't know what it was about this moment, but it made him so contentful that the whole matter felt unreal. Stan looked straight at the sun that shone down on them so brightly their eyes shined back at it like mirrors. He stared at it squinting and he sprinted, as if he were running to it. Baby we were born to run!

When Stan's eyes snapped open like the blinds on a window, he instantly closed them again to block out the little light there was. He had an incredibly strange dream where he could hear nothing but rock music and see nothing but his friends running around laughing, and he'd rather not continue it. What made him not want to see another glimpse of it even more was the fact that he couldn't tell whether it was a dream or an actual memory, at the time he couldn't recall. He refused to neither rise or sleep, instead he wished to only to rest, until he remembered the earlier frightening events on the bus. The moment where all the students on the bus fell asleep for a still mysterious reason, and he too had collapsed. How long had it actually been since then? Hours? A day or two? However, more serious questions came to mind. What had really happened and why? Most importantly, where was he now? Stan pondered this all as he forced himself to open his eyes and reveal to himself his surroundings.

The lighting in the room came from moonlight that shone through multiple windows on the side of the room, which was right behind Stan. Numerous bodies crowded the room as they were scattered, lying all around. He saw that these were the other students, still unconscious from earlier. They looked so at peace in their sleep, but when would they awaken and what will happen when they do? Stan didn't want to imagine. As his vision cleared he noticed many desks in the back and opposite side of the room. He looked to the front of the room to see a teacher's desk and a blackboard. They were in a classroom. He turned from the front of the class to the windows to see the moon shining brightly, beaming into the classroom along with a few tall trees that were barely visible from his view from the ground right up to the wall where the windows were at.

Stan froze, staring through the window. He had caught a glimpse of something that disturbed him greatly from across the room, in the front of the class and next to the window as well. He gave a fleeting look towards the eyes that stared at him from afar. It was Eric Cartman, sitting there, one leg relaxing and the other bent with his arm resting on it. He showed no emotion. Stan stared back, a look of surprise on his face. He didn't know if he should be glad he found someone else that was conscious and a friend he can easily discuss about the situation to, or be uneasy about the fact that Eric Cartman could have been watching him this entire from a distance without saying a word.

Finally, after tilting his head up to glance out the window, Cartman gave Stan a signal to approach him. He nodded and did so. He crawled carefully to him and Cartman did this a little as well until they were right in front of each other, ready to immerse in conversation. Stan gave Cartman a look of anxiety as Cartman ignored this and scanned the room with his eyes. Finally Stan spoke in a whisper.

"Cartman, what happened?" Stan knew this was most likely a dumb question to ask since Cartman had probably been only up for a few minutes more than him, but Cartman's question was even more uncanny.

"I don't know. Whatever, that doesn't matter. Can I see your neck?"

Stan lifted an eyebrow at Cartman but suddenly realized the pressure around his neck, and shivering feeling as well. He felt around the collar of his coat, then pulled it down to grasp a metal like bracelet around his throat. Stan felt a choking sensation come to him, uneasiness now in his eyes.

Cartman pulled down the collar of his coat as well to reveal the object. "Don't worry, I have it too." Stan didn't know why that would make him less worried. Nonetheless, he acknowledged the metal collar with a tiny screen on the front that now shown before him. It looked like it'd be used as some kind of shock collar. Stan gulped, feeling alarmed.

"Dude, what's happening?"

"I don't know... What do you think they're for? You think they're a tracking device or something?" Stan was a bit discouraged by Cartman's lack of attempting to see the bigger picture. Though Stan didn't know this at the time, Cartman was more centered on finding a way out of whatever this horrible predicament was than knowing what was happening. Cartman wanted to know how, not why, and so should have Stan.

Stan showed his annoyment through the tone of his voice, but still whispering, "How long have you been awake?"

"Not long..."

"Have you seen anyone else awake or anyone outside at-"

"Do you think that door's locked?" Stan again, lifted his eyebrow at another one of Cartman's unusual questions. He looked at the door in the front right corner of the room, this being the first time he had seen it.

"Of course," Cartman continued dramatically, "Even if the door is open for us to leave," he turned his head to the window and Stan followed his look and Cartman knitted his eyebrows, "Those dicks would probably be out there waiting for us."

God dammit, Cartman, you are such a retard. Stan mentally face-palmed as he watched his less intelligent friend look out the window with anguish. Now was not the time to play tag or hide and seek. This was not a game. This was a serious situation that needed to be resolved with wits, not with Eric Cartman's melodramatic jackassery. Though he didn't feel as though he they had time for such stupidity, Stan saw the stern look on Cartman's face, and started scanning the area outside the window also. The moon hung high as it shone upon the trees, creating many shadows. Near the windows were bushes and between the bushes and trees was a large area of flat dirt ground, perhaps a road. For such a frightening confusing night, the stars beautifully shined brightly and broadly stood out in the night. Stan's eyes reflected the moon's light for a moment until he glanced at Cartman, who was fixed on the trees. He felt a bit of sorrow seeing one of his closest friends, as he hopelessly thought, What's going to happen to us? It was true, Cartman was one of the worse people he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. Nonetheless, he was his friend. Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. They had been through so much together and Stan wasn't going to let it stop here. They were all going to make it out, together, regardless what was ahead of them.

A dark glove landed on Cartman's shoulder, coming from behind. Suddenly, Stan's eyes widened as he witnessed Cartman jerk back with a short cry. Was it another awakened student or... He didn't dare to think of the possibility it could be one of their abductors. Simultaneously, they turned around to see what being was lurking behind them, both ready to use whatever defense necessary. They sighed from relief, recognizing the half covered face.

"Dammit Kinny, don't fucking do that again."

Kenny McCormick stood in the dark, now motionless. His eyes were wide and dull looking, as they stared straight through the two boys in front of him. Stan didn't know how long Kenny had been awake, but now he was relieved that another good ally of his was alert, although Stan was alarmed from the Kenny's calm look. He smiled at him, but Kenny made zero response.

"Hush now. Quiet, you three."

The boys looked over to the high pitched British accent, who was obviously Pip. He sat on the two rows of desks that were all shoved together in the back of the room. There sat five others: Damien Thorn on the far left side sitting with Pip in the back row, the two goth kids sitting on the far right side in the back row and with them in the front was Ze Mole, the three of them smoking together as if they had unlimited cigarettes. In the middle was Gregory, sitting like Cartman earlier, except for his other leg was hanging of the desk he sat on, in an epic pose. All of them were awake and staring at the three boys in the near the front of the room. Even Dogpoo, who was still lying down, underneath the one of the desks near the middle.

"You'll wake the other children if you keep chattering so very loudly."

Ze Mole grimaced, "You will as well if you don't shut your damn moudz."

"How about we all stay quiet," was suggested by Gregory in almost a whisper.

Damien spoke, but as if like none of the others, he couldn't control the volume of him voice, "SILENCE, ALL OF YOU!"

An obnoxious laugh was heard from under the desks, Dogpoo of course. A faint voice was heard from one of the goth kids saying, "Conformists..."

"Guys, shut the fuck up. Seriously." Stan turned his head to the left side of the class to see Craig Tucker sitting up, rubbing one of his eyes while raising his middle finger to the children in the back of the room. Stan glanced around the room, now seeing everyone slowly awakening, one by one like kindergarteners at the end of nap time. Even Kyle slowly rose at last, but Wendy was still peacefully sleeping, her black hair covering her cheek and mouth and her hat coming loose from her head.

"Oh, now look what you've done! Damien, you must really learn to control your foul temper." Damien glared at Pip as Gregory sighed and Ze Mole shook his head in irritation. As the students awoke, many questions arose.

"Where are we?"

"What time is it?"

"Holy shit. How did we get here?"

"Do you remember getting off the bus?"

"Damn, there's no clock."

"I don't remember a thing."

"What's happening?"

"What the fuck?"

"I wanna go home..."

In the midst of the confusion and questions, Stan deserted his friends and quickly walked over to Wendy Testaburger, who was still unconscious. Once he had reached her Stan knelt down beside her, grabbed hold of her shoulders and shook her lightly. "Wendy. Wendy, wake up!" She slowly opened her eyes, only peeking to see what was slightly jerking her back and forth. "Stan?" He smiled, hope in his eyes, but he shifted his face back to a worried look, "Wendy, you have to get up. Something's happening and we have to-"

"Stan. What's happening?"

He turned his head to look behind his back and tilted his head. Kyle Broflovski stared down at him, eyes full of concern. Already he was wide awake and ready for whatever was ahead. Stan was impressed with his friend's ability of preparation, but that was only to be expected from one of the star students in their class. Kyle was one of the most brilliant people he knew. He felt like an idiot for not going to him in the first place. He stood up to face Kyle, but before he could inform him on earlier events, ask questions or even say a word, he glared at him. Stan lifted his eyebrows, a bit hurt and addled by his friend's facial expression towards him. Through all the commotion of the students standing around, startled glances directing towards each other, Kyle pushed through Stan and the other students. He walked straight to Gregory, who sat in the same position and now noticing Kyle's expression directed to him, tilted his head askance. Stan goggled at them as he assisted Wendy up from the floor.

"What is this, Gregory? What's happening!?" The class went silent. All eyes were fixed on the two boys in the back, all of them wide with bewilderment as Kyle grimaced and Gregory was seen, somewhat smiling.

"I apologize, but I'm afraid I don't understand what you're suggesting."

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. In fact, you knew this was going to happen all along, didn't you!?"

Wendy glimpsed back and forth from the two arguing to Stan, who held onto her arm gently as he gaped at Kyle and Gregory. Stan couldn't comprehend the reason behind why Kyle would be accusing Gregory of understanding the reason behind their abduction. Until he recalled what was earlier said by him on the bus. "Do not stress and do not anguish. Tomorrow will be a full day, and we shall be even more busy this very night." Stan's face contorted. His eyebrows went down close to his eyes and he gritted his teeth, he restrained himself from clenching his fists though, as he was still holding onto Wendy, though she was fine standing on her own. He was enraged. He never cared for Gregory. He never trusted him or appreciated him at all. He had a dislike for the smartass the moment he saw him, so it wasn't hard for him to accept the idea that he had something to do with this predicament the entire class was now in.

Gregory frowned as if displeased, "Kyle, I honestly do not know what you are speaking of. Believe me when I say I am being frank with you. I am not at all the who orchestrated this. I have absolutely nothing to do with it. I am, like you and everyone else in this room, a victim. So please, do not fret over me. Do not fret at all, at this moment we are safe. Just pay close attention for now."

"Do not fret"? Do not fret, my ass! Stop giving us all this bull-shit and give us the answers we want, you son of a bitch!

Kyle, as if speaking for Stan, protested fiercely against Gregory's words. He swung his arms around, his fists clenched and his face expressing pure rage, while the other students watched, agaped. "Shut up, Gregory! Are you gonna tell us what's happening or are you just gonna keep lying to our faces!?"

Before Gregory could respond, the class was suddenly distracted by the muttering from Ze Mole. "All lies. All zey evah tell is lies," he paused as he took another drag, "Zis govahment is going to shit."

Damien spoke next, his voice softer than before. It was the same as on the bus. "The people who rule over you, you're elders. They have decided that you are not worthy of life. That you are all pathetic beings and deserve only the doom of your ignorance, and perhaps they're right. In days to come, seven in total, you will face the wrath of not only your rulers, but each other juvenile. All of you, pawns, in this game of destruction."

"They're all a bunch of nazi conformists," was all that was said by Henrietta and the other goth only nodded. Pip sighed and Ze Mole took another smoke of his cigarette.

Of course, nobody understood any of that in which they were being told. The children stood in the moonlight that shone through the window and the shadows, all so confounded, all so overwhelmed with distrust hanging in the air. Kyle's contorted face remained as he stared down Gregory mainly. Kenny and Cartman glanced at each other, Cartman's eyebrows down a bit closer to his eyes in anger and Kenny's face as monotonous as before. Stan remained standing there with his eyebrows lifted, uncomfortably perplexed. He stood there, still holding onto Wendy's arm. He glimpsed over at her in this disturbing silence to see her face, so very troubled looking.

The door was heard opening and the lights in the room turned on.

All at once the, entire class turned their heads and some their whole bodies in quick anxious movements to the front of the room. The door was opened and walked through it were men wearing camouflaged clothing and helmets with black combat boots. They wore army uniforms and with them, they carried firearms. The students remained silent as their eyes were practically bulging out now from fear. Some of them put their hands to their mouths in anguish, others stood there frozen. They trembled as the nine men marched in and took their positions around the teacher's desk in the front, standing straight and tall, legs apart and holding their submachine guns stiffly. Their faces straight and emotionless. Nobody moved.

In the tension of this stand off, another adult made an entrance wearing all green and rectangular glasses. He had grey hair and a bald spot. All the students' eyes followed him. Stan was sure the whole class had the same thought as he. What the fuck...

Herbert Garrison (Teacher) entered the class, passing the men in uniform and holding a small red book with no title on it's cover. When he reached the teacher's desk he sat the book down, put his hand to his face and let out a huge sigh.

The class remained quiet until Wendy finally blurted out, "Mr. Garrison?"

The rest of the children followed, but only murmured their questions. Stan could swear he even heard Cartman say what he always said when he was befuddled and irritated, "Da fuck?"

Mr. Garrison let out yet another sigh, but dropped his hand from his face and opened his eyes looking exhausted. "Alright, children. Sit down."

As they were told, but with a late reaction, they began to sit down on the floor beneath them. Some like Cartman and Kenny moved to the back as to keep distance away from the soldiers and Kyle moved somewhere between where Stan and Kenny were now at. Most students, like the kids near the desks, stayed put. Mr. Garrison repeated, "Hurry up, now. Sit down and shut up. Criss-cross-applesauce, just like what you dumbasses learned in kindergarten." They did so and by then they were all seated, all now paying attention. Class had began.

"Alright then," he sighed once again, then muttered to himself, "Jesus Christ."

The class's teacher then turned to the blackboard, picked up the chalk, and then wrote two words.

The Program.

He turned around to the class as they all made nervous fuddled glances to each other. No one spoke. The soldiers stood still. The class's attention was directed back to the front as their teacher announced, "Today's lesson is-"

There was a long pause, "You kill each other off."

42 Students Remaining

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