Fighting back a yawn, Lucas stared tiredly at his computer screen. While the danger that accompanied the missions he went on gave him an undeniable thrill, he hated writing up reports about the damages and potential loss of life that had been suffered. Surprisingly enough, seeing the result of his hard work spelled out for him in black and white did nothing to aid in his feeling of accomplishment at a job well done. Rather, his satisfaction came from a nod by Harry or a gentle smile from Ruth; their acknowledgement of all he put into making MI-5 a success was worth a few headaches from paper writing.

There was still something missing, though. For as long as Lucas could remember – even before Russia and the eight years he had suffered from the Russians' 'hospitality' – he had been plagued by dark and gloomy thoughts that didn't seem to fit with what he had seen and done, despite how depressing working for MI-5 could be at times. It was almost as if he had committed some grave transgression in a past life that was now haunting him, unwilling to let him go until he had atoned for whatever it was he might or might not have done.

Pushing such thoughts to the back of his mind, Lucas turned his attention the new recruit that the team would be acquiring that day. Harry had commissioned Lucas to show her around, and he found himself wondering what she would be like. Would she fit in, merging seamlessly with the others who were still reeling from the recent losses of Ros and Jo, and to some extent, Malcolm, Ben, and Connie, even all these months later? Running a hand distractedly through his hair, Lucas swiveled his chair around at the sound of a new arrival. It was Harry, accompanied by a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair and glasses. He rose and walked over to greet them.

"Morning, Harry," said Lucas, more cheerful than he felt after the introspection of that morning.

Harry nodded once, curtly, before turning to introduce the woman at his side. "Lucas, this is Samantha Shelton, our new recruit. Miss Shelton, this is Lucas North, our Section Chief."

"It's a pleasure to have you on board, Miss Shelton," said Lucas cordially, holding out his hand for her to take.

"I'm thrilled to be here, Mr. North," Samantha replied, looking around her with a touch of awe before turning her attention to Lucas' outstretched hand. "And please, call me Sam, or Sammy."

"Lucas," he rejoined, finally taking hold of her hand and shaking it firmly.

At the skin-on-skin contact, however, something passed between them, almost like a shock of electricity. Memories began flooding both of their minds, images and scenes passing before their eyes that neither had ever seen before. They saw a foreboding fortress that possibly resembled one of the castles from the medieval period; there were scaffolds and stables and knights milling about. Sam glimpsed a man in black leather with a sword in his hand; there was sand all around them and strange adobe-like buildings. There was a sharp burst of pain, an almost tender, loving embrace, and then no more. Lucas saw a woman in white approaching him, arms outstretched and hair flowing freely. As if merely an observer standing on the sidelines, he watched the man in black leather – that's me, Lucas idly thought – advance on the woman and plunge his sword into her abdomen, watched as she gasped in shock before the pain registered, watched as he held her in his arms before dropping her to the ground and running away.

All this passed in the space of a few seconds. Their hands still clasped, Lucas and Sam locked eyes, and it was as if they were seeing clearly for the first time. Quickly recovering himself, Lucas released Sam's hand and with great difficulty managed to keep his voice reasonably stable as he made small talk, including Harry where appropriate, before finally suggesting that he give the team's new recruit a tour of the building before an update of their latest mission.

"Just don't be too long," Harry cautioned them as he watched Lucas motion Sam out of the office and guide her along the twisting corridors.

As the pair walked side by side in silence, their thoughts were in utter chaos. Who would ever believe that Lucas North was the reincarnation of Sir Guy of Gisborne, and that the team's newest member, Samantha Shelton, had been the Lady Marian in a past life?

Finding an empty conference room that was far enough away from the main hub that any raised voices ran very little chance of being heard, Guy motioned for Marian to precede him inside before shutting and locking the door after them. Marian was leaning against the table and he began to pace in front of her before eventually coming to a halt.

In that moment, confronted so abruptly by the past and all that he had lost as a result of his actions, Guy choked out a fervent apology, looking at his feet all the while, unable – or unwilling – to meet Marian's eyes. "I'm sorry," he whispered. "Marian, god, I'm so sorry – for everything. And I know it's not enough. I know that I don't even deserve to ask for your forgiveness—"

"Guy!" The sound of Marian's voice broke through the panic his mind had descended into since the return of his memories at the touch of her cool hand.

Thankful that they were alone for this particular conversation, Marian gently cupped Guy's chin in her hand and tilted his face upwards so that they were looking into each other's eyes. "I came to terms with your actions a long time ago," she said, speaking softly as though wary of startling him. "And I forgave you sooner than you would believe. I was wrong to throw my relationship with Robin in your face like that, to spring the news of our marriage on you without any warning. For what it's worth, I'm sorry, too – for all the times I led you on and made you believe that I loved you and wanted to be with you."

He met her eyes hesitantly, as though hardly daring to trust in her words, much less believe that she was really there and that she forgave him. "Marian," he whispered, her name like a prayer on his lips, and he fought the urge to fall to his knees in supplication. "You are, and always have been, the love of my life – and there can never be another for me. I know we've only just met, or been reunited – I'm still not exactly sure how this whole reincarnation business is supposed to work – but I'd like another chance. I want to prove that I can be the man that you've always believed I could be, a good man, and one worthy of your love."

"Oh, Guy," she sighed softly, carefully draping her arms over his shoulders and embracing him. "If you're asking me on a date, I'd love to."

Clutching Marian to him as though she might be wrenched from his grasp at any time, Guy took that moment to smile softly – a smile that had only ever been reserved for Marian – and pressed a kiss to the top of her curly head. "Well, then, Miss Shelton," he said at last, adopting an affected air as he might have once in the olden days, "If it's amenable to you, how about dinner tonight?"

"I'd be delighted, Mr. North," replied Sam, smiling up at him in gratitude for returning them to the mindset of their current personas: that of MI-5 agents working for the British government.

Taking her hand in his and squeezing it reassuringly, Lucas led Sam back to where the others were gathered to be briefed on their latest assignment. Before taking his seat, he held Sam's chair out for her and then smiled at her from across the table before turning his attention to Harry. He'd made mistakes in the past, but he was determined to rectify those now and to start over with Marian, wipe the slate clean and restore her good opinion of him. And maybe, someday, when Sir Guy of Gisborne looked in the mirror, he would see the man that Lucas North had the potential to become.