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Rin:Thank goodness!

Me:...gee, thanks.-_-


Breathe in. Breathe out. I did this repeatedly. I wasn't usually this nervous about the first day of school. Except, my first day was November, 13th. Thank goodness it's Tuesday! (Not that I believe Friday the 13th is the most unlucky day.) The reason why I was going to a new school was...well that's my private business that I'd rather not talk about.

Let me introduce myself. I am Rin Akita. I am 14 years old. I'll turn 15 in December. (1 month and 4 days away!) I consider myself pretty smart. Of course, who wouldn't?

I turned to look at myself in the mirror. The school uniform was pretty basic. This would help with my plan. My plan to get me out of this living heck without too much damage to my self esteem. My plan was to not be involved with anything or anyone. Fairly simple, if I do say so myself. I wasn't too much to look at. Just straight, short blonde hair. Huge sky blue eyes. And a board of a chest (not that it matters!). No guy was bound to fall for me. Therefore, no girls would be jealous of me. I would probably make one or two friends (that factor is simply inevitable). But I can only hope not to get into too much drama.

"Rin! Hurry up! We're gonna miss the bus!" yelled my older sister, Neru. Neru is kinda ticked off that she had to change schools because of the...incident.

I shouted back,"Coming!" I quickly tied up my white bow and grabbed my fake glasses. I figured no one would want to hang with a girl with glasses. Simple popularity factor.

I ran down the stairs, grabbed an orange, and we were off!

While we were walking to the bus stop, I looked to see if Neru was paying attention to what's in front of her. She has a HUGE texting addiction. She can text without looking at the keys. I know some people can do it, but she does it instinctively. The only good thing about it is, she has (well HAD) the connections. She knew all of the latest gossip, rumors, couples, etc. What she's especially mad about is, now she has to start all over. She has to get all of these contacts and get everything all over again.

I can't help but feel kind of guilty. It is kind of my fault. But then I think, meh, she'll be able to get new contacts in the blink of an eye.

We finally get there. Sigh. This is supposed to be the closest bus stop to my house. Whatever. I do need the exercise. Wait! Don't think that way! Remember why you decided to change schools!? I shook my head, frustrated. I know. I probably shouldn't get so frustrated, but...I just don't want to go back.

"Hey Rin!" Neru got me out of my deep thoughts. The bus was here. I got on the bus and prepared myself.

Time Skip (When they got to school)

I walked off the bus. The first thing that happened was a girl pushed me out of the way. I scowled at her. Well this school knew how to have a good impression.

"You must be new!" piped an excited voice behind me. I flinched and turned around. I turned to see a pretty tall girl. She had teal hair tied into two long pigtails that reached about her...feet! Her eyes were big and turquoise. Interesting.

"I could tell." she giggled a little when she saw my surprised look.

"First off, I've never seen you before. Second, you aren't squealing over Len." she explained while pointing behind me.

I looked behind me. I could see a crowd of girls surrounding a blonde haired boy. He had a smug smile on his face. I could tell he was used to this. Hmmm...Either a playboy or a pervert. My mind was screaming, STAY AWAY! But I gotta admit. ...He's kind of cute. KIND OF! Then I heard a little giggle. I saw the girl trying to hold back a giggle. Oh jeez. I've been staring at him for too long.

She laughed as my face turned to a bright pink. Then she introduced herself. "I'm Miku Hatsune." She held out her hand. I was hesitant at first, but then I knew I had to make at least one friend. Like I said. Inevitable. So I shook her hand.

"Yay!" she squealed. Then she grabbed my shoulders and started jumping up and down. People started to stare at us. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea. I'd have to explain my plan when I could trust her.

"Neee (hey)! Do you need help finding your first class?" she asked. I wasn't given any time to try and find my first period class. So I thought, Heck, why not?

"Sure." I handed her my schedule and then she yanked me and we ran to class 1-A. This is one energetic girl.

"Chotto (wait)! I have to put my stuff in my locker!" I exclaimed. She came to a sudden halt. And we ran back.

Time Skip (Because I'm that lazy)

We got to 1-A. And with...5 minutes!? Then I felt a pat on my back. I looked up and smiled. Miku smiled back. I guess I was shaking.

"Hey, don't you have to get to class?" I just realized she was still standing there with...oh, the first bell just rang.

"Oh I actually have some of the same classes with you." Miku said with a huge smile on her face. Thank goodness. She left to take her seat. I stood by the doorway. The teacher would have to assign me a seat. All of a sudden, I got pushed out of the way. Miku stood up to help me. But I got up on my own. Miku scowled at the boy who pushed me down. Len. Well jeez, obviously I'm welcome. I know it's bad to assume, but this guy seems like one huge son of a bi-. Oh crap. The teacher.

"Hello Ms. Akita. I am Ms. Megurine."she gave me a warm smile. Oh thank goodness! A normal- Before I finished my thought, she blew an ear numbing whistle and the class stood up. Not as normal as I thought. -_-

"Listen up! We have a new student!" she yelled. Oh jeez. I'm screwed. I went to the front of the class and made the most normal, and bland introduction I could ever think of.

"Hello. My name is Rin Akita. Hajimemashite!" I said, then bowed.

"Ok. Ms. Akita, you can sit...next to Mr. Kagamine." decided Ms. Megurine. Huh. Ok. I wonder who this Kagamine guy iiiiiii-

I looked to where Ms. Megurine was pointing. It's Len. What did I do to make you so mad Glob!? I sighed and sat at the desk next to him. This is going to be a long school year. Oh great, he...just winked at me!? HUGEST PERVERT EVER!

Len's POV

Dang! This girl is hot! Sure she looks kinda nerdy, but I can adjust. Wonder why she didn't even smile when I winked at her. In fact, she looked kind of PO'd. I don't care. I've got like five girls staring at me right now.

But I found my gaze going to...wait, what's her name again? ...oh yeah! Rin! Wow. She even has a boring name. I kinda like it. Uh forget I said that. I decided to take a nap. As if I care about what Ms. Kill Fun says. Plus she'll probably just yell in my face to get me up. So I dozed off.

In Len's dream

The heck am I!? Sakura (cherry blossom) trees? Usually I dream about...why should I tell you what I dream about!? Anyways, I was wearing a male yukata!? The heck is wrong with me? I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Holy crap. Rin in a yukata. She looked amazing. Ok one moment!

(Len! You can't just do that!)

Why not!? This is kinda jumping ahead, isn't it?

(...So you're not enjoying this?:3)

...I didn't say that.

(Uh-huh. That's what I thought. Now continuing on!)

Ugh. Ok. Where was I? Oh yeah. Rin's yukata. She looked beautiful. I had a look of amazement. She just giggled and kissed me then she-

"LEN! ARE YOU A FREAKING BABY!? WAKE THE HECK UP!" ah, the she devil. I looked up. The bell had rung. Everyone had left. Except Miku and Rin. They were talking. She had a beautiful smile on her wonderful-

"LEN!ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?!" ah yes. She's still here. Gosh darn it! Right when Rin looked like she was about to start-

"HEY YO LEN! If you fall asleep 1, just 1 more time you'll get detention for the rest of the freaking month! Got it!?" she shouted in my face. I nodded indifferently. I was used to this. She fumed away. I held a smug grin. I loved ticking her off.

I quickly looked to see if Rin was still here. Dang it! She's gone. Time for my next stupid class.

Time Skip (End of school)

This is awesome! I have all of my classes with her!


This sucks. I have all of my classes with him. ...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Awwwwww! Poor Rinny! Sorry I think I might've kind of jumped a bit. But I really don't want to delete all of the stuff Len said/dreamed. I know people don't just fall for people right away. But I was really excited.

Rin: Who cares?

Me: Hmm...let's see...ME.

Len: Uh huh. And?

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