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I take a deep breath. I have school today. And yesterday, I became Len's girlfriend. I kinda can't believe it myself. But it happened. And Tei is gonna kill me once she finds out.

Oh well. I'll cherish this last day of life. Especially since I finally have a boyfriend.

I hear a knock on my door as I finish putting on my uniform. Before I can say anything, Lily comes in. I raise an eyebrow.

"Why're you so giggly?" I ask. Her eyes gleam mischievously.

"Oh, you have a very special guest, Rin. Heh, heh.", okay? This is kind of creepy. I have a bad feeling about this.

As I go downstairs and think about it more, I've figured it out. Yeah. Not too surprising. Should've realized it the moment Lily came in so fan girly.

Once I get to the living room, Neru is choking Len.

"Ya hear me!? You hurt her, heck, if she comes home the least bit sad, your dead! Hear me!? DEAD! I will-A/N: The following has been censored for legal purposes. Thank you.-you! Got it!?" Neru, um, lectures? I guess. That's one way to put it. Holy crap! Are those flames in her eyes?! Like, legit flames?

I swear, I nearly crack up when I look at Len's white, pale, scared face. I've never seen him look so terrified!

He sees me and his face brightens. Well, as much as it could while being choked. I feel a little guilty just watching my boyfriend getting choked. Ok, so maybe, I might feel really really guilty.

"Neru, don't worry about it! Now, let go of his throat before he suffocates please." I say casually. She reluctantly releases her death grip on Len's throat. He drops to the ground and gasps for air. He looks up and smiles at me. I feel a small tingle in my cheeks, his smile's really cute.

"Hey, even I'm not that cold," I smile and squat down,"Come on. Let's go to school."

His eyes widen and his nose starts to bleed. Oh come on! I don't look that moe, do I?! Not that I would be insulted or anything, it's just that we're kinda still in the same room as the overprotective sister.

Speaking of which, I glance over to Neru and if looks could kill, Len would be torn to shreds or worse.

I quickly pull him up and run out the door. I ignore the fact that we're holding hands, and run on.

Once we're at least one block away, we stop to catch our breaths.

"Geez! Do you want Neru to kill you!?" I exclaim between breaths.

"Aw! You care about me!" he says optimistically.

"Of course I do. We're...a, um, y'know, couple now, so I...yeah." I mumble, embarrassed. I glance over at Len and his cheeks are bright red. What, did he expect some kind of tsundere reply or something?

It's at this time that I notice our hands are still intertwined. I decide to let go, but when I try to, he grips my hand tighter.

"No! Um! I mean, can we walk to school like this?" he asks. My face turns a bright red.

"S-sure. Whatever.", what? I'm not gonna turn into some kind of girly girl all of a sudden. Just 'cause I have a boyfriend? Heck no! ...But that doesn't mean I can't be the least bit embarrassed.

We walk to school in silence, until I realize something.

"Crap! The school's too far away! We have to take the bus!" I exclaim. Crud, I was stuck in la-la land!

"Not unless we run!"

"Wait what!?" before I can say anything else, Len pulls me behind him and we start running to school.

I stumble behind at first, but I eventually catch up. I feel a rush as we run as fast as we can.

We get to school in 15 minutes! Not too bad! We have five minutes before school starts. We stand in front of the school gates. Len's grip tightens.

"I won't let her do anything to you. I promise." he whispers loud enough so I can hear him. Instinctively, I kiss him on the cheek.

"Thanks. But don't think I'm some damsel in distress just cause I'm your girlfriend now! Just so you know." I confidently reply. He looks shocked at first, but then he has a content grin.

And we go.

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