AN: Summer vacation time...

Chapter 29

Baseball day! Baseball day!

It made me bouncy. It seemed to make Edward paranoid.

"What if someone has the bubonic plague?" Edward questioned, as he we headed to our seats. "I brought masks for everyone."

He pulled medical masks out of his backpack.

"Put those things away, boy!" My dad pushed the masks back in the bag. "Does he always do things like this?"

I kissed Edward's cheek. Actually, I fell into it. I was pushed by someone in the crowd and my lips met his cheek. I righted myself. "He's working on it, Daddy. He's doing a marvelous job."

"Uh huh. Come on, Billy." My dad motioned to his beloved. I brought them as a Cullen buffer. They had to be more tolerable with my gay dad and his gent around.

Edward clutched my hand tightly, "Sweetheart, there are people everywhere!"

Umm, yes.

It was the height of baseball season. The air was muggy with thick humidity. The heated tensions between Yankees and Red Sock fans was making tempers flare. The walkways to the seats were packed with all types of people from preppy families taking their squealing, little ones to their first game to tattooed rockers clutching worn baseball gloves. The lines to the bathrooms were long and the smell of freshly sprayed urine was a pretty good indication that not everyone had patience.

That's when I saw the hot dog vendor. Oh happy day!

"Wiener!" I grabbed his face. "I need some authentic New York wiener!"

"Bella, shouldn't we wait to do that at home?" He looked confused for some reason.

I was the one who was confused.

"What are you talking about?"

He wrinkles his brow. "What are you talking about?"

"The hot dogs they're selling over there. You?"

He turned as red as a fire truck. He choked out, "My penis."

Hee hee!

"That's awesome!" I was pushed into his chest by another baseball fan. "Hey there, sailor."

He tightened his hands on my waist. "Does it surprise you? You always have creative ideas about sex."

"I do. I'm a kinky girl." I kissed him. "Now that you got me started thinking about hotdogs, baseballs and using them to get freaky in dugouts..."

"Edward?" We turned to find his parents staring at us with tight lipped disappointment. At least they're consistent.

I decided to hug them. Hard.

I ignored their noses wrinkling up in disgust. I decided that it wasn't that they didn't like me it was because, even with deodorant, I was smelling pretty ripe. The stadium was hot, it was crowded, and the amount of sweat dripping off everyone made it smell like rotting meat.

I really wanted a hot dog!

"Mother. Father," Edward greeted his parents.

Esme took one look at her son and blurted out, "What in the world are you wearing, Edward?"

"The perfect clothing for a baseball game, Mother. It's hot today. I hope you're ready to sweat, because your attire is not appropriate for the venue." Oh snap! I liked my man sassy.

Edward was correct. He was wearing the perfect outfit. I picked it out. A pair of cargo shorts and a tee-shirt that read, Math Equations are for Lovers.

It looked a hell of a lot cooler than the matching button downs and khaki pants that Esme and Carlisle were wearing. They had matching fanny packs. This did not compute.

"Why do you have fanny packs?" They looked like clueless Americans on a European vacation. I imagined Chevy Chase running up and the trio getting into a series of misadventures.

I really needed to watch The National Lampoon movies again. They were classics!

Carlisle looked at me in confusion. "The man at the sporting goods store said they were essential for urban travel."

"Afraid the gypsies are going to pick your pockets?" I questioned. They both looked at me like I was an odd duck. It wasn't worth it. "They're...umm... Nice?"

Edward held me by the waist. He looked at his parents with a frown. "Bella's dad and Billy are waiting for us. Please don't embarrass me. I consider them family."

That was the most romantic thing I had ever heard! I kissed him.

His parents made uncomfortable noises behind us.

We ignored them.

We pushed through the crowds to my father who had already got beers and hot dogs. He handed me a beer to Edward. "You look like you need this, boy. Those lines were crazy, so I thought I would grab some supplies when the vendors passed by. I got you a giant pretzel, Bella."

I leaned down to pull my dad to me for a hug. This was our special tradition. After my mom headed for parts unknown, my dad started taking me to Yankee games at the old stadium. I would sit on his lap and he would teach me about all the ins and outs of the game. We would discuss player statistics and batting averages. The best part, the absolutely greatest, was that Dad would buy a giant pretzel for his girl. It made me feel special and truly loved.

"I love you, Daddy!" I hugged him tighter.

"I know, Bells. I love you." He kissed my head. Pulling away, Dad looked closely at Esme and Carlisle. "You must be the parents that made Edward an emotional infant."

"Daddy!" I punched him in the shoulder.

Carlisle stammered, "Why... Why... I... Never..."

Edward chuckled behind his hand.

"Sit your ass down and pull the stick out of it before you do. Carlisle, right? Esme?" Carlisle nodded and sat down in shock. Esme looked offended, still standing. "You sit too, lady! Listen here, your son is a good kid. He seems to be messed up, because of you idiots. Quit it. If you treat my girl like trash again, I will bring the Charles Swan thunder on your asses. This conversation is now over. You will behave. Anyway, I'm Charlie and this is my significant other, Billy."

Billy gave a wave and took Charlie's hand. "Hello."

Carlisle and Esme stared at them. Esme was gripping the plastic chair. She looked constipated.

Edward whispered to me, "What just happened?"

"That was some Charles Swan awesomeness." I said as I leaned on Edward's shoulder. "Why did you think I brought my dad?"

"That was inspired." He kissed my hand.

I went into Edward's backpack and pulled out two Yankee's hats, one of which was pink. "These are my gifts to the both of you, Esme and Carlisle."

I handed them to Esme and Carlisle with a grin.

"What are these?" Esme asked, trying not to wrinkle her nose at me. She eyed my dad warily.

"It's really sunny out here and I thought you might want to keep your heads covered." I shrugged and added, "I also wanted to thank you for coming. It's important to Edward and he's important to me."

They stared at me and I felt like I was under a microscope.

"Put on the damn hats!" My dad barked.

Billy patted my knee, as the teams ran out to the field. "That was very sweet, Bella. You're a good girl."

I watched in amazement as Esme and Carlisle put on their hats. It didn't appear that they were doing it out of fear of my father. Carlisle gave me a small smile.

The crowd roared as the first batter took to the mound. It was like they were cheering for the possibility of Edward having a positive relationship with his parents.

It was a turning point it seemed.

I caught Carlisle cheering at a home run. It was for the wrong team, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Dad helped by explaining the game to him.

Esme was drinking a beer that Billy bought her.

Edward was smiling and yelling at the umpire.

It was amazing! It was brilliant!

We were having a great time and I had just put my hot dog to my mouth to take a bite, when a voice came over the speakers, "We have a special announcement..."

I was deep throating a hot dog on the giant screen. Oh shit!

What was it with me and hot dogs?

Billie, will you marry me? Love, Charlie was written under my head.

I dropped the hot dog and pulled my dad and Billy in front of me and yelled, "It's these two!"

I sat in Edward's lap and watched my dad place a ring on Billy's finger. They kissed in front of all of Yankee Stadium and those watching the game on ESPN.

Edward's parents watched in shock.

I kissed Edward in happiness.

He whispered, "That will be us someday."

Yes, but today was about my dad and Billy.

I jumped up with a fist pump. "I'm going to have two dads!"