So this fic was inspired by Don't Preach's "College Daze," in which it was implied that Kisa and Hiroki slept together when they were college students. So this is way before Nowaki and Yukina came into the picture.

Going through this again, I have to say that this is one of my favorite pieces, though I've always been a giant Kisa fan. Enjoy!

Long Live Yaoi,



A Kisa/Hiroki Fic

Chapter One: A Step Back

A gust of wind blew Kisa Shouta's ebony hair into his eyes and he shook away the offending strands, squinting at the streetlight above. The air was a bit cool for July, but then again the sun was long gone and the temperature had dropped from the heat of the day.

Summer break for Sakurai University had started the previous week, and as the twenty-one year old wandered the streets, he grew increasingly bored. But it wasn't the boredom of the mind, it was boredom of the flesh.

Kisa's brow furrowed as he remembered his last mediocre "incident" the previous weekend, a visiting soccer player from another school. At first, Kisa thought the arrangement would be stellar when he found himself cornered in the teams' locker room. The player was a stud: a handsome face and a carved body… until he realized that such a vessel had fewer brain cells than a jar of pickles. An incompetent disappointment to say the least. Kisa shoved his hands in his pockets sullenly, squirming in disgust as he remembered the coupling. Calling the "athlete" subpar was being entirely too generous, as it would be for the guy at the frat party two weeks ago. Kisa couldn't remember either of their names, and their handsome faces had faded into the back of his mind.

In fact, the last time he could remember having satisfying –actually mind-blowing—sex was nearly five weeks ago, right before finals. Now that had been something. What fire, what rough passion, and what a face to go with it. Everything was perfect, save for circumstances.

He was one of Kisa's professors, and had a wife and two daughters in high school, ironically the same one Kisa had graduated from three years ago.

He and Professor Minami had slept together dozens of times over the semester, and who had seduced who, neither could say. It was a combination of attraction, need, and want, and both sides were ready to give.

Just thinking about Minami sent a flutter of different colored butterflies into Kisa's stomach: greed, lust, but also doubt and bitterness.

Different encounters flashed between his thoughts. Both of them tangled in the sheets of a hotel bed, sweaty and panting after climaxing, Minami's long fingers running through his soft hair. An unexpected tender touch after all the roughness.

Another time after a quickie in the office, when the Professor had tenderly stroked his cheek after the student had sucked the man dry from underneath the desk. He had crawled out from the space and lit one of Minami's cigarettes after, perching himself on the windowsill while he had the quiet thought that maybe…just maybe, Minami was the one face he could stand to look at every day, not just during school, but all the time.

"You know Shouta-chin," Minami had piped up. "You're doing quite well in class. You show a certain…creativity that other students often lack."

Kisa took another drag and stared at him, secretly reveling in the praise.

"But I can't help but think if you applied yourself more, you would fully exercise your potential."

"What do you mean?"

"You always seem to—in your studies at least— hold yourself one step back. I know you have the grit to earn an 'A' in my class, but it almost seems as if you'd prefer to have a 'B.' Why is that?"

"Dunno," the boy muttered, his gaze growing a little irritated. He'd heard the same speech a thousand times from different people: his teachers, his guidance counselors, his mother, but to have Minami echo it made the student's eyes grow a shade darker.

Kisa shook himself out of that memory, chewing on his lip as a foul taste entered his mouth. Minami had dumped him right after finals, with all the usual homophobic hysteria about his "sordid" actions and how he wanted to start fixing his marriage. All of Kisa's thoughts of monogamy instantly evaporated and he found himself sinking back into the pattern of spontaneous fucks, now that his trust had once again been betrayed.

But tonight the pain was greater than usual, and the dark haired boy found himself with a hankering for mature, male flesh. Someone with experience and intellect, and a good-sized cock wouldn't hurt things either. Kisa let out a forlorn sigh and eyed the bar across the street as he made his way into a used bookstore. Maybe he would go on the prowl after he picked up a good manga.

Once he entered the store, he was struck by the quietness of the atmosphere, though twilight was fast approaching. Kisa's amber eyes slipped around the landscape of the store and he noticed that they had changed the layout. Guessing that the manga would be somewhere near the back, he silently made his way through the aisles, but as he glanced to and fro, he noticed someone else lingering in the empty store. A cinnamon-haired man sat with his back up against one of the book cases, sipping from a Styrofoam coffee cup as he plowed through a large, old-looking text. Kisa tried hard not to wrinkle his petite nose. By the slightness of his frame, the guy had to be around college age and all the schools were on break. What kind of overachieving moron would be reading a textbook on vacation?

Kisa hmphed to himself and walked past the stranger, still making his way through the dreary "classics" trying to find the manga, but he was having little luck. As he passed a shelf, he noticed some literature on mythology and briefly paused. He had taken a multicultural class last term and some of it had greatly sparked his interest. Thumbing through the section, he found a book on Greek mythology and slid it out, flipping through the pages with slight curiosity. Though the professor had a face and voice like a dying dog, Kisa had thought some of the stories were unique, particularly about the anthropomorphic gods constantly waging war or sleeping with each other in drunken revelry.

As he turned the page, he came across the portrait of a Greek god he knew very well, as it had been his favorite. Dionysus, the god of wine, parties, drunkenness, madness, chaos, drugs, and ecstasy. Kisa stared at the old portrait of the Olympian, who was often depicted as a young, effeminate man with long hair. He had always felt a certain connection to the deity, and had even written an extra credit paper about him, which greatly surprised his professor.

Yes, Dionysus, what a fun fuck he would have been.

Kisa laughed under his breath at the ridiculous thought and put the book back, finally finding the end of the literature section, which guided him straight to the manga. Seeing as the store was open for another hour, Kisa grabbed half a dozen various manga and made himself comfortable on the floor. He began to plow through them with vigor, pausing every now and then to gaze at the star-studded faces of the male protagonists. If only real life had such promise.

Kisa soon lost himself in the stories and drawings, not noticing when the only other person in the store finally looked up from his text and briefly glanced at him with fiery eyes.