(9 years later)

Kisa's eyes slowly opened as sun rays filtered through a crack in the curtains, and he moaned, rolling away from the glare. The light out of his eyes, he drifted back into a light sleep in the warm embrace of a slumbering giant. Yukina was snoring softly, his chin resting on the top of Kisa's head and his arms clasped tightly around him. When Yukina had first started staying over, Kisa had found the tight spooning a little invasive, but now it was quite soothing. He felt as though the stress of work and life couldn't touch him when he was in the golden man's arms.

But the new morning was calling, and Kisa soon woke again, his eyes greeted by a picture of beauty. Yukina's wild hair was fluffy with bed head and his handsome face was calm as a still pool of water.

Damn, Kisa thought. How is it possible for someone to look that good this early?

As if he heard his lover stir, Yukina murmured in his sleep and snuggled closer, pressing his nose into Kisa's night black hair and inhaling deeply.

Kisa shifted as well and felt a bit of wetness between his legs, probably from last night. Thanks to Kisa's schedule, the two hadn't been able to see each other in over two weeks, and they didn't even make it all the way through dinner before Yukina pounced him. Their first joining had been rough and ripe with need, but as the night grew on, it became slower and more tender. They barely had enough energy afterwards to clean up before collapsing into bed. And although Kisa sported an ache in his ass, there was a greater sensation that overrode it.

As Kisa stared at his lover's face, he felt something flutter inside his chest. It was a tricky feeling, unexplored and mysterious at times, but also comforting and warm.

"Mmm, good morning Shouta," Yukina murmured as his eyes opened. The golden-haired man gave him an endearing smile and Kisa felt his cheeks flush.

"Morning," he replied, lowering his eyes. Yukina leaned over and kissed his forehead tenderly, gathering the smaller man closer in his arms.

"Did you sleep well?"

Kisa thoughts drifted back to remnants of the strange dream he'd had. More of a memory really, one of his many one night stands back when he was in college. It was odd how he would remember such a thing now.

"I slept fine," he replied to Yukina, who gave him a dazzling smile.

"Hey!" Kisa exclaimed as the big lug rolled over on top of him, peppering his neck with kisses. Kisa felt Yukina's morning wood press against his stomach, and immediately felt himself stir as well.

"I love you Shouta," Yukina purred happily, nuzzling his lover's neck. Kisa felt himself blush, and that strange emotion fluttering inside his chest again.

"Uh, me too," he replied simply, averting his eyes. He then let out a low moan as Yukina's head dropped lower and began to devour him. But even though the pleasures of the flesh were satisfying, there was something else added to the mixture that amplified their fire and took away its burn at the same time. And as Kisa and Yukina joined again, the smaller man had the thought that maybe that Kamijou guy had been right after all.

The End.

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