I never would have thought that going to a beach costume party would change my life.

It was an end-of-the-school-year party that my friend Jain was hosting the weekend after our last day of school. I had just turned thirteen the week before. Being a bunch of kids barely going into the eighth grade, we sure were risk takers.

It was noon when my friend got the idea to climb down the nearby cliffs. Our parents was distracted so, we took off. Up close the cliffs were much bigger than I originally thought but I still figured it was nothing. A couple of the boys had already started climbing down the side closest to the ocean. I started after them, in my greek turquoise dress and all.

We had been climbing for about ten minutes when it happened. My hand slipped. I hung there terrified for about 30 seconds when my other hand also slipped, causing me to screamingly fall to the ocean below. I landed into the cold water with a splash and then struggled to the surface.

Once my head broke the surface I was barely lucid enough to realize that the cliffs were gone, as was the whole shore. I was still trying to clear my thoughts when suddenly a strong arm wrapped around me and started towing me through the water. It started me enough that I was swallowing gulps of salty water. I was pulled out of the water and gently placed on a wood surface, where I started violently coughing up water.

Once my coughing fit had vanished I looked up into a pair of blue eyes. I almost could've sworn that I was staring into the face of Brad Pitt but his shoulder-length hair was naturally blonde and not like a dyed blonde that he has sometimes. This man was also wearing a genuine Greek armor. A name suddenly came to mind. Achilles. Somehow, Brad wasn't different than his character's live form. With eyes of concern looking at me he asked, "Are you alright?"

"Uh, I think so. Thank you."

"It was my pleasure. Now, what is your name young one?"


Sitting up, I looked around and also saw a boy that didn't look too much older than me, Patroclus. As well as the rest of the Myrmidons. I don't know how but the producer managed to get perfect look a likes for the men around me. I must've looked tired or something because Achilles then said, "You need rest. My cousin will take you below."

I just nodded, too stunned to speak. After carefully getting to my feet I followed Patroclus below deck. He led me to a bed of hay where I just sat, not wanting to go to sleep. Patroclus sat nearby, frowning when he saw that I wouldn't lay. "You should rest. Tomorrow we reach Troy." "That may be the reason, Patroclus."

"How do you know my name?"

"I know all about you, your cousin Achilles, and the Myrmidons."

"So you are Greek then."

"No, I'm not."

"But you know about us! Your clothes and your name..."

"Yes my name is of Greek origin but I come from a land far from here. Where I come from we already know the fate of all who enter this war."

"Can you tell me?" I hesitated. What would happen if I said everything now? "I promise to tell you only the things you need to know, and only when you need to hear it."

Suddenly feeling drained, I laid down as he sat there thinking over what I said. Before I knew it, I was sound asleep.