Me: I'm so sorry everyone! Everything's been so crazy and I haven't had much time to write.

Achilles: I could've fought in ten wars by now.

Me: Shut it! Anyway here's a new chapter. It is my shortest yet but at least its something. ENJOY!

My heart froze as he leaned back in his chair, all the while still staring at me. "So this the little nymph I've heard so much about. Tell me girl, what is your name?"

I glanced at Achilles before replying, "Tiana."

"And where are you from?"

Achilles interrupted before I could answer. "Why so curious?"

Agamemnon glared at Achilles, saying, "I have a right to know who is staying among us."

"The girl's with us." Achilles stated firmly, "Therefore she has nothing to do with you."

Agamemnon gave Achilles a hard glare before he gave him a sly smile. "Your men sacked the temple of Apollo, yes?"

I stepped forward before Achilles could reply. "They did but perhaps you should have your men return Briseis at once. I know they are just outside."

His smile was gone in an instant. "How did you know that?"

"So it's true?" Achilles asked angrily.

"It is. Agamemnon had her taken as soon as we left the tents."

He glared at me. "Apharcus!" he called, "Haemon, grab her."

Briseis was dragged in at the same time as I was grabbed. I struggled but Haemon just twisted my arm behind my back, causing me to cry out in pain. "No argument with you brothers," Achilles said pulling out his sword, "But if you don't release them you'll never see home again. Decide!"

Agamemnon called for the guards and Achilles prepared to fight them when Briseis shouted, "Stop!"

She got out of the grip of her captor before continuing. "Too many men have died today. If killing is your only talent that's your curse. I don't want anyone dying for me."

"Same goes for me Achilles." I said, "We'll be fine."

He said nothing but slowly stood up straight. Agamemnon laughed at the sight. "Mighty Achilles, silenced by a slave and little girl." he moved closer before continuing, "Tonight I'll have her give me a bath. And then, who knows? As for the little brat, I'll teach her to mind her own business."

"You sack of swine!" Achilles shouted, causing the stupid grin on Agamemnon's face to fall. He pointed his sword at the king's face and swore, "Before my time is done, I'll look down on your corpse and smile."

Then he was gone. As soon as he was out of sight Agamemnon shouted, "Take them away!"

We were dragged out of the king's tent and into a smaller one.