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I was left alone in confusion of what had just happened but I didn't quite have the strength to ponder long. Soon I fell into a more restful sleep.

Just outside the tent, Achilles was speaking with Eudorus and Patroclus, who decided he was done resting. "We leave first thing tomorrow. We're going home."

Eudorus looked relieved whilst Patroclus just looked shocked. "But what about the war, and the Greeks? We're just gonna abandon them?"

His cousin just gave him a stern look. "And what of Tiana?" Patroclus became puzzled, "Do yo think Agamemnon will just leave her be once he learns of her escape? No, he is a man who believes he can always get what he wants."

"She is safe here!" Patroclus pleaded, "I understand that you're concerned for her but so am I! But what about the hundreds of Greeks that need us?"

"They chose their fate." he said with an air of finality before walking away.

"And I choose mine." Patroclus muttered before walking away.