p style="text-align: left;"Hey Everyone! As some of you may have noticed, back in the middle of May marked my being here one whole year. I've been busy with school and home life since then or this would've been done sooner. For celebration of my one year anniversary, I updated every single one of my stories. Thank you everyone for making my time here worth it. Feel free to read any stories you haven't already read and as always, ENJOY!/p
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p dir="ltr"It was late afternoon when I finally awoke again. Briseis was sitting by my side this time and she helped me sit up. Smiling, she handed me a plate of food from which I dug into immediately. Finally, I turned to her and asked how she was doing. "Better I suppose. At least I am no where near the pig of a king."/p
p dir="ltr"I smirked. "No argument there. But you miss your family?"/p
p dir="ltr""Of course. Don't you?"/p
p dir="ltr"I nodded somberly. "I do, but at least you are much closer to your's than I am to mine."/p
p dir="ltr""Where are they? Where do you come from?"/p
p dir="ltr"I gave her a half smile. "That would be telling, wouldn't it?"/p
p dir="ltr"She gave a small laugh as she looked towards the ground. Just then Achilles walked in, looking slightly please with himself. "What?" I asked him./p
p dir="ltr""In the morning we sail for my home." he said with a small smile./p
p dir="ltr"Briseis looked surprised while the smile I had myself disappeared at this announcement. "What? We can't do that!"/p
p dir="ltr""Why not?" he asked, clearly shocked./p
p dir="ltr"I gulped as I had no choice but to tell him what was to come. "It won't happen. Before the sun fully rises tomorrow, the camp will be attacked by the Trojans and then Patroclus will lead the Myrmidons into battle. He will die by Hector's hand."/p
p dir="ltr"Briseis became confused but all I saw was how Achilles' face turned grave. "Are you sure of this? Why would they follow him to battle anyways? They only follow me."/p
p dir="ltr""He will wear your armour." I let out a half-hearted laugh. "And you taught him too well to where he moves like you. Hector kills him thinking he was killing you."/p
p dir="ltr"Achilles rocks back on his heels as he puts his hands under his chin thoughtfully. Then, without a word, he left the tent once again. Briseis watched him go before turning to me. "What is going on?"/p
p dir="ltr""A mission to end this war sooner than it should." Deep down, I knew that I was probably lying to myself./p
p dir="ltr"Early the Next Morning/p
p dir="ltr"I could hear shouts throughout the whole camp. The Trojans were attacking. Here's the moment of truth, I thought to myself. Achilles never returned the night before and after refusing to answer Briseis' questions, she too left./p
p dir="ltr"I forced myself to stand for the first time in days and made my way to the tent entrance. Outside was pure confusion as balls of fire rolled down the sand dunes towards the ships. I watched carefully, praying that Achilles listened to me, but then I saw him. Patroclus, dressed in his cousin's armour, was racing towards the Trojans with the Myrmidons in tow. Widening my eyes, I quickly looked around for anyone to help. Seeing Odysseus I called out to him. He looked to me in surprise as he ran to obey. "You should get inside." he told me, "It's not safe."/p
p dir="ltr""I will but you have to stop the Myrmidons!"/p
p dir="ltr"He looked at me in confusion. "Why?"/p
p dir="ltr""That's not Achilles they follow," I took a deep breath, "It's Patroclus."/p
p dir="ltr"His eyes widened and he quickly ran to join the army of Greeks rushing to battle.I watched him go and then realizing that there was nothing left for me to do but wait, I laid back down on my bed and waited./p
p dir="ltr"I nearly jumped out of bed, and nearly fell on my face, when I heard the men return. Rushing outside I found to my dissapointment a replica of the scene from the movie. Tears welled up in my eyes as Eudorus called to his lord. Achilles came out in a type of robe with a smile which disappeared as he saw the men. Turning to Eudorus he said, "You violated my command."/p
p dir="ltr""No, my lord . There was a mistake."/p
p dir="ltr"I quietly walked near the two men, both took no notice, in preparation for what was to come./p
p dir="ltr""I ordered the myrmidons to stand down." he said accusingly, "You led them combat."/p
p dir="ltr""I didn't lead them, my lord. We thought you did."/p
p dir="ltr"Realization began to dawn on Achilles face. Looking around he asked "Where is Patroclus?" even calling for him, "Patroclus!"/p
p dir="ltr""We thought he was you, my lord." Eudorus said solemnly, "He wore your armour, your shield, your greaves, your helmet. He even moved like you."/p
p dir="ltr""Where is he?" when Eudorus didn't answer he struck him, causing him to fall" and shouted, "Where?!"/p
p dir="ltr""He's dead, my lord." he replied, holding his cheek, "Hector cut his throat."/p
p dir="ltr"Achilles looked ready to strike again when Briseis interfered before I could stop her. He rounded on her, choking her. "Don't." she barely managed to say, "Don't."/p
p dir="ltr" style="line-height: 1.15; margin-top: 0pt; margin-bottom: 0pt; text-align: left;"span id="docs-internal-guid-0f0777ad-4ccc-3191-286c-2a71f5a0f40a""Achilles!" I shouted as I pushed him enough to ensure his attention was on me. He dropped Briseis as he turned on me. He raised his hand, ready to strike. "Are you about to break your promise?" I asked, looking him in the eye. He stopped himself, met my eyes for a moment, and then stomped back to tent. I just watched him go before tending to Briseis and Eudorus./span/p