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Chapter 3

I'm a little confused, when I feel something hard against my back and something heavy draped over my stomach, until I realize that I'm wrapped up in Jared's arms. I relax immediately at the regular rise and fall of his chest and the way he exhales into my neck.

I missed waking up like this. It's been so long since I slept beside him that I almost forgot how safe I feel in his embrace and how soundly I sleep in his arms.

After a while Jared starts to stir and I try to turn in spite of his strong hold me. When I managed it I see him looking at me with a lazy smile on his lips. "Good morning, Mel." he says and kisses me lightly. I smile into our kiss unable to contain my happiness. "Morning, baby." He chuckles and turns me on my back, hovering above me. "Baby? I've never heard you say that to me."

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