Hey Guy and Gals,

I've started the sequel. It's called Ianto Jones Leader of the Rifts. Just in case you havn't seen it yet. Here is a little taste of the first chapter.

Earth 1852 Somewhere in America.

Ianto let out a little squeal and fell to his knees. The white light was gone and had been replaced with a dark night. The Welshman had to admit that it was a lot better than when he appeared after his first death, but his first death was a lot less painful than his second death, so he supposed it averaged out. He shook his head and tried not to think about it.

He got to his feet and looked up into the night sky and was relieved to see the familiar constellations. He was on Earth, no doubt about that. He wept with joy. God, after twenty years in space he didn't want to ever get on a spaceship again, or another alien planet, for that matter. Yep, Ianto Jones was going to make a point to keep his feet on the surface of Earth.

"You're the man," Ianto heard a familiar voice say. In French. Ianto looked back down and his eyes met a welcome familiar face: Adrian. He was naked, but so was Ianto. No need for modesty between them, anyway.

"Is that a saying already?" Ianto asked in French. He was going to have to teach the man English.

"Someone killed me." Adrian sobbed, dropping to his knees, "I died, I felt the air leave me. And then there was light. The light was surrounding me,"

Ianto fell into the role of a comforting friend and knelt in front of Adrian. "Yes, that happened, but you are safe now. Never again will you be forced to let anyone touch you."

"Is this heaven?"

"Nope, if I remember my conversation with you correctly this is Nevada, or will be Nevada. Oh, we're going to have to run from Native Americans, but don't worry, it'll be fun. I remember that." Ianto explained, getting up off the ground and pulling Adrian with him.

Adrian gave him a look of pure confusion. Ianto laughed, remembering how Iden's rambling had irritated him. And now he was doing it! He wondered if it was the effect of having far too many memories in one's brain; he could remember Jack doing the same thing. Jack. What year had he come back? What year was it now? Was Jack out in the world somewhere right now? Ianto pushed the thoughts aside for more practical matters.

"Okay, let's go find some clothes, and then we will sit down and I will explain the whole thing to you. Or, well, some of it. I can't tell you all of it, where's the adventure in that?"

Adrian gave a small smile but didn't speak.

Ianto looked around them and caught site of a glow in the distance, possibly a bonfire. "I think we may be able to get some clothing if we head that way. It won't be like going to a Dunelm Mill but it'll do." He grabbed Adrian's hand and they began to walk towards the glow.

Next thing Ianto knew they were running from the Native Americans. He couldn't think of a better way to start this life than running at the side of a man he knew he could trust. When they knew they were safe they fell to the ground laughing as they put on their stolen clothes.

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