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Bella's Turn

It had been several weeks since Bella pegged Edward. He had not asked for it again, although anal play was now a permanent part of their sexual repertoire. During blow jobs Bella knew just how to stroke his perineum or insert a finger to make Edward come fast and hard. Edward was still intent on exploring anal with Bella, and to that end had occasionally fingered her ass while going down on her, or as she rode him. He made sure to let her know beforehand that he was going to touch her there, and to be slow and gentle— he wanted her to want it as much as he did, and he knew he had to make sure it was pleasurable and not painful for her. Tonight he wanted to touch her in a different way, and was not sure how he would be received.

Bella lay sprawled across their bed, naked and panting, with Edward between her legs. He smiled up at her as he lazily traced his right thumb up and down her wet lips, eventually pushing inside as Bella's eyes closed and she released a moan.

"Edward, please—put your mouth on me."

"Mmm, put my mouth on you—where? And do what?"

"Please baby, don't tease—lick me. Please."

"Since you asked so nicely..." Edward lowered his head to Bella's pussy and slowly ran his tongue up one side of Bella's lips, then the other. He exhaled a hot breath onto her wetness, making her whimper and her hips buck. His tongue gently parted her lips and he began lapping at her, pausing to inhale her scent and groan. His movements sped up as Bella pushed her hips towards his mouth and he moved up to lick and suck at her clit. He could feel Bella's thigh and stomach muscles begin to tense, but before she reached her orgasm he backed off, pressing small kisses along her slit as he moved down to where Bella had never been kissed before.

When Bella felt the moist heat of Edward's tongue she flinched in surprise.

"Is this okay, babe? Let me make you feel good. Please," Edward whispered as he stroked Bella's thigh soothingly.

"O— Okay..." Bella stuttered. She closed her eyes and willed herself to relax, telling herself it was Edward; she had nothing to be embarrassed about; he'd seen every part of her and—

"Ooh, god, Edward..." Any doubt or reluctance flew from Bella's mind as Edward's warm, wet tongue traced circles over her anus, then gently probed at her opening. As she relaxed and opened to him he moved his thumb to her clit and pressed and rubbed lightly, gradually using more pressure and speed as she began to tremble and moan.

"Oh, fuck, Edward, oh god..." Bella was shaking and bucking into Edward's mouth. Edward licked and rubbed Bella through her orgasm, pulling away as the contractions in her pussy and ass subsided. Edward lay his head on Bella's thigh, turning and kissing it before sitting up.

"I'll be right back."

As Edward disappeared into the bathroom Bella lay there feeling boneless and incredibly satisfied. She smiled lazily as she reflected on how very lucky she was to have a boyfriend, a lover, like Edward. She felt completely at ease and safe with him, and she knew that he loved giving her pleasure. She hadn't expected what he'd done tonight but his gentle coaxing quickly helped her overcome any shyness or embarrassment.

Edward climbed on the bed and lay beside her, his head propped up on his arm. With his other hand he stroked her cheek. "I want to kiss you. I, um, brushed my teeth..."

Bella giggled, noticing the pink in his cheeks. "Silly. You could kiss me even if you hadn't. Come here." Putting her hand on the back of his head, she pulled him close and kissed him deeply.

"You're not done, are you?" Bella smirked and cocked her brow at Edward's puzzled expression.

"Um, no, I...Wait, what is going through your head Bella? I get the feeling there's more to that question than meets the eye."

"Well, why don't we continue down that, um, path? You know." Bella's cockiness slipped a bit as she attempted to express her desires.

Edward leaned in and whispered in her ear. "Bella—are you telling me what I think you are? Are you asking for my cock here— " he dipped his finger between her cheeks —"hmm, baby? Is that what you want?"

Edward's dirty talk made Bella melt into a puddle of need, and it was all she could do to whisper back "Yes, I want that. God, Edward, please."

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Mm, know I've wanted this with you. I'm glad you want it it too. Why don't you lie on your stomach and let me massage you; help you relax? Let me take care of you."

Bella pulled Edward's face to hers for a slow, deep kiss. She rolled onto her stomach and turned her head to the side, resting it on her folded arms. She smiled up at Edward. "You're so good to me. I know you'll make this good, too."

Edward grabbed a towel and a bottle of massage oil. He reached into the nightstand drawer and took out the lube and a small pink vibrator, setting them on top. After warming the oil in his hands, he started gently rubbing Bella's shoulders, working his way down her back, kneading and caressing. Every so often, when he hit a tender spot, Bella moaned in pleasure. "God, Edward, your hands—if you keep that up you're going to put me to sleep."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it, but don't even think about falling asleep. I'm nowhere near done with you. If I see you starting to nod off I'll be sure to wake you." With that Edward pinched her butt, hard.

"Ow! Hey—I thought this was all about making me feel good?" Bella giggled and reached back to rub where Edward had pinched her.

"Oh, it is, baby." Edward swatted her hand away and bent to kiss the injured area, sucking gently and running his tongue over it until Bella moaned.

His hands glided down her back until they reached her buttocks, and he splayed his hands out over her cheeks, squeezing and massaging. Gently he pulled her cheeks apart, and kissed and licked his way down her crack. He felt Bella tense and relax and could hear her rapid breathing.

Edward used the towel to clean the oil off his hands, and reached for the bottle of lube and the vibrator.

"Sorry if this is a bit cold— " Drizzling the lube in between Bella's cheeks, he began rubbing over and around her entrance. When she was squirming and pushing against his hand he carefully inserted a finger, pushing it slowly in and out. Bella's long, low moan assured him that she was feeling pleasure and not pain.

"Christ, Bella, I can't wait to be inside you. Just thinking about how warm and tight you'll be makes me feel like I'm gonna blow my load." Groaning, Edward gave his cock a squeeze as he continued fingering Bella's ass. She'd taken two of his fingers and he decided to use the vibrator before entering her with his cock. He hoped it would buy him a little time to calm down, too— the anticipation of being inside her there for the first time made him feel like an eager teenager.

Bella whimpered as he withdrew his fingers, and he shushed her as he coated the vibrator in lube.

"Ssh, relax..." Edward slowly inserted the vibrator, then turned it on the lowest setting. He could see Bella tense in surprise, then her body went limp as she groaned at the new sensation. With his other hand Edward began rubbing her pussy, then pushed two fingers in, thrusting and twisting. Separated by only a thin membrane, he could feel the vibrations from the toy in her ass.

It wasn't long before Bella was pushing back into his hands and letting out a high, keening wail as her muscles clenched around Edward's fingers and the vibrator.

"Oh—god, Edward...oh..." A broken cry slipped from Bella's throat as her orgasm overtook her.

Edward continued fucking her through her orgasm, slowing and withdrawing the vibrator as she came down and her breathing returned to normal.

Wiping his hands on the towel, he leaned over and placed a line of kisses up her spine to to her neck, where he left a wet, sucking kiss.

"God, you can't imagine how fucking hot that was, Bella. You're so gorgeous. I love you."


Edward laughed. "Have I reduced you to a moaning pile of mush? I guess I'll give you a few minutes to recover, because I'm not done with you yet."

Bella just groaned.

"Stay where you are. I'll be right back—to give you what you asked for, naughty girl." The last part was whispered into Bella's ear, and punctuated with a little nip.

Less than five minutes later Edward returned with two bottles of water. Bella was still lying on her back, with her head turned to the side. She smiled sleepily.

"How did you know that was just what I wanted?"

Edward pushed her hair off her forehead and smiled sweetly. "You know I'll always take care of you Bella. Drink up so I can get back to making you feel good."

"Yes, sir."

"Sir? Mmm, I like that. Something to explore another time maybe..."

Giggling, Bella wiggled her ass at Edward. "Don't keep me waiting lover."

This was it— the moment Edward had waited so long for was here. He was determined to take his time and make it perfect for Bella.

Placing a kiss on her shoulder, Edward motioned for Bella to lift her hips so he could slide a pillow under her, thus raising her backside. He positioned himself between her legs, and bent to kiss her left cheek, while he massaged her inner thigh with his right hand, encouraging her to spread her legs.

Leaning over, he grabbed a condom from the nightstand and rolled it on. He groaned as he coated his covered cock in lube— even with the condom on, in his heightened state of arousal the friction felt incredible.

"Are you ready for me, Bella?"

Bella's voice was tremulous— from arousal, not fear. "God, yes, Edward. I want you inside— now."

Using two lubed fingers Edward gently pumped in and out of Bella's ass, stretching her for his cock. He pulled his fingers out and lined himself up with her entrance, then carefully began pushing. Bella tensed for a moment, then relaxed as his head breached her tight hole. Her breathing was audible, but she did not seem to be in pain, so Edward remained still for a moment, then pushed in a bit more. As he did so he sucked in a sharp breath and squeezed his eyes shut.

"Ah, fuck...Jesus Christ Bella, you're so hot and tight..."

After getting his bearings, Edward laid a hand on Bella's back. "How are you doing? I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"No, babe...just go slow. It feels good, so full..."

Reassured that Bella wasn't in pain, Edward set to work making sure it would feel good for her.

"Okay, I'm gonna move..." Edward pulled almost all the way out, then began pushing back in with excruciating slowness. After a minute or two of this he increased the speed of his thrusts, and was rewarded with a sighing moan from Bella.

"Mmm, Edward. You can move a little faster." Bella was panting and moaning steadily, and began to push back against Edward's thrusts.

Encouraged, Edward pumped his hips harder, his fingers digging into Bella's cheeks.

"Oh, Christ...I can't hold off much longer. Can you touch yourself, Bella? Can you come like this?"

Bella slipped her hand down to her clit as Edward thrust smoothly in and out. When Edward felt her muscles begin to squeeze his cock, he groaned loudly. With a few more faltering thrusts he buried himself as deep as he could and succumbed to an intense and deeply satisfying orgasm.

For several moments Edward remained arched over Bella, waiting for his heart rate to slow and his breathing to return to normal. His body was slick with sweat; his hair hung in his eyes. At last he carefully withdrew from Bella and sat back on his haunches.

"Holy fuck."

"Yeah." Bella dropped onto her side and gazed up at Edward. "So... it sounded like you enjoyed yourself back there. Talk to me— this is something you wanted for a long time. What did you think?"

After disposing of the condom, Edward situated himself on his side next to Bella, and propped his head on his hand.

"I think I'm incredibly fortunate to have the most beautiful, amazing, girlfriend, best friend and lover, who's willing to try new things and loves making me feel good as much as I do her." Edward punctuated his sweet declaration with a smacking kiss on Bella's mouth. Rolling onto his back, he scrubbed his hands over his face and through his hair, looking deep in thought.

"That was amazing, Bella. I'm shocked I lasted as long as I did— as soon as I pushed inside I was sure I was going to humiliate myself by coming immediately." Edward chuckled, his cheeks pink.

"Thank you, baby. It was even better than I thought it would be— I couldn't have imagined how tight and warm you would feel. Thank you for giving me that. Do you— I mean, would you...want to do that again?"

"Absolutely. I was surprised at how, well...sensitive it is back there. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but you were gentle and careful, and it ended up feeling really good. I'd like to try some other positions— like maybe me on all fours? I can tell you, the view is incredible that way..."

Edward groaned, remembering Bella wearing the purple cock, poised behind him as he waited on hands and knees...

Bella's voice snapped him out of his reverie. " And, um, about you want to do that again? I mean, you haven't brought it up, and I wondered— "

" Are you kidding? Of course I want to do that again! But it's not all I want, Bella. I love all the things we do-we have an amazing, fulfilling sex life, and if the strap-on comes out once every couple of months, I'm okay with that. Of course, if the urge hits, feel free to bring it out more often." Edward winked and flashed a decidedly dirty grin as he pushed Bella onto her back and latched on to her breast.

Bella moaned and grabbed Edward's thick, soft hair. "Well, I guess we've both had our turn, so to speak, so what's next? Can't have you getting bored in the bedroom."

Edward released Bella's breast. "Bored? Not a problem, baby. Although I was thinking we could revisit that Sir thing you started..."

The End

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