Missing Nins

Bold writing – Kyuubi is talking
'Anything in inverted commas' – A person thinking to themselves.
"In speech marks" – People talking (duh xD)
Slanted writing – Either a dream or a flashback.
T-T = Section Break


No, Naruto and Hinata are not evil; not entirely (think of them as a younger version of Itachi). They still hold the well-being of Konoha in high regard, and will not hesitate to end a life if it is to protect themselves or Konoha. (Well, Hinata grows up before she is able to kill comfortably. Naruto on the other hand, will kill without hesitation)
Naruto is slightly cold, mainly due to neglect and hate towards him. (duh) He's not all happy and balls in this story, which is also slightly due to the Kyuubi's influences.

Chapter 1;

It had been 4 years since both Hinata and Naruto became Missing-nin of Konoha. Their mission was coming to an end; the Sixth Hokage would fall at the hands of Naruto and Hinata, and Konoha would be safe from further manipulation.

Naruto lay awake in bed, his arms wrapped around Hinata's waist, holding her in a tight embrace. He couldn't sleep. He knew he and Hinata would return to Konoha in less than a week's time; he had been anxiously awaiting that day ever since they first became Missing-nin. Clearing their title of SS Ranked Missing-nin's, however, was held with very little care to the both of them. He heard Hinata quietly sigh. "Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked before turning his head to face her. He couldn't help but marvel at her beauty, but he quickly realized that she was as awake as he was.

"Hai, Naruto-kun?" She whispered tenderly, stroking his chest gently but firmly.

"We'll be back in Konoha in less than a week. I was kinda sceptical that this mission would end with us back as Konoha Ninja, but I know that is no longer the case." Hinata let out a small giggle over hearing Naruto use a word with more than 2 syllables. Naruto smiled sweetly before continuing, "We'll probably remain Missing-nin's for the remainder of our lives." He whispered, gently playing with her hair in the process. Her hair had grown tremendously since they left Konoha; her hair reached to just below her hips.

"Hai, I know Naruto-sweet, we will have to live with that burden of Missing-nin for a long time, but I don't think Konoha will bother us any longer; you shouldn't worry so much, at least we'll be together." She couldn't help but giggle as Naruto's hand found its way down her back, smoothly caressing it. She looked into his eyes, smiling sweetly before continuing, "Our mission is to get rid of the Hokage; I won't let anything happen to you, Naruto-ku…" Hinata was cut off as Naruto close the gap between them with a tender kiss.

All of the villagers saw Naruto and Hinata as mere criminals, but were unimaginably petrified of the pair's inhumane strength and skills as Ninja's. Their teamwork was something to be recognized as one of the best in the Ninja World, easily able to take down a whole Hidden Village with ease. Naruto and Hinata had attacked the Hidden Village of Leaf only once, and that was the on the day they both became S Rank Missing-nin's. After that day, the inhabitants of the Hidden Leaf trembled at even the mention of Naruto or Hinata's very names. The villagers and the Konoha Ninja's – excluding a few Ninja's - were oblivious to the fact that both Naruto and Hinata's actions were for the good of Konoha.


"Naruto, you are – by far – the most skilled Gennin Shinobi the Hidden Leaf has to offer, mainly due to your brute strength and incredible chakra reserves. It is a wonder how you are still a Gennin; you could become a Jounin with relative ease. That is why you are the only Ninja in the village who can take on this mission." Utatane Koharu explained, with slight annoyance embedded within her voice. Naruto was only 14 at the time this mission was assigned to him, inevitably shocking him.

"But, Granny Koharu, I don't want to betray Konoha; this is my village, no matter how the villagers treat me, and it needs me!" Naruto didn't understand why he was assigned to betray Konoha by disposing of two of his fellow Gennin Ninja's. He had to become a Missing-nin with a high enough ranking in the Bingo Books for the mission to succeed, and killing two of his comrades was the only way to do that.

Mitokado Homura sighed deeply, before explaining in more depth, "As you already know, the Sixth Hokage eliminated the Fifth, as to claim the title of Hokage for himself. Nobody else knows this, excluding us three. Not only are the Akatsuki after you, but the villagers - as you know - are not overly fond of you. Becoming a Missing-nin will be easiest for you, as you have no ties with the village. Becoming a Missing-nin will also be essential to infiltrate Akatsuki; they need the Kyuubi's power, and if they have you as one of their members, they will not need to draw the Kyuubi out of you, which will kill you. You can then – in turn – dispose of the Sixth. By doing this, your status of Missing-nin should be removed. If, however, this is not the case, you will have to live with the title of Missing-nin for the remainder of your life. This is no easy burden, but one must take risks as a Shinobi, especially for the good of his or her village."

Naruto gulped hard at this new information, and considered his options. On the one hand, he could decline this mission, and continue his hateful life in the Hidden Leaf. He knew some of the Ninja's and most of the villagers detested him, but he couldn't bring himself to do anything to hurt them, unless of course the Kyuubi influenced him. The Sixth Hokage would then continue to manipulate the village, which Naruto hated the thought of.

On the other hand, he could accept, and become a Missing-nin. By doing this, the villagers will hate him even more than they already do, and all the Ninja in the village will grow to fear and hate Naruto as equally as the villagers. He would be hunted to Hell and back, never being able to rest; always on the move. He would have to eventually return to the Hidden Leaf Village and eliminate the Hokage, which should clear his Missing-nin status, but he was rather sceptical on that aspect of the mission.

He had made up his mind. He knew either option had more negative points than positive, but only one option seemed to be of any help to both himself and the village. He let out a small sigh, and looked up at the Elders, "Who… who do I have to eliminate?" He managed to whisper, his voice cracking with mixed emotions.

Both Koharu and Homura sat back on their chairs, feeling relieved that Naruto had come to his senses. "Naruto… you must first kill a member of your original Team 7." The silence that followed was deafening, as Naruto's eyes widened with fear. He knew Sasuke was no longer a Shinobi of the Hidden Leaf Village, and so disposing of him was out of the question. His only other member was Haruno Sakura… his crush. "We understand your feelings for Sakura," Homura continued, "But this is the only way to receive the title of S Ranked Missing-nin; you must betray the very team you once held close bonds with."

"You make it sound like it's an achievement." Naruto whispered bitterly. He never thought he would have to make a choice like this; in one hand, he had the Hidden Leaf Village's future, and in the other, he had Sakura's and another Gennin's life. He looked up slowly, and nodded, his stomach turning at the thought of having to kill his crush. He quickly dismissed that feeling as he remembered all the times Sakura had abused him. His eyes suddenly grew with hate.

'That's right, Naruto. You hate her. Don't let yourself be fooled by these fake emotions of 'love'; it merely blinds you from the truth.' Hissed the Kyuubi in Naruto's mind. Naruto mentally nodded to his demonic counter-part.

"Will… will I be the only one on this mission; you can't possibly risk having more than one Missing-nin?" Naruto thought aloud. No sooner than the words left his mouth did he realise he spoke his thoughts.

"We had thought about that," Koharu began, rubbing her eyes before continuing, "And we have derived at a conclusion. The Akatsuki and the members of the village will find it a little strange if you are on your own as a Missing-nin; the ANBU should be able to dispose of one lone Gennin with ease. This will no doubt arouse suspicion, which could cause the mission to go awry. Which is why, we took it upon ourselves to appoint you a teammate."

Naruto froze for a split second before regaining his composure. 'At least I won't be alone during the mission.' He thought to himself, a slight sense of joy overflowing his mind.

Naruto took a sip from his green tea, and began to question the two elders, "Who will I have as my teammate?"

"Hyuuga Hinata." Homura replied coolly.

Naruto's stomach turned as he heard the name of one of his friends. He momentarily had a look of comfort drawn across his face, but it was instantly replaced by his usual emotionless expression, "Won't she just slow me down?" There was a brief silence as the Elders quietly winced at his coldness, "Her father will also disgrace her, and it's not fair on her to take this mission unwilling." Naruto didn't want to put his friend in danger, but he knew it was futile to argue with the Elders once they had made up their mind; Tsunade had regularly proved that point.

"Hinata is considered a strong Ninja; she isn't far off from you, Naruto. It is just mainly her Chakra Control and Taijutsi that need some work. However, you can train with her, which will help you both improve. Moreover, her Byakugan will prove an excellent asset to the mission. Additionally, she willingly accepted this mission…" Koharu paused shortly and chose her next words carefully; Hinata had requested the Elders not to reveal to Naruto the true reason for accepting this mission, "For the good of Konoha."

Naruto grunted and took another sip of his tea, "I guess it can't be helped. You said we'd have to… kill two Gennin's. Who was the other Gennin that you had in mind?" He asked hesitantly, listening to the reply in absolute anticipation.

"A Ninja from Hinata's team, as to create the illusion that Hinata is as deadly and as cold a Ninja as you. We will not make you choose, however, as we have already chosen for you. It is unfortunate for all these deaths, but they cannot be helped. You and Hinata will have to dispose of…" Homura started, but seemingly froze as Naruto's facial expression changed as he took in all of the information.

"Well? Who will it be?" Naruto questioned, biting his lower lip in the process.

There was an uncomfortable silence before Homura stated the name of Naruto and Hinata's victim, "Inuzuka Kiba."

The Kyuubi let out a menacing laugh in the back of Naruto's mind.

Naruto's face drew a demonic grin, as he whispered silently to himself, "Gladly."

"Naruto, you will meet with Hinata at your apartment in 15 minutes. You must eliminate both Sakura and Kiba once you meet up with her. No other Ninja knows about this mission. Only you, Hinata, I, Homura, Jiraiya and Kakashi know of this." Koharu grunted, her old age eating away at her energy, "I already explained your mission details, but I shall remind you of them; you are to meet with your future teammate and quickly dispose of both Sakura and Kiba. You must make it evident that both you and Hinata have betrayed Konoha; leave a note explaining your betrayal at the bodies if you wish. You and Hinata will then leave the Hidden Leaf, becoming Missing-nin in the progress. Several Hunter-Nins will attempt to chase you; Homura and I shall try our best to stall them. Once they reach you, you will have no choice but to eliminate them. You will then be on your own. I shall relay information to you and Hinata regarding the Hokage's actions and current schemes. Jiraiya will find you in 2 years' time; he said something about training you in the art of Senjutsu, but I have no explicit information. You and Hinata may also want to change your current attire before you start your mission. If anymore Konoha personnel attempt to stop you, you must take it upon yourself to eliminate them. In 4 or 5 years, depending on how much time we will need, you must return to the Hidden Leaf and dispose of the Sixth." Koharu gestured for the door, and Naruto nodded and made his way towards it. "Naruto?"

"Hai, Koharu-sama?" Naruto turned his head slightly, his back still facing the two Elders.

"Good luck on your mission; I know it's troublesome, but it cannot be helped."

Naruto chuckled to himself slightly, before replying, "It's more than troublesome, Koharu-sama. It's a complete inconvenience, but at least it'll be fun" And with that, he briskly made his way out of the Council Room.


Naruto was slowly making his way towards his apartment, replaying all the information he just received back over his mind. He kept his eyes glued to the floor, as to avoid the hateful glares of his fellow villagers. He didn't know exactly how he was going to go about this mission; he knew he and Hinata had to kill their fellow Ninja, but he doubted he would be able to even lay a finger on his comrades, unless he was influenced by the Kyuubi's anger. He hoped Hinata had a plan. He then remembered Koharu's advice, and diverted his course to visit a clothing shop.

It took him a mere 2 minutes to reach the clothing shop. He still had roughly 11 minutes to meet up with Hinata, so he decided not to rush his clothe shopping. He slowly made his way into the shop, instantly greeted with a cold glare. "Can I… help you?" The owner scolded, his voice emotionless and his cold eyes fixated on Naruto.

"I'm just here to browse; my current attire isn't really cut out for a Shinobi." Naruto put on one of his fake 'masks' as he smiled cheerfully towards the owner. The owner's cold eyes didn't change in the slightest. Naruto knew his 'Happy Go Lucky' smile wasn't working, so he disengaged it and walked around the store. He needed clothing that would help mask his presence during the night, as he realized he and Hinata would be doing the majority of their traveling during the night.

His eyes instantly caught sight of a black long-sleeved jacket, similar to the one Jiraiya had bought him, but minus the orange. Naruto decided to buy three of them, just in case his were reduced to shreds – which happened with his original blue and orange tracksuit – while still having a spare for Hinata. He was content with his choice of upper-body clothing, and continued to find something for the lower body. His eyes immediately came across a short-sleeved red coat with a black flame pattern covering the hemline, additionally donning a black hood. He picked it up and thought it looked good. There was only one in stock, so Naruto couldn't get one for Hinata. He instead found a plain black short-sleeved coat with a purple hood, and decided Hinata would have to be content with that.

He continued browsing through the shop, and found two pairs of black pants, looking similar to the orange pants he was currently wearing. He picked them up, and made his way to the owner. He quickly glanced at the clothes to predict their size, and they seemed to look more or less the same size as him. Naruto concluded that Hinata was almost the same size as he was, and thought they would fit her perfectly as well, "How much for all of this, old man?" Naruto asked as he approached the counter, in the most polite voice he could muster.

The owner glanced at him, his cold eyes temporarily subsiding as he replied, "420 ryo; they're on sale." Naruto quickly gave the man 1200 ryo, instructing the owner to keep the change; he was going to become a Missing-nin, he might as well do one good deed for the day.


Hinata waited anxiously for Naruto. She decided to accompany him on this mission for several number of reasons: she wanted to get away from the coldness of her father, and becoming Missing-nin seemed like the best way to do that. She also knew the Sixth Hokage had assassinated the Fifth, and the only way to stop him was to become Missing-nin. She also wanted to spend time with the person she admired. She blushed furiously at the thought of spending so many years with Naruto. Alone. She shook her head, ushering back the feeling of fainting.

She had been waiting for almost 8 minutes now; Naruto was bound to come back soon. Hinata still questioned mentally as to why the Elders came to her first with the mission details. The Elders could have picked any other Gennin Ninja to act as Naruto's partner, but they had chosen her. For the most part, she was glad that they had; she adored Naruto, and spending time with him would only make her happy beyond belief.

She was tremendously distraught of the fact that the mission specifically required Naruto and Hinata to take a life. She shuddered at the thought and hoped Naruto had a plan for this; she didn't think she could take one of her comrades lives. From what she had been told by the Elders, Hinata had to eliminate Kiba, while Naruto had to put an end to Sakura. Hinata's eyes welded up with tears, but she managed to hold them back; she didn't like the idea of murdering Kiba; he was friend as well as a teammate, but she knew she had no choice. She also felt a tremendous amount of sympathy for Naruto; she knew that Naruto had always loved Sakura, and for him to end her life just seemed inhumane.

Nevertheless, she also felt slightly glad at the same time. 'Without Sakura, maybe Naruto will grow to acknowledge me?' She wished there could have been another way besides killing her comrades, but there was no point in trusting in false hope. She re-played memories of Sakura; Sakura always seemed to grow increasingly frustrated with Naruto, inevitably hitting him in a fit of rage. Hinata had always detested Sakura for that. Naruto would try to proclaim his love, but always ended up with a concussion, or even in hospital. Hinata clenched her fist as her anger slowly crept over her. She quickly unclenched her fists, and the anger subsided. She couldn't let emotions cloud her judgement; she hated Sakura at times, but she was still a friend and a comrade.

Her thoughts were cut short as a certain yellow-haired Ninja called out to her. "Oi, Hinata!" Hinata let out a silent gasp as she looked up to find Naruto walking calmly towards her. Her blood began to boil, as her cheeks filled up with hot blood. She could feel her cheeks redden, but she couldn't find the strength to tear her eyes off Naruto. "Hinata, Koharu-sama ordered me to get us a new attire; I already bought you some clothes, so we should get changed before we head out." Naruto slightly smiled, before gently handing Hinata's outfit to her.

"H-h-hai, Naruto-kun. A-a-arigato." Hinata quickly took the clothes from Naruto's hand, inevitably stroking Naruto's warm hands in the process. Hinata let out a small whimper as a sudden burst of excitement ruptured every fibre in her body. She turned her head to the floor before continuing, "A-ano, where d-do we get c-changed Naruto-kun?" She asked hesitantly, never taking her eyes from the ground.

"We'll have to get changed in my apartment it seems; Koharu-sama instructed us to start our mission as soon as possible." Naruto coolly stated, before donning his 'Happy Go Lucky' mask. The fake smile seemed to work against Hinata, as she blushed even more violently before letting out a small 'yes'.


'Listen to me, Naruto. I am only helping you because if you die, then I die with you. I do not want that. I will tell you exactly what you will need to do to your teammates. Do you understand?' The Kyuubi mentally asked. Naruto reluctantly nodded his head, allowing the Kyuubi to continue, 'I will lend you some of my power when you are to kill your teammate. You will need to dispose of this Sakura pest as quickly as possible. Just a simple snap of her neck will suffice. Do not rely heavily upon my power, however, or you will lose yourself in bloodlust. This will only spell bad news; you will become carefree, which you will pay dearly for, probably with your life; these Ninja of the Hidden Leaf are all talented.' Naruto nodded, and continued getting dressed.

"Damn these pants…" Naruto hissed under his breath as he was getting dressed. Hinata was getting dressed in the bedroom, so Naruto was stuck in the living room. "Fuck… they're too long…" Naruto didn't have time to go back and demand a refund, so he had to improvise; he briskly rolled up the legs of the pants, as to stop them from enveloping his shoes. He replaced his usual blue sandals with black sandals. He glanced in the mirror, nodding to himself, allowing himself a slight smile before removing his orange jacket, and replacing it with the newly bought black jacket. The jacket almost fitted him perfect, minus the sleeves hanging over his hands about 2 inches. 'Comfortable… I'll just have to grow into it I guess'. With that, he briskly threw his red coat on - donned the hood in the process - before slowly making his way towards his bedroom door. "Hinata?" Naruto called out upon reaching the door. Naruto gently knocked on the door three times, allowing Hinata her privacy; he wasn't a closet-pervert like his sensei, "Nani, are you dressed yet; we need to get going." Naruto stated simply, before he heard a whisper of a reply coming from the other side.

"H-hai, I-I'm ready Naruto-kun." Naruto took a small step back away from the door, allowing Hinata to fully open the door. Hinata stepped out, slowly and wearily, blushing indiscriminately. She had also rolled the legs of her pants up, though she had to roll them up further than Naruto had. The sleeves for her jacket hung 8 inches loosely but comfortably over her hands, concealing her hands. She was holding her black coat in her hands, as to which Naruto reminded her she had to wear it. She obediently obeyed, as she threw her coat on, pulling the hood over her head in the process. She could feel Naruto's eyes scan across her body, as to which she replied with a powerful scarlet blush. Naruto gently nodded his head, and turned to make his way out the front door. "Ano, N-Naruto-kun, how are w-we going to…" Hinata froze as she realized yet again that they would have to take a life, "Kill them?" Hinata looked towards the floor, ashamed at herself for asking such a foolish question.

"I thought about it as I was getting dressed," He stated simply, before turning to face Hinata, "And I've got a plan. We need Konoha to think we're the enemy, so we need as many witnesses as possible; we should lead both Kiba and Sakura to the village central before disposing of them, preferably towards Ichiraku's." Naruto's face drew a menacing glare as he visualised the blood-shed, "In any-case," He continued, wiping the smile off his face, "If you feel as if you can't come up to the challenge, just leave them to me. I'll dispose of them… quickly." Hinata couldn't help but whimper at Naruto's coldness. While in the Academy, Naruto was such a cheerful character. However, he grew to become so dark and distant. She didn't know what had caused his sudden change of personality, but she would have to eventually find out; they were going to be together for quite some years, "But don't worry, I trust in your skill as a Ninja." Naruto gave her his 'Happy Go Lucky' smile, but she knew it was forced. She still couldn't help but blush furiously at his compliment; she was usually insulted for her failures, but Naruto had praised her. "I want you to drive a kunai through Kiba's skull." Hinata quietly winced under her breath as she heard Naruto's cold instructions, "You must not lose focus; I know he's your teammate, but we need to do this. Do not listen to his cries or pleads; just focus your intention on ending his life." Naruto slowly handed her a poisoned kunai. "Use this." He gently placed it in her hands, making sure the poisoned blade was a safe distant from her skin.

She blushed at the sweet gesture, but she knew she couldn't lose focus; she had to listen to Naruto. She had to make him proud, "Ano, Naruto-kun, I s-shall try my h-hardest." Hinata couldn't help but wonder how Naruto would go about his duty, "A-ano, Naruto-kun, how will you… um… dispose of Sakura?" She quickly twiddled her fingers and stared at the floor.

Naruto let out a startling chuckle, shocking Hinata, "Just let me worry about that." Naruto hissed, his voice overflowing with killer intent.


"Argh, Naruto, why do you have to drag me to Ichiraku's? I need to take Akamaru home, he's not feeling well!" Kiba protested, as Naruto dragged him towards the Ramen store. Akamaru rested on Kiba's shoulder, letting out a quiet whimper to agree with Kiba.

"Yeah Naruto, this is my day off; I have things to do!" Sakura hissed, also being dragged by Naruto. Naruto ignored their complaints and continued on his way. Kiba and Sakura sighed deeply, and just allowed themselves to be dragged. Akamaru could feel the killer intent radiating off Naruto, but the dog didn't think it was being directed at the trio.

Hinata slowly lagged behind, pondering how she would go about her mission. She knew there was no turning back once they had left the village, but she didn't want to kill; she could barely keep up with her father in their sparring matches, so it would be impossible for her to take a life. Still, Naruto had entrusted the task to her, so she just had to believe in her skills. She silently drew the kunai from her pouch and held it tightly in her hands, allowing her long sleeves to conceal the blade. She glared at Kiba, taking his weaknesses and his strengths into account. She immediately remembered that Kiba and Akamaru were an inseparable team; she would have to eliminate Akamaru before she could even think about killing Kiba. She gulped hard, holding her breath as they were getting close to Ichiraku's. Naruto slightly turned his head towards Hinata, giving her slight wink. She felt her heart race, as her cheeks heated up. She shook the thought away; Naruto just gave her the signal. She had to act fast.

She raised the kunai and slowly made her way towards Akamaru. At least 4 dozen villagers surrounded the five of them, more than enough for their plan to work. As Hinata made her way towards Akamaru with her concealed kunai, she could feel the glares of the villagers penetrate the five of them. She increased her speed, unsheathing the kunai in the process.

One of the villagers let out a quiet whimper as she witnessed the young Hyuuga girl unsheathe a kunai. She tried to scream to the young Inuzuka boy, but her voice was coated with fear. Before she knew it, blood was draw across the Hyuuga and the Inuzuka, as the kunai had penetrated the skull of the dog.

Hinata controlled her breathing and lunged forward, completely rolling her sleeves up to reveal the kunai. Her kunai found its way into Akamaru's skull, releasing a sickly sound as the dogs cranium crunched, and the warm blood splurged across Hinata's face and Kiba's neck. Kiba instantaneously turned around, his eyes filling up with fear. The blood continued to pour out of Akamaru, and Kiba was too shocked to do anything. "AKAMARU!" Kiba managed to scream, shocking Sakura and all of the villagers as they turned to see what was happening. The villagers eye's also grew wide with fear, as they witnessed Hinata quickly flicked her wrist to the right, further penetrating the dog's skull, before withdrawing her kunai. Akamaru's lifeless body fell to the floor.

"AKAMARU!" Kiba managed to scream, shocking Sakura and all of the villagers as they turned to see what was happening. Naruto grinned devilishly as he snapped Sakura's wrist, sending excruciating pain through her body. Sakura let out a violent scream, and threw herself to the floor. Before her body had hit the floor, Naruto had grabbed her by the neck and stared into her eyes, his pupils growing red with excitement.

"N…Naruto… please…. Let me go…" Sakura managed to whimper, but it was of no use. Naruto's hand had penetrated her chest, sending furious pain throughout her body. The pain was too great for her to handle; she effectively froze in place, warm blood trickling from her wound and out of her mouth. She managed to maintain eye contact with Naruto throughout the whole ordeal, which only further amplified her terror. Naruto released his grip on her neck; his left arm still embedded in her chest, holding her up high. He clenched his right hand, making a deadly fist. He laughed manically before driving his right fist through Sakura's face. The blood from Sakura and the screams from the villagers only increased Naruto's excitement further. He removed his fists from her limp body. Her lifeless body fell to the floor.

Hinata took the confusing as an opening to attack. Akamaru's body hit the floor with a sickening thud, and she raised her bloody kunai again, this time driving it through Kiba's eye, killing the Inuzuka boy with one swift motion. She further drove the blade into his eye, keeping her facial expression emotionless. She glared at one of the villagers and smiled, her sudden expression filled with killer intentions. The villager let out a blood-curling scream and ran in the direction of the Hokage Tower. 'Good, the plans running without a hitch,' she thought to herself, as she quickly removed the kunai from Kiba's eye. She didn't want to take any chances, so she raised her kunai yet again, this time driving it through Kiba's skull, shattering his cranium in the process. The warm blood enveloped her hands and the kunai as she raised her free hand and formed a fist. She drove her fist into Kiba's chest, crushing his heart as more blood escaped from the fresh wound. She removed her hands, leaving the kunai in his skull, and threw him towards the villagers, before giving them an ice-cold glare.

Naruto's fists pounded the already-dead Sakura as she hit the floor, expelling blood and shards of her skull as his fists connected with her face. He was lost in the excitement of bloodlust and couldn't contain it any longer. His razor-sharp nails began to unsheathe, and he used them to rip open Sakura's belly, exposing her internal organs. Many of the villagers began to regurgitate their lunch as they watched Naruto pull apart the young Haruno's organs. Naruto tightly gripped her large intestine and pulled it apart, throwing one-half towards one-group villagers, and the other half towards another group of spectating villagers. His clothing stained with the blood expelled from Sakura, but Naruto continued to pound Sakura's skull, leaving behind a bloody mess of shards of skull, small pieces of brain, discarded teeth, and a fragment of eyeball. Hinata felt sick as she watched the scene unfold. She held the feeling of vomiting back, and she regained her posture. She was about to call his name, when someone beat her to it.

"UZUMAKI NARUTO, HYUUGA HINATA!" Screamed an ANBU Ninja. Several other ANBU Ninja, each wearing masks - inevitably covering the sick expression drawn across their face - were also with him; never before had they seen such a disgusting sight. Naruto slowly turned his head in the direction of the ANBU, his eyes widening with excitement at the sight of fresh victims. The ANBU Ninja continued, his voice slightly trembling as his gaze met with Naruto's, "You have betrayed the Leaf, you worthless trash! By order of the Sixth Hokage, we will dispose of you without a second thought!" The ANBU was caught off-guard as Naruto suddenly appeared behind him. The ANBU tried to turn and hold his hands up to defend, but Naruto was too fast. Naruto swiftly slashed at the ANBU's neck, severing it with ease. The ANBU's lifeless body slumped to the floor as Naruto caught the dismembered head. He grinned devilishly as he threw the head at another ANBU Ninja with such force that it penetrated his chest. The ANBU collapsed instantly, his life ending before his body had hit the floor. Naruto quickly counted the number of ANBU's left. There were five left. He frowned, hoping there would be more for him to annihilate. He was about to sprint towards the first of his victims, when he felt a soft and tender embrace around his arm. He spun his head to the right quickly.

"N-Naruto-kun, we've d-done the f-f-first part of the m-mission; we need t-to leave n-now." Hinata whispered, almost tripping over her words. She was frightened and hateful towards herself for what she had just done to Kiba and Akamaru, but she was even more frightened for Naruto; he had enjoyed every second of violence.

Naruto grunted, as his excitement subsided, "Yeah, whatever; put a line through your headband, we're Missing-nin now." Naruto whispered back, his pupils retaining his original blue colour. Hinata was relived for Naruto to be back to his original self. She drew a kunai, slashing at her headband, leaving a straight line through the Konoha emblem. Naruto did the same, and turned his attention to the several ANBU still watching him, "You can follow us if you wish," He sneered, "But you'll only lose your life if you do."

He smiled as he watched the remaining ANBU tremble with fear as they briskly made their way towards the Hokage Office. Naruto's attention turned to the large number of villagers watching him, their eyes filled with fear. He smiled devilishly towards them, and threw a kunai at one of their feet. The villagers whimpered with terror, and began to run away from the pair. Hinata and Naruto made their way to the Main Gate, leaving the destruction they caused behind them. They leaped over the gate, and quickly made sprinted away from the Hidden Leaf Village.


Hinata and Naruto had been traveling in silence for several hours; they managed to get 20 miles away from Konoha before Hinata began to grow fatigued. They managed to find a clear but secure area, surrounded by trees and wildlife, seemingly protecting them from the outside world, "This will be Checkpoint 1," Naruto explained, while using a kunai to carve a distinctive mark in a nearby tree. "If anything happens to you, come back here; we'll also be sleeping here, so you should get comfortable." It was little after 6:00pm, but Hinata was falling victim to fatigue. Hinata suggested the idea to go on a food run, but Naruto declined, "No, you're in no condition to go out on your own; you stay here and rest, I'll go collect food." Hinata blushed deeply at his genuine care for her, "Try and get a small fire started as well." He threw her some dead leaves and branches before setting out.

Hinata was left on her own. She looked around, trying to remember the immediate area, just in case they had to make a hastily retreat to camp. She slowly rose to her feet, her fatigue slowly subsiding. She walked over to the dead branches and leaves Naruto had left for her, still blushing at his kind gestures. She walked back to her original position, sat down gently, and laid down the branches and leaves in a small clump, before quickly setting them alight with another branch. Months of survival training with her father proved to be of use to her now; she was glad to be paired with Naruto for that reason as well. She liked to think that she could help Naruto in any way she could, even be it small and inconvenient, like starting a small fire for him. She sighed as the fire burned. She gazed into the burning flames and thought back to Konoha.

The sight of blood and the sickling noises of cracked bones filled her thoughts. She let out a quite gasp, before shaking her head violently. She could not we-write history; what's done is done, and she would just have to live with it. Her memories thought back to how Naruto was seemingly enjoying the violence and gore of the whole scene. His menacing smile and devilish laughs scared her beyond anything; she whimpered at the thought of Naruto's anger suddenly taking control of him. She wanted to know why he acted so cold and distant all the time; she wanted to know why he was… excited to kill. She came back to reality and let out a small gasp, before lying down on her back. The soft and warm grass gently welcomed the young Hyuuga.

She looked up into the evening sky, overwhelmed with feelings of peace. She wished for Naruto to be by her side, and blushed at the thought. She let out a small giggle, before gently brushing her hair with her soft and luxurious fingers. She heard rustling in the grass and shot up instantly, her fear building up slowly inside her. She could faintly make out a bright yellow from behind the gathering of leaves. Naruto slowly walked out of the bushes, a full-grown deer slung over his shoulders. Hinata let out a quiet sigh of relief and gathered the courage to rise to her feet. "It's not Ramen," Naruto joked, a small smile spread across his face, "But at least we'll get to eat." He dropped the deer near the fire and gently began to skin its fur. Hinata couldn't help but gaze upon Naruto as he prepared the meat, "Hey, Hinata-chan?" Hinata's thought broke and she squeaked silently before making eye contact with Naruto. Her cheeks blushed violently, "I'm not much of a cook, so do you think you could prepare the food? I'll try and find you some spices or something." Naruto grinned slightly. Hinata noticed that this wasn't one of his 'masks'. This smile was genuine.

"I-it's fine, Naruto-kun. I b-brought s-spices with me b-b-before we left. I'll g-g-gladly prepare the f-food." Her voice barely above a whisper. She slowly made her way to her bag and pulled out a concoction of different spices to compliment the meat, "A-ano, Naruto-kun, I think t-these will g-go nicely with the d-deer." Her heart raced as she caught glimpse of Naruto grinning at her. Her cheeks lit up like the midnight sky. The excitement and rush of blood was too much for her head, and she fainted. Before her body had hit the floor, Naruto quickly jumped to his feet and dashed over to Hinata's falling self, gently catching her. His fingers accidentally brushed her soft skin as he caught her, filling his body with a warm sensation. He immediately shrugged that feeling off as he laid her down on the delicate grass, being careful not to wake her up. He went back to preparing the meat.

A/N: Yeah, Naruto is slightly cold, sorry about that. You'll find out why in the next chapter! :P
At times, he regains his original 'Happy Go Lucky' attitude.
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