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Nico POV

A few minutes later, I was in the library. Harry and Ron kept arguing with Hermione, about me being the bad guy, so I decided to slip away quietly and finish looking through the spells alone. It wasn't too long though before Hermione came in, followed by her two best friends.

"Sorry about that Nico." She huffed and looked at the boys menacingly.

"That's fine." I replied. I continued to browse, and found one book that was interesting. It had a bunch of spells, from a levitating spell to a spell that can change you into something else. But no killing spells.

"What are you looking for?" Hermione asked. Until now, she was sitting quietly at the other end of the library, reading a book. Ron and Harry on the other hand, sat on either side of her defensively, sending me evils. I wasn't sure whether I should tell her about my research. It would be a bit strange don't you think? Just imagine:

"What book are you looking for?"

"Oh, just the usual book that would tell me about the killing curses. You wouldn't know any, would ya?"

"Nothing important, why" I asked

"I might be able to help you." She seemed willing to help, but deep in her dark brown eyes I could see that she was curious to know what I wanted.

"Nah, I'm good. Besides, weren't you the one who said that you would be studying?"

"And didn't you say that you'd be studying with me?" She smirked playfully and crossed her arms across her chest. She had me there.

"Yeah well, it was kind of ruined by your friends." I turned around and continued looking – with my back facing Hermione.

"Ruined? What do you mean by that?" She dropped her arms.

"I don't really appreciate it when people, that hardly know my name, glare at me like I committed a crime, while I am doing nothing to them in return." I said calmly.

"Oh right," She frowned, "maybe some other time then?"

"Yeah, ok." She turned to walk away, but I quickly grabbed her hand. Harry and Ron both shot up from their seats and pulled their sticks – sorry, wands - out.

"Before you go," I said hurriedly, looking at the boys making their way towards us, "can you tell me about the killing curse?" I whispered the last part. I admit, I was desperate – I just wanted to get this quest over and done with. She looked like me like I just murdered her cat, Crookshanks.

"Why?" She asked me. I bit my lip and glanced at them again. She looked over her shoulder and saw what I was worried about.

"Meet me at the astronomy tower at midnight. I want to talk to you." She said. I let go of her hand and she left. I knew I shouldn't have said anything – but I needed help. If I was supposed to know about this crap, I would need help, and Luna just simply wasn't enough. And maybe I could get some information about Harry's past while I'm at it . . .

Hermione POV

I thought that I might have slept in, but luckily my charmed clock worked. It was quarter to midnight, I silently crept up to one of the boy's dormitories. I couldn't see Nico, so he must have been at the astronomy tower already. Although, his bed curtains were drawn, so I wasn't sure. I heard loud snoring coming from Neville's bed, as I closed the door behind me. I looked around, searching for Harry's bed. Much to my surprise, he was sitting up, looking at me.

"Hermione, what are you doing here?" He asked reaching for his glasses, which were on his bedside table.

"I came to ask you whether you could lend me your dad's old invisibility cloak." I whispered.


"I'm going to meet Nico-"

"What!" He yelped.

"Shhh!" I hissed. Dean stirred in his sleep and mumbled something about quidditch.

"Why do you want to meet up with him, is there something I should know?"

"No, Harry. It's not what you think. He wants to talk to me about uh - something and I could use that opportunity to find out some information about him." Harry seemed to consider my words, before getting out of his bed and taking the cloak deep from the bottom of his trunk.

"Be careful Hermione. We don't know who he really is." He said as he placed the soft material into my hand.

"Thanks." I whispered as I slipped through the door.

I stood at the top of the astronomy tower, overlooking the black lake, when the door opened. I still had the invisibility cloak around me, so Nico shouldn't have seen me.

"Hermione, why are you wearing that?" He asked me. I took off the cloak and looked at him,

"So that I wouldn't get spotted on my way here. How did you see me?" I thought that Nico looked kind of nervous for a second, but his expression was always stern and emotionless, it was hard to imagine him concerned. I noticed that he always had similar clothes on. During school hours, he wore a plain black shirt; black skinny jeans; a pair of worn out converses and a school robe with the Gryffindor emblem on the side. Tonight he was wearing a black shirt with a skull on it, ripped jeans with a chain belt and a black leather jacket. What caught my eye was a silver skull ring on his finger.

"I heard you. You breathe very loudly." He put his hands in his pockets.

"Right, you wanted to know about the killing curse. I want some information." I said, as-a-matter-of-factly.

"What kind of information?" He asked curiously.

"Like, why would you want to know about the killing curse?"

"I like to know about things, okay?" He said.


"I have a . . . a friend, like you. There is nothing she wouldn't know about. I suppose she's had an influence on me." He said.

"How do I know I can trust you?" I asked. It was getting interesting.

"You don't. But believe me this; I am on your side." He leaned on the wall. I looked him into his pure black eyes, and knew he was telling the truth. I didn't know how I knew that. I just did.

"I'm not going to tell you what it is." I said, "That curse is illegal, also known as one of the unforgivable curses." He sighed.

"Hermione - if you're not going to tell me, why did you tell me to come up here?"

"I have a question that will help me decide, err, something." I responded. He murmured something underneath his breath.

"Fine, go ahead, ask."

"Show me your left arm." I stated.


"You heard." I nodded. He pushed off the wall and stood in front of me. He slowly lifted the sleeve of his jacket and revealed his pale forearm. I admit I was expecting to see a black tattoo with a snake coming out of a skull. And I want to say that I wasn't disappointed. But that would be a lie. The truth was, I was dissatisfied - hey, I could have caught a death eater by myself - and I felt extremely ashamed of myself. One thing I couldn't stop was an 'oh' escaping my mouth.

"'Oh' what did you want to see?" He asked. I let go of his arm.

"Nothing, it doesn't matter. Look, I have to go. But - if you want information about the curses, I'd go to the restricted section of the school's library." I put on the cloak and walked out.

On my way back to the common room, I felt terrible. I wanted to be his friend, not suspect him of being the bad guy. After he specifically said that I can trust him - and I believed him, weird huh?

Nico POV

I was confused. Why would Hermione want to see my arm? Did she expect to see a tattoo or something? (:3)
She tried to hide it, but I could see the disappointment in her eyes.
I decided to let it go and go up to the library. What?
You seriously didn't think that I would go to bed just like that, when I had the opportunity to find the killing curse. I shadow travelled into the library's restricted section. It smelled musty, like no one has been in there for years, just like the attic in the Big house. It was dark, but I was used to that. My bedroom in the Hades wasn't exactly a bright happy place.

Anyway, back to the point. I started walking through rows and rows of dusty old shelves, all filled with random crap. I wanted to get to the 'K' – the killing curse. Much to my discontent, once I reached that part of the library, there wasn't anything on that particular subject.
I was just about to go to the 'U' section, when I heard an ungodly growl coming from behind me.

I slowly turned around, placing my hand quietly on my sword. I locked eyes with a lion. At first I thought it could be something to do with the Gryffindor house. But it made it obvious that it was the Greek Chimera, when I saw the 10 foot snake tail trailing behind its massive body. It's golden fur shimmered in the moonlight, coming from the dirty windows. I thought I couldn't be more disturbed when I saw it's tail. Well, I was wrong. Turned out that it also had a goad head sprouting out of it's back. I knew Percy had to jump out of a monument to save his life against that thing. That didn't exactly encourage me.
I pulled out my sword and dived to the side, just as the monster breathed fire, and burnt everything in the place where I stood, not a whole second ago. I got to my feet and blocked the snake head that was coming my way. I made a deep cut in the diamond shaped head and struck my sword into the ground. What I didn't think about is that I was on the third floor, which was nowhere near any skeletons. Oops . . .

Before I could pull my sword out of the wood, the Chimera blew fire once again, causing me to roll in the opposite direction, behind an old desk. I panicked and started throwing books at it, in defence. I was surrounded by piles of fiery books, laying here and there. I improvised and pulled off my chain belt. The steel should be strong enough to keep it occupied while I retrieved my weapon. Then I could easily send the beast to Tartarus. I took a deep breath and jumped onto the table. The Chimera was apparently surprised - like no one before has tried hand-to-claw combat, so it momentarily stood there, giving me the chance to jump on it. I wobbled on it's back, trying to gain balance, and not get bit by the snake or the goat. I wrapped the chain around its lion head, closing it's maw. I ran the length of it's body and to tangled up all it's heads in position. I jumped off the monster and pulled my sword out. All Hades broke loose.
My chain belt broke, releasing three angry animal heads in my direction. The lion's claws tore off my jacket - which was a pity, because I really liked that jacket - and scratched my face. The Chimera roared so loudly, the windows shattered, giving me several cuts on my exposed arms . Not to mention that it lit 3/4 of the books in the restricted section on fire. Despite the loudness, I heard footsteps coming towards us. That's when I saw it. 'The Unforgivable Curses', lying on the floor, just behind the monster. It was a tatty old book, covered in fuzzy stuff and in chains, but I could make it work. As quick as a flash, I ran up to the creature and put it out of its misery, impaling it's heart. Unfortunately, before the whole thing turned into dust, I managed to get myself bitten, by the snake, just below my rib cage.
Pain seared through my body, making me crumple to my knees. I had to get the book and get out of there before anyone saw me. I crawled over as fast as I could and picked it up. I grabbed onto a table and hoisted myself up, clutching my stomach. I was about to shadow travel to the Gryffindor tower when I noticed a sharp, white object on the dark mahogany floor. I sighed heavily and bent over to pick it up, wincing as I did so. It was a snake tooth. A spoil of war. I didn't have time to think about that. I concentrated on the shadows around me, I was thinking of my bed in our dorm. I have no idea how it happened, but on the way there, I let go of both the fang and the book. With luck they would land on my bed. I, on the other hand, took a detour and landed in an empty corridor, somewhere between the library and the tower. I doubled over and hit my head hard on the ground. The last thing I saw, was my blood, spilling on the cold marble floor. Naturally, I blacked out.

I'm sorry if this chapter seems a bit weird. And I apologise that the chapter, once again, ends with Nico sleeping/passing out. Well, never mind :3 I hope you guys liked it. I'm going to start on the next one on Tuesday - that's in 3 days.