Since so many (okay, a few) people asked for a sequel… I decided to write one! Um, it's a sequel to my R/D slash fanfic, 'Rubies and Opals'. If you haven't read it, you should, cuz then this sequel might be just a BIT confusing. Oh heck I'll summarize.

In Rubies and Opals Ron not so accidentally gets turned into a girl by Fred and George. He continues on in school posing under the name Veronica and pretends that he's Ron's (in other words, his) sister. He falls in love with Draco; Draco falls in love with him. In my fic, I wrote two endings: one of them is Ron turning back and Draco knowing all along that Veronica was Ron so they kiss, and the other one's about Ron turning back and Draco not knowing. In other words, his beloved Veronica has GONE. My writing style may (and hopefully) have changed from before, so… yeah *smiles weakly*. Also, I uh… changed the story a little in this sequel. This fanfic written by Rachel, of Dark Opal!!! ^^

Words in italic are thoughts and sometimes flashbacks. Not really that confusing, providing that doesn't decide to MESS THINGS UP LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO!!!

Disclaimer: Veronica and uh... maybe a few other characters and the PLOT are MINE! MINE, MINE, MINE! Muahahaha!

Draco and Ron: Would you just get one with the story already?

Rachel: *coughs* Oh. Yes. Right.

Draco sat on the edge of his bed. He stared at a framed photograph on his bed stand. In it, a ruby red haired girl grinned cheesily at him then waved. His eyes shifted to the golden haired boy next to her, his arm around her hip. The boy in the picture smirked, his expression saying 'I am the luckiest guy in the world. And don't I know it.'

Draco looked at the photo longingly.

"Veronica" he murmured. How long had it been? A week? A few months? A year?

A few months, he thought firmly. He remembered Harry's birthday going by a month ago. It had practically been the 'main attraction' of the month.

Half a year, he corrected himself. He looked at the photo again, the memory of their last night playing in his mind.

The Yule Ball. Them being trapped under mistletoe and being forced to kiss in front of the whole school. Hesitation. Then…

Draco sighed.

The kiss.

Veronica was one hell of a good kisser.

The Slytherin frowned as the memory of the rest of the night flooded into his mind.

Veronica placed her hands on Draco's shoulders and shoved. He was pushed away sharply, confused and hurt.

"I-I-uh… I gotta go!" the girl yelled then high-tailed it out of the Hall.

Draco watched her leave.

He didn't understand it. Didn't understand it. At. All. And cursed himself for it.

What had gone wrong?

Why had he simply stood there? Watched her run away?

Away… from him?

Draco sighed again. So many questions. So little answers.

Where had she gone?

Why had she left?

Was she going to return?

Did she remember him?

Why didn't she write? She knew how to get to him, just owl a letter to Draco Malfoy.

Draco remembered the day after the Ball. He had given a comb that he had originally intended to give to Veronica to her brother, Ron, and asked him to give it to his sister as a final present from the Slytherin.

He smiled wryly. Ron. Veronica. Both so similar. If it hadn't been for her brother being called Ron, he would have nicknamed her Ron. Instead he stuck with the name Veronica.

Draco hesitated then plunged his hand into his pocket. He pulled out something green and held it out to Ron.

"Can you give this to her?" he asked. Ron looked at the object. It was a jade green comb, thin and delicate with a silver snake curling around the handle. Ron could hear Harry and Hermione gasp. It looked like a very expensive comb. Ron took it, feeling tears of sadness well up in his eyes. He looked at Draco, his angelic hair that he would never feel again, his forever cold, blue-gray eyes. He took the comb with a trembling hand.

"I'm sure she'll love it" Ron said softly, fingering the cold, metal snake softly. As he turned he thought he heard someone whisper his name.


No. She's gone.

He walked on.

If he had stayed a little longer he would have noticed the tears that sprang to Ron's eyes.

Draco got off his bed and walked quietly out of his room.

"Did you hear of that Quidditch match last night?" Hermione asked.

"Of course I did! That was a good game," Harry said enthusiastically. Ron smiled slightly. His best friend, the Quidditch maniac. He sighed softly under his breath. Hermione noticed first.

"Ron? Is something bothering you?" she asked, concerned. Ron looked up, startled then grinned.

"Of course nothing's wrong! How could anything be wrong?" he chirruped a little too brightly. Hermione lowered her eyelids.

"What? Nothing's wrong!" he said, his smile wavering.

"Your smile's disappearing" Harry said.

"It is not"

"Something's bothering you Ron" Hermione said.


"Yes there is"

"There ISN'T!" Ron yelled.

"Hermione, I think I just figured out what's bothering him," Harry said.


"You are"

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Harry, be serious"

"I AM being serious!" Harry protested, but grinned and kept silent.

"Why do you think something's wrong?" Ron asked.

"You're too quiet"

Ron wondered whether to feel insulted.

"You can tell us. We're your friends" Hermione said.

"And your everyday busy-bodies"

"Shhh, Harry!"

Ron put his hand in his pocket. He felt something cold and ran his fingers over it.

"Nothing's wrong," he said firmly. Hermione sighed.

"Fine, fine, okay," she said. Ron glanced at her face, sighed and looked at his feet.

It's not like they'd understand if I told them, he thought glumly, and ran his fingers over the metallic object in his pocket again.

Suddenly something hit him on the left shoulder. He staggered back a few steps then, losing his balance, fell onto the floor.

"Watch where you're go..." Ron trailed off near the middle of his sentence.

"Should have known it was you. Why don't you try walking like a HUMAN and not like a rhino?" Draco said angrily, rubbing his right shoulder. "There ARE people trying to walk along this corridor as well you know. I'd bet they'd like to be able to walk safely without the danger of YOU banging them over. Watch where you're going, you're not blind like Potter so you have no excuse."

The Slytherin was considerably startled by the look of hurt on the redhead's face. Thrown off, he walked quickly away.

"Need a hand?" Harry quipped, offering a hand, while throwing a dirty scowl in Draco's direction. If Ron hadn't been so upset he would have laughed at the comical result of the half-scowl-half-smile on his best friend's face.

"Aha" Hermione said.

"Correct me if I'm wrong Hermione, but that 'aha' was supposed to mean 'I got it'. You're not saying it right, the correct word is 'eureka', followed by an exclamation mark and a goofy grin, whereupon you run down a street n-" Harry blushed red and corrected himself quickly, "Run down a street squawking like a deranged chicken."

"Stop acting like an idiot Harry."

"I'm a kid with a high sugar level" Harry grinned.

"You're a nutty teen"

"Hermione!" Harry looked shocked. "I am not a teen! Teens are OLD!"

"You are sixteen. Six-TEEN."

"Well you didn't have to remind me!" Harry said and pouted. Hermione sighed. Whatever had possessed her to agree to be his girlfriend a few months ago was going to PAY. And whatever possessed her to fall in love with him was SO going to die.

"But you ARE" she said, in the tone of a parent patiently explaining to his or her child why it was not be a good idea to stick it's finger in an electrical socket.

"You're so mean 'Mione! You didn't have to tell me! Now I'm going to cry!" Harry said in a babyish tone then ducked as Hermione swiped at him.

"WAHHHHHHH! Killer girlfriend!" he wailed, shrieking in mock terror and laughing manically as he ran down the corridor as fast as he could, Hermione finally giving up on the 'mature sixteen year old' act and chasing after him, giggling. As Harry turned a corner he glanced back at Ron, grinned and waved a little. Ron smiled weakly. He could always depend on Harry for a diversion to get away. He took his hand out of his pocket and stared at it. Blood dribbled out of a small cut on his index finger, from where he had gripped the comb -Draco's present- too hard. He took out the delicate object gently. And stared at the silver snake, wound tightly around the comb's handle, frozen, hissing and baring its teeth at the Gryffindor.

A dark red droplet of his blood dripped off the snake's fangs, where he had pricked his finger.

The air breezed through his hair gently. Standing up on the Astronomy Tower Ron looked down on Hogwarts, on the world, and smiled. He loved the Astronomy Tower. It had become one of his favorite spots, partly because he could have a view of everything around the castle and mostly because nearly all of the times he visited the Tower there was no one there -Ron's smiled grew wider- which meant that he could stand there for hours in silence, having time to think his own thoughts for once. Not even Harry or Hermione knew where he went when he 'disappeared'. Not that they cared too much about it.

More time for a snog session, Ron thought and instantly felt a pain in his heart. Sometimes it was so difficult to remember that he was Harry's best friend, that he wanted the best for his friend, that he didn't hate him for being the luckiest teenager in the world. Rich, famous, loved. When the children had returned to their families for the Christmas holidays, four days after the Yule Ball Harry had accompanied him back to his family to stay. The two boys had stood in front of the door and pressed the doorbell. Ron's mother, Mrs. Weasley, had flung open the door and given Harry a warm hug then ushered him inside, only remembering a minute later that her youngest son was still waiting outside for her to greet him. Ron clenched his fists. It was unfair. What had Harry done to be so loved? Nothing. People always said he had survived Voldemort's attack when he was a baby; that wasn't true. If not for his mother, he would have died, died a nobody.

It's not his fault, Ron reminded himself. Not his fault that he's so famous, rich, loved. He never asked to be.

But the jealousy stayed.

He had once had someone who had loved him too, loved him for himself, not simply because they were related.

Ron grinned wryly. Well, maybe not for myself exactly.

Just because we're related. That was how he felt of his parents. They only loved him because he was their son, because they had to otherwise it wouldn't be right. They had never really wanted him, never wanted another son.

They wanted a daughter. Instead they got me. Another son.

They had never wanted him. He was the odd one out.

Charlie's strong and charming. Bill was Head Boy. Percy was Prefect. Fred and George are so funny that anything they do makes mom and dad laugh. Ginny... Ginny's that sweet little girl they always wanted.

Ron... Ron was their ordinary child.

It was no wonder he felt like the best thing in the world that could have happened, happened when someone had finally loved him. And not because he was really smart, funny, sweet or good-looking.

It was no wonder he had cried himself to sleep that night. The night of their last kiss, the night when he changed back into his real self. The last night that he 'knew' his boyfriend.

Boyfriend. Gawd.

Ron looked up at the starry sky.

"Draco" he murmured softly. He held the jade comb clenched gently in his palm, now he opened his hand and looked at it again. The perfect, delicate silver on smooth liquid green. It was so like him.

The redhead ran his fingers over the snake fondly, tracing out its meandering pattern, feeling its thinness and stopping when his fingers reached the head.

The fangs, dark brown with dried blood. Ron's dried blood.

Ron stared sadly at the long, sharp teeth.

Even perfection had a sting.

It seems almost symbolic. Snakes are generally peaceful creatures around others they know or love. Anyone else... they bite.

"Anyone else..." Ron murmured. He felt tears pool in his eyes. For the millionth time he cursed himself for being who he was, what he was. A boy. Teen. Male.

It was perfectly fine for him to like Draco as a girl, but as a boy?

It would be wrong.

He didn't know what was worse, still liking Draco even as a male, or the fact that Draco didn't know who he was. Who Veronica really was.

Oh, he had tried to tell the Slytherin, more than a couple of times. But every time he wanted to, every time he was in front of the Slytherin dormitories, something stopped him and he walked back quickly from where he came.

Why do I always stop? Ron wondered. Why, when I'm so close?

The answer came instantly.

Because he wouldn't understand. Because he would find me disgusting. Because it's wrong. Because... because I'm always too scared.

Ron leaned forward on the rails of the Astronomy Tower and closed his eyes.

I just want someone who I can depend on. Someone who can also depend on me. Someone who needs me, someone I need. It's not like I'm asking for much, I'm not asking for the person to love me, not in the girlfriend-boyfriend sense.

He had once had Harry. Harry had once had him. They were inseparable, best friends to the end. Oh sure, they were still best friends. But now Harry had Hermione. He didn't need Ron as much any more. He hung around with Hermione, did practically whatever Hermione wanted.

Except study. Ron smiled slightly. Some things never change.

Ron looked down to the Quidditch pitch, where two lovers stood under a tree and kissed, unaware that someone was watching.

I just want someone in my life.

Why did he look so upset?

It was a puzzling question.

He never used to care before.

Draco felt a bit upset. Although it was in his nature to make people feel bad and scorn them, he never really meant to hurt them. It was just the way he was. It wasn't that he held grudges, or hated anyone in particular, hated them so much that he would want to see them cry.

Well, maybe with the exception of Harry.

And all Mudbloods.

And Squibs.

And Muggles.

But other than that, no one.

Oh, and the Weasleys, of course.

He had good reasons for not liking the people that fit into that list.

Harry had refused him in the first year. Had refused him and decided to stick with the Mudblood and the Weasley. That still stung. It was like he wasn't good enough. Plus, now he was going out with Granger, the Mudblood.

Oh well. I don't care. Let him have his own little gang.

Mudbloods were freaks. Impossible for them to do magic, what with their non-magical blood inherited from their parents... yet they could.

Squibs were worse than Mudbloods. Even with magical blood coursing through their veins they couldn't do magic. Either that, or they were complete failures at it.

No wonder Granger and Longbottom are always helping each other in Potions. More like the Mudblood helping the Squib in Potions, Longbottom is useless.

Muggles were stupid, so stupid that they couldn't even perform one simple spell.

Like those Doorseys Potter lives with, Draco thought, getting the name wrong. The Dursleys were the worst type of Muggle, in Draco's opinion. At least some Muggles acknowledged and envied the wizarding world.

The Weasleys were so poor they were a humiliation to the wizarding world.

You would think that being a magical family they would get better jobs. And all those kids? What's the point?

Draco could never understand the reason of having such a large family.

Draco was the descendant of a long line of Malfoys. The next generation. The Malfoy bloodline could be traced back to medieval times, when one of the Malfoys, Richard Malfoy had been king, and so had his son after him and so on until they were overthrown. The whole line had consisted of only child males. A Malfoy would find himself a wife, have one son, and that would be that. There was no such thing as having more than one child, as, it seemed, the firstborn was always male. Draco was proud to know the blood of kings ran through him, though it irked him somewhat that the first Malfoy king shared the same name as one of the Weasleys.

The Weasleys...

Veronica was a Weasley. Yet she seemed... different from them. Special somehow.

Maybe it was because Draco could be so open with her. He could talk about anything. He never had that sort of feeling around any other girls.

It's like she's a guy, and it's all just casual guy-talk. She doesn't get all feminine and annoying if we're in trouble or in danger. If I said, "There's a Dementor in the school" she'd say "Let's go to a room and hide. Dumbledore will take care of it". Any other girl would lose her head and start shrieking and sobbing.

He admired that sort of common sense in a girl. He only knew of two girls in Hogwarts that were like that, and they were Veronica and Hermione.

Where did she go?

Did she change schools?

What is she doing right now?

Probably smiling that laughing smile at someone, continuing her life. She's so lucky, being so friendly and sociable.

Does she remember me?

Or is she seeing someone else? Forgotten everything?

No way. She's not so... so cheap.

Then why did she leave?

It wasn't fair. That someone that he cared so much about was taken away from him. Draco didn't believe that she had left of her own free will. He believed that someone had forced her to leave.

It's so unfair, that someone you love so much is taken away from you.

Being brought up mainly by Lucius Malfoy, one of the most arrogant and influential men in the wizarding world Draco absorbed some of his traits. Just like his father, he was arrogant, stubborn and cold. Being the only child in the family he was often very lonely, living in a large mansion, most of the time on his own, this meaning that he never really learned the social skills other people his age did, long ago. Thus, the lack of real friends. It was only thanks to his mother that he actually KNEW people at all. She had been the one who had insisted that being in a school, an actual school with real people would be tons better for Draco's life than having him tutored, as Lucius wanted. She told him stories of what was happening in the outside world, told him of people she met and knew.

It was Lucius to blame that Draco hardly knew anyone outside his home. As a child he was very active and loved to run around, jump and scream with joy and giddiness until his legs were forced to give way and he would fall down, laughing, and even then he wouldn't stop playing until he was so tired he would fall asleep on the ground where he was. It was amazing that he could enjoy himself so much without friends. Unfortunately, one winter he had gone sledding by himself. After three hours he had curled himself into a little ball and fallen asleep at the foot of the hill, next to his sled. When his parents didn't see him they immediately sent out a search party.

Two more hours later they had found him, shivering in his sleep and tinged blue. He had almost died of pneumonia. From then on Lucius had ordered that Draco would never go out of the mansion's gates again, fearful that, if Draco died, he would have to have another child. His son was upset and cried for hours non-stop, sad that he would never see the real outside world again. In the end, Lucius compromised: whatever Draco wanted, he would get. To a child who had never known anyone except his own family and servants, wasn't that one of the best things he could ever have in the world? Wasn't an everlasting pile of toys much better than playing with nothing?

Draco had been a very sheltered child in his youth, the baby bird that had been caged up and never let go free.

Was it really his fault that no one liked him?

That was another reason he disliked Harry. He had only been trying to make friends. He had been rejected. Which hurt. Deeply.

That was probably a reason why he loved Veronica so much. Because she loved him, not because he was 'gorgeous', as some other Slytherin girls described him, or because he was rich. It was because he was who he was. Draco had found that he liked himself better when he was with her. Somehow she managed to repel the 'Lucius' side of him and bring out the 'Narcissa' side, gentle, loving, caring and understanding.

I miss her so much.

Draco continued his ascent up the stairs.

Ron whirled around at the sound of footsteps tapping up the stairs.

"Who is it?" he called. The sound of footsteps halted momentarily then continued, slower. Ron stared at the darkness of the stairs, trying to make out who it was.

It better not be Trelawney. I really don't need to know a hundred more ways that Harry will die.

The moonlight shone on pale silver-blond hair and Ron held his breath.

Oh no... not now...

Draco looked at Ron and blinked.

"What're you doing here?" he demanded.

Ron was speechless.

Draco never came up here before! Why now?

"Cat got your tongue?" Draco sneered.

"I could ask you the same question. Why are you up here?"

Draco hesitated then replied. "I always come up here, if you must know"

"What? No you don't" Ron said, voicing his thoughts. Draco glared at him.

"You haven't answered my question"

"I'M the one who's always up here!" Ron said.

Draco looked sarcastic. "You're lying"

"So are you" Ron shot back. He couldn't help noticing how beautiful Draco looked in moonlight, in the dark. His hair shone and looked even paler, as did his skin.

Like an angel.

"What?" Ron asked, suddenly realizing that Draco had just spoken. Draco sighed, exasperated.

"I said, when are you here?" he asked in an irritated tone of voice.

"At night, when else?" Ron asked.

Draco smirked. "I thought so. I'm here in the day"

Despite himself Ron snorted. "What's the point of going to the Astronomy Tower in the day?"

Draco narrowed his eyes. "What's the point of going to the Tower at night?" he asked, guardedly.

Ron realized he had just insulted him. Trying to think of something to say (and failing), he looked up into the night sky.

"I like to look at the stars and the moon" he said simply.

"And Uranus, I suppose?" Draco mocked, remembering the Astrology lesson they had in the fourth year. Ron flushed.

"I didn't mean it that way!" he protested.

"Sure you didn't" Draco said lazily, standing next to Ron. Ron trembled with the nearness of the boy. He wanted so much to reach out and touch him, run his fingers through his hair like he had done before…

No. It's wrong.

Draco didn't notice the look of anguish on Ron's face. He breathed deeply and exhaled gently.

"It's beautiful at night," he said softly.

It's not the only thing. "Yeah. Why do you think I always come at night?" Ron asked. Draco leaned his forearms onto the railing.

"You know, it's really funny how people always think night is the only time when the world is beautiful"

"What do you mean?"

"Well people seem to somehow find anything that they hardly see as beautiful. Think about it. At night people mostly sleep, right? Night's beautiful to them because it's almost like something… rare. Everyone's awake during the day, so there's no beauty in it. Take it as someone seeing a… a dragon, for the first time."


Ron wondered if it had just been coincidence that Draco had chosen to use dragon as an example, dragon being the meaning of his name in Latin.

Like seeing a dragon for the first time. You mean like seeing a person's true colors for the first time?

You're always so obnoxious. That's just a cover, isn't it? You didn't have to hide yourself with Veronica. You don't have to hide yourself with me.

How did you really feel about Veronica? About me?

"I see your point… what do you find so great about the day?"

"How the clouds turn pinkish blue at dawn and dusk. How everything's so colorful, like how the grass looks so green, the water such a sparkling blue… and then on some days it's blue-green. And the sky is always the same baby blue in sunlight."

"I never thought of that before" Ron said, thrumming his fingers rapidly on the railing to try and stop the twitching. It was almost too much to bear. For him to be so close and so far at the same time…

I can just… reach…

Draco jumped, startled, at Ron's yell of frustration.


"Nothing!" Ron shouted.

"Nothing…" he repeated. He turned to look at the blonde straight in the eyes.

I'm going to ask him.

"Draco" he said firmly. If Draco felt a little surprised at Ron calling him by his first name he didn't show it.

"Did…" Ron faltered and reddened slightly. "Did…do you like Veronica?"

What an understatement, Draco thought. "You want to know the truth?"

"Yes" was Ron's reply.

"She was like… she meant the world to me. When she went away… that was agony. At least if I knew where she was, how she was doing… if she still cared for me… it wouldn't be so bad.

Ron wanted to scream.

I'm right here! He shouted. Right in front of you… don't you recognize me… I am Veronica, can't you see…

"She still cares. Cares a lot. More than you'd ever know" he said instead. Draco looked startled then flushed slightly, embarrassed at forgetting.

"That's right, she's your sister, isn't she?"

No! She's me!

"Second youngest."

"Where's she now?" Draco asked softly.

Ron wanted so badly to shout 'Right here!'

"Uh… visiting our grandmother, I think. She's uh… very sick. V- Ronnie's taking care of her" Ron said, quickly making up a nickname, hoping that Draco would ask about it. He did.

"Ronnie?" he frowned "is that what you call her?"


"Isn't that rather similar to your name?"

Ron rejoiced. "Yeah"

"Why? Doesn't it annoy you that, with one added syllable to your name, you have a girl's name?"

"No. Not really"

"Oh" Draco looked like he was thinking of something.

C'mon, ask me, please…

"Well. It's late. Been… nice, talking to you. Maybe one day we could meet here and talk again?"


"Uh, yeah. Sure. 'Night" Ron said weakly as he watched the Slytherin descend down the stairs, away from him, back to his room.

So, how was that for the first chapter? No, Draco's not thick… he'll catch on soon enough. I'm just wondering whether he should be horrified or happy when he finds out. And I'm wondering how much angst Ron can take… if I make Draco reject him… heheheh =)