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I'm trying to show the differences between Kevin and Edd's daily life u.u Of course due to recent events they aren't the normal daily as they were but it's as normal as they can get without being to droll.

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Edd softly hummed to his music as he put on the finishing touches to the spice cabinet. He wished he had better knobs but he'd have to make due with wooden ones. If anything his teacher could switch them out later. The cabinet had a lovely top piece; the two ends curled into one another almost making a heart. Though it really was only for decoration he thought it was the best part about the little cabinet.

"Finally done with your stupid box?" A brown haired individual leaned over his work table looking over Edd's cabinet.

"Yes." Double D could already sense the stupidity of bullying start. After years of being antagonized by idiotic peers it was something he learned to deal with and not take to heart.

"Make it for your boyfriend or something, fag?" Edd subconsciously rubbed the leg of the cabinet as he looked at the burnette's sneer.

"Actually it's for Mrs. Sakofsky her old one broke and I offered to make another." One more student walked over as a laugh came forth from his friend.

"Teacher's pet!" The two student's laughed loudly as a few other classmates joined in.

"What the hell is it supposed to be for? A snack cabinet for rats?" Edd frowned as he looked on with discontent as the two fellows looked over his cabinet.

"It's a spice rack." He was starting to get more agitated by the second as they ran their hands over it. How dare they touch it if they obviously disliked it! Stupid dirty little hands might leave smudges or some sort. He couldn't make a move to shoo them away though otherwise he'd risk more torment.

"A spice rack?" Boisterous laughs ensued throughout the classroom and Edd fought the growing heat in his face. Embarrassed and enraged he tried not to grit his teeth.

"Leave the guy alone man." Kevin's voice broke through the commotion and Edd's heart thumped. People hardly stood up for him. The two classmates sent a glare behind him no doubt directed at Kevin.

"Tsk, you got a problem Kevin?" Double D heard the distinct sound of a chair sliding across the floor.

"Maybe you do. Got a damn problem with the dweeb's shit just because you can't make something like that for your mom?" The brunette put a finger on the nice curve in Edd's cabinet. Edd's heart dropped when he pulled back on the cabinet forcing it to lean precariously over the edge of his table.

"If I made shit this girly my mother wouldn't be happy she'd be worried." He stared down at Edd no doubt getting what he wanted out of his pained expression.

In a flash the brunette was thrown away and a hand grabbed the side of his cabinet. Eddward's eyes shot up to see Kevin push the other student away while holding his cabinet in place. His heart leapt at the handsome sight of Kevin. Though he held a frown the determined look in his eyes gave Edd butterflies. But if he was right, Eddward was sure that most of the students in the class were teammates of his! Why on earth would Kevin want to stand up for him in the first place and against his teammates of all people?

"You got a got damn problem Ben take it up with me." Kevin's teammate glared at him as he leaned on the edge of the table across from Edd's.

"What's your deal Kevin?" Edd's cabinet was shoved into his chest as Kevin leaned over the table.

"You are obviously." Double D blinked in surprise as he clutched his tiny woodwork. He'd never seen Kevin so pissed at anyone besides Eddy before. To see him standing up for him was almost invigorating. Still he didn't want to cause trouble for Kevin in the long run.

"Kevin it's hardly nec-" Kevin turned his head to glare at him.

"Stay out of it Dork." Well there went his admiration. Edd sulked silently as Kevin turned back to the two idiots sending glares around

"Tsk, whatever man." Almost as if cued the bell rang cutting through the tension as chairs scraped the floor. The boys walked away and Kevin watched them walk out before standing away from the table.

Eddward wasn't really sure what to do with himself after the whole ordeal. Normally he'd get picked on and just sit through rude comments but for once someone got angry on his behalf. Not that Eddy or Ed had never done it before but it was different coming from someone like Kevin. Someone who definitely had no ties to Edd.

"Um Kevin?" The ginger looked down on him for a moment before scoffing and turning away.

"Not now Dweeb." Kevin went for his backpack and left without a second glance in his direction.

Eddward slumped over his cabinet as he looked after Kevin's shadow. Perhaps he was looking too closely but Edd had thought that maybe Kevin was starting to offer a friendship of some sort to him. Maybe he was just mistaking it for human kindness.

With a sigh Edd left the class with his spice rack in his arms. He delivered it to his teacher who responded with praises and a tip he modestly tried to refuse. Meeting up with an energetic Ed and Eddy had him in somewhat high spirits but he couldn't displace the feeling of bitterness that Kevin had left.

He couldn't stop thinking about the events that took place no matter what he did to distract his mind.

Changed Edd sat beside the school pool. The sloshing of water always seemed to soothe him. He almost regretted taking the class but it took the place of a regular PE course so he couldn't complain.

A sudden shove sent him face first into the water. Quickly blowing out air he used the force to swim to the other side of the pool. Once he surfaced he glared at the moronic fools laughing at him. Being an athletic course most of the usual jocks were in it as well. That included some of the fools who were bothering him in wood shop.

Edd carefully made sure his swimming cap was still clipped correctly to his head. He hated wearing it but he needed it for protection. During one of his summer excursions he'd booked a large suite in the larger cities and he'd had a large enough tub to submerge himself in. It was nice being able to feel his hair flow around him for once. In all it was a good weekend that had him reeling from culture shock. He never realized just how introverted he was until then and ever since he made it a point to try and be a bit more social.

Nothing would ever make him be social with mind numbing bullies though. Well, perhaps besides Kevin but he didn't really seem like a bully. All the years he spent chasing after the Eds was justified for the most part and Edd couldn't blame him for that. Hell he'd commend him for that. Kevin had the backbone of a bull it seemed and he never let anyone walk over him like Edd did.

He really admired his aggressive behavior because it was something Edd never really had unless he was with the Eds or alone and that was saying a lot.

Losing himself in the pool Edd didn't realize the jocks were up to something until a blue object hit him square in the face. They'd thrown a chlorine ball at him of all things. Quickly diving under water Edd shook his head to try and aleve the pain but as soon as he surfaced more balls were chucked his way forcing him to get out of the pool. As predicted one of the various objects hit his nose just right sending an alarming amount of blood running out.

"Oh shit!"

"I'm out!"

The imbeciles scattered at the sight of a small pool of blood forming by Edd's feet. He honestly didn't know why his nose chose to be so dramatic but it couldn't be changed.

With a hand cupped under his face Edd shuffled to the locker rooms. Finally reaching a sink he leaned over and stared at his blood soaked hand.

"How utterly revolting." Turning the water on he washed his hands and face though his nose was still dripping slightly. He leaned over the drain and pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment. Gently shoving tissue paper into his nose he headed off to change. Double checking the empty back end of the locker room he ducked into a stall before pulling off his swimming cap. He wrung out his hair and wrapped it in a small towel he kept in his gym bag. Going about his usual routine he almost missed the sound of a door opening.

"Einstein you in here?" Eddy's voice rang out in the quiet room and it was followed by Ed calling his name.

"Yes. It's just you two correct?" He could hear them shuffling toward him and he quickly rubbed his hair with the towel.

"Uh, yeah. Who else would it be? Hurry up you're going to get me yelled at by jabber jaws."

Edd pulled his hat on before opening the door. Suspicious eyes had him stopping though.

"What the hell?!" Edd jumped at the sudden yell and Ed lunged for him.

"What?" Ed was particularly warm on his still cool skin. The big oaf nuzzled his cheek like his cat. A little alarmed by the sudden affection though he looked to Eddy.

"Your got damn face that's what!" Edd had completely forgotten about his nose!

"I-it's nothing! Ed please! I have to get my things." Double D quickly put a hand to his nose and tried to squirm out of Ed's grip.

"A kiss from mommy will make it better Double D." Edd sent an annoyed look at Ed before he slipped out of his arms. He knew the lug was trying to be considerate but if he held him for much longer Eddy was sure to coddle or curse him ten times worse.

"It's nothing I swear."

Eddy's arms crossed as he frowned. "Then why the hell do you have two bloody tampons hanging from your nose?!" His cheeks flared has he threw his swimming items in his bag.

"They're Tissues!" Edd took a slow breath before taking the tissues out and grabbing his bag of things. "Let's just go before we are late." He grabbed a spare tissue to hold under his nose as they walked out, Eddy complaining all the way.

"I still gatta get my stupid book." Eddy mumbled under his breath the entire way but as long as he wasn't yelling at Edd he was fine. The three walked as one as they'd done for the majority of their life; despite making new friends they were always constant.

"Hey Double D after lunch the theater decided to postpone the play till after midterms. If we don't get our grades up we can't act with them. It is a cruel punishment." Ed slumped his shoulders and Double D couldn't help but laugh.

"That is customary Ed. In that case perhaps we should have that party after the tests as well?" Ed turned to grab him by the shoulders.

"No, no! We need relief from this deming torture that is school life Double D!" Ed shook him gently but it was enough to sent a small amount of blood from Double D's nose. He quickly put a tissue under it as he laughed. "If we don't rest our minds from the brain washing the mind control methods will take hold of our weak subconscious and then we will all be turned into co-"

"Hey Edboy, why are you shaking your friend like a headless chicken?" Ed stopped and stared past Double D for a moment before opening his mouth. When no words came forth Double D turned and stared up at Rolf. Over the years he'd grown larger and gotten darker, in fact so had Ed but no where near Rolf.

"Umm..." Ed continued to stare as Rolf walked over with a large smile. He laughed and slapped Ed on the back causing his hold on Double D to loosen.

"The eggplant are soon to be ripe for the picking, Nincompoop. Will you be ready this weekend?" A sudden jerk had Edd being pulled away from the two and into Eddy.

"Check out Lumpy," he whispered holding in his laughter. Double D stared at a gaping Ed as Rolf carried on about the plants they planned to harvest. The dark haired farmer had an arm around Ed as he talked about the various types of dishes his family would make before selling the bulk of their crop. Ed looked almost small in comparison to the broad chested male and still unable to speak Ed open and closed his mouth like a fish until Rolf departed. "You're a hoot Ed!" Eddy laughed openly as soon as Rolf was out of sight.

"Um, Ed are you ok?" Double D peered at his friend as a frowning Ed turned to him and grabbed his shoulders again.

"I have practice Double D!" He shook him making Edd's head spin. "I can't go if I have practice or-or I can't go to practice! What do I do?!"

"Just tell Rolf you have to come at another time. For the love of God stop shaking me!" Double D grabbed his arms trying to hold onto something.

"B-but Double D!"

Eddy yanked Ed's hands away, "Cut it out Monobrow we gatta get to class!" Grabbing them both Eddy proceeded to tug them towards class mumbling about the situation as they went.

Sneaking past May and James, Edd found himself staring at the back head of a ginger. The bulky figure stretched for a moment causing a few concerning pops to sound. Kevin rubbed the back of his neck and made the most adorable yawn Edd couldn't help but smile. Rushing over Double D plopped into the chair next to his.

"My apologies Kevin I did not expect you so early."

"It's whatever dork. I have problems just like yesterday so I don't need you yet." Edd laughed at the crude remark. For some reason it made gave the impression of weird satire.

Shaking it off he began to pull out his things. "If you don't mind then I'll be starting on an essay."

"Hm? Yeah just don't fall asleep or I'll leave you here next time." Suddenly recalling, or not recalling, that Kevin had taken him home yet again Edd cringed.

"Good Lord I completely forgot." Kevin shot him a glare that had Edd straightening instantly. "I'm so terribly sorry Kevin! I hope it wasn't to much of an inconvenience. To be honest I don't remember half of what happened." Kevin frowned and flicked his pen back and forth between his fingers.

"It was no big deal really but it was really freakin' weird." Double D blushed horribly at the incorrigible actions he must have committed. He didn't remember falling asleep but he remembered clinging to Kevin desperately on his bike. How mortifying he hardly remembered walking into his own house!

Obviously done with the subject Kevin turned back to his paper leaving Edd to ponder on his own. After a while of listening to Kevin's quiet murmuring Edd put his headphones in. Turning the music low he quietly listened to 'Eight Days a Week' while starting on his rough draft.

Listening to The Beatles reminded him of his parents. They used to sing the songs to him during his childhood. He recalled several discussions between his Mother and Father about the various meanings or thought invoking lyrics. 'Don't Let Me Down' had him glancing at Kevin. He was still reeling from the woodshop incident no matter how many times he tried to think of other things. Currently Kevin was biting on the end of his pencil and Edd had to hold back making a remark about the disgusting end of an eraser. Still the furrow in his brow was very similar to the one he had when he was holding onto Eddward's cabinet. The sneer on his face was replaced with a frown making Kevin seem rather adorable instead of viciously se- No! He simply couldn't go there presently.

Turning his face down once more Edd turned up his music and shuffled his tracks. He focused on the lyrics until his mind had been safely removed from the subject.


"Edd..." Looking up to Kevin he pulled out a headphone.

"Hm?" Kevin tapped his pen onto the table clearly annoyed.

"Dude, can you be quiet?" Confused Edd pursed his lips in thought. His mind was still reeling from his essay and future sentences he was trying to construct. "You've been singing for, like, the past 10 minutes."

"I-I have?" Burning Edd looked anywhere but at Kevin as he put his headphones away quickly. Surely he hadn't! Dear Lord his mind was deteriorating.

"Just come look this over dweeb." Kevin groaned rubbing his hand over his eyes.

Getting up Double D fumbled out, "I'm so sorry Kevin. I didn't realize my-" Kevin yanked his arm abruptly causing him to trip over his feet. He caught Edd by the waist as Edd's free hand instinctively landed on his shoulder. Edd found his heart had stopped for a moment as he stared into Kevin's green eyes. Squinting Kevin looked over Double D's face for a moment.

"What's on your face?" Instantly trying to cover it Edd felt around unsure of what he meant. A smudge perhaps?

"What do you mean?" Pushing his hand out of the way Kevin rubbed a finger by Edd's nose. Pain had Double D yelping in surprise. In a moment he remembered the jocks from earlier and twisted away from Kevin.

"I-I just remembered something!" Cheeks burning furiously Edd threw his things in his bag and tried to leave. Kevin had saved him once already today and put himself in, no doubt, a bad place with his teammates. Eddward couldn't stand the thought of Kevin standing up for him yet again. He wasn't quite sure if it was for Kevin's benefit or for the sake of Edd's weak image.

"I'm sorry!" Edd expertly wiggled free from another of Kevin's grabs and made a break for it before he could figure out how much a dork he really was.

"Hey!" Sprinting as only Edd could he made it to a back exit. "Edd!"