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As filthy and tired as I was, I darted out of the house and got into Auntie Barbs' car that she'd left at home, starting the engine and heading straight for Shreveport.

The journey wasn't too long but I had to keep my eyes from shutting, exhausted after a hard day killing Maenads, and all. My fingers tapped nervously against the steering wheel.

I didn't know what I expected when I got to Fangtasia and I didn't care. Sam wasn't in my heart, not truly. But Eric was and right now, just being near the vampire was all I needed. I wanted to be comforted but that wasn't Eric's style. I wanted to be loved and kissed and told I would be safe from here on out. But that wasn't going to happen.

I should have turned right back around and gone straight to bed. But I knew who I wanted and before I knew it, I was in Fangtasia's parking lot.

When I slowly opened the door, I could clearly see the bar was almost empty. On the small stage was a young woman in dance clothes and dark curly hair. She was dancing about like a maniac to heavy metal, head banging so much it was starting to give even me a headache. I held back, remaining by the door and I stifled a laugh.

At one of the Fangtasia tables, Pam sat beside Eric who had his feet up on another chair and both were watching the young woman in amusement and confusion.

"Oh, stop," Eric ordered gravely, but when the girl continued, he yelled, "Stop!"

The young girl did so, turning off her tape with a confused look on her face.

"Thank you," Eric drawled. "But we're looking for something a little less, um, ridiculous."

Disappointment clouded the girl's pretty features. "I can turn it down?"

"I'd rather see you turn it off," Eric replied, earning a cruel smirk from his progeny.

The girl took out her tape and walked away slowly, stopping to address both Maker and child. "I know ya'll are vampires and all, but you don't have to be such bitches about it!"

"Actually we do," Pam smoothly corrected before shouting, "Next!"

I kept my giggles silent as I watched the woman moodily climb from the stage, stomping past Eric and Pam, moving in my direction for the door. I kept my head low as she passed me, hoping she didn't see the shaking smile on my face that held back the fits of laughter.

"Are you going to stand there all day?"

Assuming Eric was speaking to another one of his auditioning dancers, I looked back up at the two vampires. But I realised he was calling me out as Pam was turned in her seat, smirking at my hidden form. Eric remained facing the stage, stubborn as he was.

Swallowing my own stubbornness, I made my way over to them, coming to stand between Eric and Pam. Only when I got there did Eric slowly raise his head, regarding me with a small pleased smile on the corner of his irresistible mouth.

"And to what do we owe this pleasure?" Eric drawled in his smooth, hypnotic voice.

"And a pleasure it is," Pam retorted. "My, that dress is practically ripped to shreds. Why don't I take you out back, find you something a little less comfortable to wear?"

"Pam," Eric gave his silent command, ordering his progeny to shut up. I ignored just how uncomfortable his progeny made me with her lesbian flirtations and kept my eyes glued to Eric.

"I wanted to see you," I told him, ignoring Pam's suggestion. My words came out as a mumble, too embarrassed to explain why I had really come. I wanted him.

As if hearing the truth hidden in my words, Eric gave a firm nod but made no move to stand. Instead, he took my wrist in his firm grip and twisted it, moving it in front of his face to softly press his lips against the palm of my hand. I pulled in sharp breath at his touch, a shiver crawling up my spine. Pam's smirk grew.

Just as Eric spoke, another woman approached the stage, inserting her own music.

"I'm afraid we have further auditions to watch for our latest dancer," Eric smoothly put. He raised his eyes to mine once more. They were sparking, taunting me. "Can you wait?"

Unable to speak, I nodded quickly and remained standing beside his chair.

Suddenly, an overly cheery pop song came over the system and the older woman, dressed in an unflattering leotard and a ballet skirt, started to dance awkwardly. This time, I couldn't stop the snort from escaping. The woman basically swayed on the spot, pointing at the three of us theatrically and waving her hands from one side to the other.

Leaning against Eric's chair, I was full out giggling yet he didn't seem amused one bit. He rolled his finger to gesture for the next person to come on. Apparently they'd had to suffer this torture one too many times before.

The next dancer to audition was a pale young man, wearing only a jockstrap, a cowboy hat and boots. Western music echoed inside the bar as he slid around in his boots, shuffling about as he used his fingers as guns. His grin was large and his wink cheesy as he sent one my way. Eric rubbed the bridge of his nose as he watched, finally calling this act quits after he threw his cowboy hat into the air and failed to catch it.

When the next dancer came in, my back straightened instantly. A young black woman, wearing a crop top short enough to reveal half of her breasts and hot pants that flattered her ass extremely well took to the stage. To me, her moves were vulgar and not the least bit sexy. My gaze zoned in on Eric after seeing how much Pam was enjoying this particular dancer. He wore no expression but his eyes were fixed on the woman shaking her ass and licking the length of her very flexible and long legs. When she slapped her thighs and bent over, I took action. I sifted my fingers through Eric's slicked back hair, instantly catching the vampire's attention. His head dropped back to look up at me and I resisted the urge to smile; seeing him so playful and adorable reminded me of when he slept soundly in the hotel bed, vulnerable and innocent. He smirked up at me and I gave a quick tug on his locks. His eyes went from playful to lustful. Eric moved his head back in place to look at the dancer.

"Next," he ordered curtly. The woman looked at Eric as if he was crazy but left the stage without another word. Eric leaned forward to look past me to Pam. His progeny was glaring at the two of us.

"Don't be mad, Pam," Eric grinned at her. His gaze moved to me and in a blur, Eric had yanked at my arm and pulled me onto his lap. My heart skipped a beat but I chose to glare down at the grinning vampire.

"I like it when you're jealous," Eric huskily whispered against my skin. I leaned into his chest while he settled a hand on my thigh, the other on my hip, keeping me close to him. I couldn't have removed myself from his lap even if I wanted to and I felt the stirring of his own arousal beneath me.

The door behind us opened and the clicking sound of heels echoed off the walls.

A woman spoke in what sounded like Russian and she appeared before us. There was no doubt this girl was stunning. In her strap top and fur coat, her body looked incredible and by the look on Pam's face, she definitely had the right kind of sex appeal they were looking to add at Fangtasia.

"I'm Yvetta," she introduced herself in her thick accent, a seductive smile on her lips.


"Hello," the two vampires greeted in unison. I swallowed at the sight of the dancer, feeling completely inadequate to this one.

"I think you can handle this one alone, Pam," Eric spoke. My heart leapt in surprise at his words and Pam seemed just as shocked. Her smile widened as she turned to thank her Maker.

"You're the boss," she replied.

Eric gave me a small push on my back, ordering me to get up. Once I did, he nodded for me to follow him into his office as he left his progeny and, what I assumed, his new dancer alone. I ignored the flirtatious nattering between Pam and Yvetta and kept my eyes on Eric. He left the door open for me, closing it once I'd joined him.

The last time I'd been in Eric Northman's office was before Dallas. Before any of this had happened. It felt strange, knowing it was here I was first threatened by the vampire I had come to love and yet I felt safer with Eric than anyone else, happier than with anyone else when he wasn't draining me dry. But even that, I had come to miss.

"I am surprised to see you here," Eric's usual drawl came from behind me. I turned and sat on his desk, ignoring the paperwork and files spread over it. His tall stature was hunched slightly, with his arms folded and confidence radiating from his façade. His hair was slightly ruffled thanks to my hand, and that sexy smirk refused to leave those lips. His eyes travelled the length of me. "You realise you're completely filthy?"

I hummed out a laugh, looking down at the dirty marks and rips covering my dress. "Yeah, well, I've had an eventful night," I looked back at him, "as I'm sure you've felt."

Eric gave a low chuckle. "I assume your town's troubles with the Maenad have concluded?"

"No thanks to you, I guess," I glared half-heartedly. "How did your meeting go?"

"With the Queen?" Eric shrugged. "I got little more information that Bill Compton hadn't already gained hours before."

I gaped, my mouth falling open. "You and Bill met with the vampire Queen of Louisiana?" I bit my lower lip and dropped my gaze from him. I grumbled to myself, "Can hardly compete with that…"

Eric flittered to stand before me in less than a second. He grabbed my chin between his finger and thumb. "You're hurt," he observed.

I shrugged, "Well, yeah, she's the Queen of Louisiana, Eric, and I'm just some stupid human you–"

"I meant your leg," he cut me short, an amused glint in his eyes. Blushing, I looked down, remembering that bitch at Merlotte's digging her nails around my ankle.

"Oh, yeah, it's nothing…" I mumbled, looking back up to face Eric. "Didn't you notice the other night?"

"Of course I did," Eric said bluntly.

My throat closed up a little. "Did you know how frightened I was tonight?"

Eric stared at me until he responded, "Yes."

I nodded dumbly to myself. I shouldn't have expected anything else. I went to stand but in a flash, Eric had my shoulder pinned.

"You didn't want this," Eric growled, pressing his body against mine, "remember? It was you that walked away."

"I never wanted to be your whore," I corrected. "I wanted to be with you."

"There's no difference."

"There's a world of difference, Eric!" I shouted back. "I can't let myself love you when all I would be is a casual fuck and a quick top up of blood!" I huffed, rubbing my temples in distress. "This…" I gestured to him and me, "This isn't right. I won't be nothing to you for the rest of my life." I bit the inside of my cheek. "It would kill me."

I shoved at Eric to stand and went straight for his office door.

It had been a stupid mistake coming here tonight. I knew better, knowing this was how the evening would turn out, nothing would ever change with Eric. I was certain now that the vampire could never learn to love. He was stubborn and cruel, cold when it came to humans and vampires alike. He showed kindness to only his kin, Pam and Godric. Sookie he protected as he benefitted from her gifts, as she proved in Dallas, saving his Maker from the Fellowship of the Sun. But me? I was simply a possession to him, a possession without feelings. To him, I needed no kindness.

I reached for the handle but the room spun before my eyes and I was suddenly face to face with Eric once more. He pushed me against the door, his leg between mine and my wrists pinned by his strong fingers. His breath tickled my skin and I cursed the goose bumps that run up my bare arms.

"I can't love humans," he started. "I can't, it's not in my nature. I never will." My heart fell to the floor. "But you're not just some human in Fangtasia I fucked, Melody, you know that!"

"I'm nothing more than a fangbanger to you," I tried to convince myself, my voice trembling.

Eric's voice lowered, growing rougher with frustration. "No, you're not. You're this stubborn, whining, insolate woman that confounds even me. I don't know what you are but I want to know. Tonight I found myself worried for you, on edge every time I felt your fear, your pain. You, Melody," he growled deeply, "are far more than some meaningless fangbanger."

I felt my breaths coming faster and my mouth becoming dry. "I said I wouldn't be your whore," I insisted, my voice wavering.

"I want you," he quickly admitted. "I want every fucking part of you. I want you limitlessly, every way, every night," he breathed hotly, his thumb rubbing the skin of my wrist. "I want your blood, your cunt, your mind, I want it all. It can't be wasted on anybody else. It's mine," Eric snarled. "You did this to me. You've made me like this. And I want you with me. I want you safe. I want you satisfied, every single night of your short, human life, craving me, and I want you to be happy about it. Does that sound like I simply want you as my whore?"

My breaths were racing out of my trembling lips and I whispered, "You do care."

"Yes, I fucking care," he agreed in a hiss, "and it's your fault."

Eric's fangs extracted and my legs trembled beneath me.

"Melody," He roughly dropped my hands, only to hold my neck and waist, "you are mine."

I gasped before Eric closed the distance, slamming his lips to mine. He broke into my mouth with his tongue and attacked mine, stroking it enough to make up for the lost time since he'd done so last. He wasted no time with his hands, sliding them up my bare legs, riding my dress up to my hips while I was too busy kissing him back. His growl slid between my lips when I bit his bottom lip, sucking on it slightly in desperate need. Eric's fingers dug into the skin of my ass, gripping it tightly as he lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist, keeping our lips connected as he moved us across his office.

Keeping his body pressed to mine, Eric used one hand to swipe everything from his desk, uncaring as his files and statements flew everywhere. He lay us down so our chests breathed together, moving up and down in unison. With my new found confidence after Eric's confession, I slid my hand down his chest and grabbed at his crotch, earning a lustful snarl from the Viking.

"My little vixen," he groaned. He flicked his tongue against mine, pulling a mewl from my throat. He chuckled deeply as his lips removed themselves from mine, only for his teeth to travel down my throat to my shoulder, nipping at the skin hungrily.

When his lips met the tattered fabric of my dress, he looked up at me with black, smouldering eyes before ripping my dress and bra away. He continued his path, nipping and sucking his way down my cleavage and across to my breasts. A husky gasp left mine as soon as his lips made contact, pulling and tweaking one nipple with his hand while he sucked on the other. I arched off the desk, moaning his name. The proud vampire chuckled as my breathy moans filled his office.

"Eric... Please..." I raked my nails roughly through his blonde hair. "Oh God!"

His expert lips teased my hardened peaks and the rush of blood sent shivers down my spine, soon becoming soaked with arousal that was slowly seeping through my panties.

Eric breathed in deeply and that seemed to be the last straw for him as before I knew it, he was fully defrocked at vampire speed.

As pleasurable as our first encounter had been, this was more, more of everything. Eric showed that he had meant his words with every movement. His hot, wet mouth trailed along my flesh until he was crouched down between my legs while I lay on his desk. With two nimble fingers, my panties were slipped down my leg and thrown to hang on the stock shelves. I looked down to see the lust in the Viking's eyes, how eager he was to see me spread out before him. Agonisingly slow, Eric slipped his fingers along my lips, savouring the image of me shuddering after one simple touch. With the length of his thumb, he grazed the skin over my nub, sending my head into a spin. My breathing became a mixture of gasps and moans as his stroking fingers dipped into my soaking core one after the other. He pumped me deliberately slowly, enjoying every single moan he coaxed from my lips. My naked body arched as he coiled his fingers, hitting the euphoric spot.

"Fuck, Eric!"

With a growl, my words sent Eric's mouth to dart between my legs, pulling at my clit until I was screaming. The sensation was both torture and heaven. My cheeks wriggled against the desk and my hips bucked, wanting more of every bit of Eric Northman. His tongue dipped inside of me, lashing deliciously until I came powerfully, earning a rumble from Eric's chest.

Coming down from my first high, I sat up as Eric stood, towering over my shaking body. With a coy smile, I gripped the length of him. His lips parted and his fangs extracted, staring only into my eyes as I ran my hand up and down his cock.

"Promise me this is mine?" I whispered.

In answer, Eric, grabbed the back of my head and bent to steal a searing kiss. His tongue danced with mine and I gasped out his name.

Unknowing, Eric guided his length to my wet entrance and slid into me at vampire speed. I choked out a cry, my eyes rolling back. Yes. Yes, this is what I had missed.

His firm, addictive body was pressed against mine at every angle, leaving not a single part of me untouched by him. Holding me to him, Eric lifted me from his desk to lay us onto his floor on top of our stripped clothes. He refrained from moving inside as he stared down at me. His hand shifted my thigh further up, angling himself better to steal a cry from my lips. The other stroked up from my navel and over my breast. With a quick tweak, it continued, trailing his nails over my throat until his fingers were pressed against my lips. Instinctively, I nibbled at the tips of his fingers, bringing his thumb into my mouth to lap at it with my tongue. Eric's mouth twitched in anticipation as did his cock sheathed inside of me.

"You are mine," he murmured huskily. "No one else ever gets to see this."

Dumbly, I nodded in agreement, frantically shifting my hips in desperate need of friction. Eric's hand left my mouth to cup my heat, pressing the tips of his fingers that I had soaked against my nub, causing my entire body to rattle in pleasure. In an instant, his touch was gone again.

"Who do you belong to, Melody?"

"You, always you," I mumbled quickly.

Eric smirked and kissed me, pulling my bottom lip. I whimpered, delirious with need.

"Eric, please!"

My hand came to rub my clit but it was batted away by the vampire on top of me.

"No, lover," he breathed. "All in good time. I want to savour this, you so willing, so needy…"

"Eric," I groaned underneath him, "I will willingly need you inside of me every night so I'm begging you…"

Eric's eyebrow arched at my choice of words, his smirk growing.

"Fuck me," I pleased, wriggling beneath him. "Remind me why I will never need any other but you. Show me exactly who I belong to, who my heart belongs to," my tongue licked at one extracted fang and I murmured, "who my cunt belongs to…"

Eric drew in for another searing kiss, approving of my words as he pulled out of my core sharply to pump himself back in. A rhythmic pace began and Eric's growls filled the room, the sound making my entrance slick.

Greek gods truly had nothing on Eric. His hard body rubbed against mine as we both moved, untied in our passion and desperation. My hardened nipples rubbed his chest every time he thrusted into my cunt, sending a new wave of please to join the sea of ecstasy I was experiencing.

"Eric... Fuck, I love you!" My moans evolved into the scrambled cries of my thoughts. Eric's hand moved to slide over my clit, bringing me closer and closer to the edge.

"You are delectable," Eric breathed out, groaning into the crook of my neck, continuing to pump himself into my tight entrance. "Melody, no one else…"

"No one," I agreed in a moan. "Yours. Always yours, Eric… Fuck, please…So close…"

"How desperate you are," Eric grounded, his human teeth nibbling and biting my shoulder.

"Harder," I moaned, tearing his back at my nails dug into his gorgeous skin.

"So tight…"

"Fuck, Eric…I can't…"

"Let go," Eric ordered in a groan. "Let me feel you come around me…"

His command got me seeing stars, blinding me as I shivered around him. My whole body seemed to squeeze around the vampire and I bit my lip.

"Let me hear you scream…" Eric snarled, his fangs biting into the crook of my neck. My throaty cries were hardly heard by the rush of the blood in my ears. A second wave hit me at the combined sensations and my legs wrapped around Eric, pressing his whole body deep into mine, as if we would become one.

Eric roared, his seed spilling into me, his body stiffening against mine as he came. My toes curled and my fingers raked his poor back, clinging to him for dear life, holding onto the euphoric orgasm as it hit me, over and over. Eric gasped into my skin, the blood dribbling over my breast while he held me tight.

Slowly, my body relaxed. My arms came to curl around him, drifting into a post-sex haze. Eric seemed reluctant to roll away from me but did so after unsheathing himself, only to bring me into his chest. Finally gaining his breath, the Viking bit into his wrist, kissing my temple before feeding me his blood. I let the metallic juice fill my mouth as if it were water, glugging it down until he pulled his wrist away. Eric stared down at my bloodied lips that altered into a dreamy smile. He chuckled, bending his head to dip in for a bloody kiss, licking his own life force from my tongue.

Eric shuffled his hand along the floor until he grabbed his jacket, moving it to cover part of my bare body. I thanked him with a kiss to the chest as he held me tightly in his arms.

The vampire chuckled, running his fingers over my arm. "Well, I won't say I'm not looking forward to getting used to this."

I smiled to myself, my mind hazy and my limbs aching.

"Will it always be this incredible?"

"You do wonders for my ego, Melody," Eric smirked. "But yes, if you wish it."

I snuggled deeper into his side, mumbling, "I do. This is all I've ever wanted, Eric. To feel this complete…"

He continued to tickle my arm, dancing his fingers over my skin. Eric glanced up at the clock on his wall and he groaned. I stretched my neck and frowned.

"What is it?"

As if to answer, Pam burst open the door and strode in, smirking down at our naked forms. I squeaked, hiding as much as I could under Eric's jacket while he lay there, completely comfortable in front of his progeny. His chest rumbled humourlessly as he stared up at Pamela while I glared at her from under his jacket.

"Don't you knock?" I mumbled bitterly, only achieving a puff of laughter from the vampire.

"I'm hurt that neither ya'll thought to invite me," Pam mocked us. "Sounded like fun."

I groaned, curling up closer to Eric whose hand rubbed at my arm soothingly.

"I was busy anyhow…" Pam continued, "'Scuse me for barging in on this delightful sight, but Eric," her gaze shifted from me to him, "it's almost dawn."

Eric sighed and eyed his progeny. "Always spoiling others' fun, Pam…"

"What can I say," she drawled with a smile, "I learnt from the best."

Eric spoke to her in Swedish and in his command, she left us. The vampire slowly released his breath, kissed my hairline then stood from his place. From under the jacket, I admired his naked body from the distance. His ass was beautiful, firm, sculpted. His stature was lean and athletic, his hair ruffled from our coupling. Hearing me giggle, the vampire turned his head and sent me a cocky smile before bending over to dress back in his bottoms. He left himself shirtless and edged his way carefully around me to reach for my hand, lifting me from the floor and handing over my dress.

"I have to go to ground," he explained as I climbed into my dress. Eric helped tie the sleeves neatly, kissing each shoulder once he'd finished one. "Stay here if you please, but I doubt you'll find it thrilling without me."

I laughed at his egotistical offer. "Thanks, but no thanks. My Aunt will be home tomorrow and I'd like to spend time with her, as much as I thoroughly enjoy your…company," I finished delicately.

Eric hummed, pulling my body up against his. "So I won't be seeing you tomorrow evening."

"Afraid not," I apologised.

"Return when you can," Eric ordered softly, placing a stray lock behind my ear, "and make it quick. I find myself craving you already."

I smirked and went towards the stock shelves, reaching for my panties that hung from a Tru Blood pack of four. Eric was already there, my panties dangling from his hand.

"Oh, I don't think so," Eric murmured, wrapping them into his fist to hide them from me. "I'll be keeping these as a souvenir."

I made to grab them back but he pulled his long arm out of reach. I huffed and he sent me a dazzling grin, teasing me as he swooped in for a passionate kiss. He released my lips as quickly as he'd stolen them, drawling seductively, "On your way then, lover."

With a blush in my cheeks, I rushed out of Eric's office, not before glancing back at the half naked vampire to keep as my own souvenir until next time. I couldn't help the large grin on my face as I hurriedly skipped past Pam. I ignored the laughter I left behind me from the lesbian while my mind raced with images of Eric. I was beyond happy.

I opened Fangtasia's door, heading for the car as the new morning sun hit me like a shower of bliss.

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