Hey everyone it's me Toadettegirl2012! I hope you enjoyed yesterday with the first chapter of Give me Your Hand, but anyway it's May, meaning it's time for some awesome Holiday Fun! To be honest I had no idea what to do for May, I mean there's mother's day, memorial day, and I thought 'ugh none of those days can be romantic in any way' so instead of picking a holiday in May I picked a holiday from the Pokémon TV show itself, called Princess Festival Day! I got it from episode 52 of Pokémon (it was aired in like 1995, and it took me a while to look it up…since you know I wasn't born in 1995) and after looking into it I thought it'll be a pretty cool topic to center this fanfic around (and if you want more information on this episode look up: Pokémon season 1 episode 52: Princess Vs Princess)

A Different Kind of Princess

By: Toadettegirl2012

(Fifth Fanfic in Holiday Fun Collection)

Summary: It's Princess Festival Day, the day where girls had the freedom to do whatever they please and boys became their mindless slaves for a day, at least that's what Ash has experienced during this holiday…but what if this time around it was different? What if this Princess Festival Day, he saw a different kind of Princess? Remake of Pokémon episode 52! Negaishipping! 5th fanfic in Holiday Fun Collection!

Chapter 1: Why Ash hates Princess Festival Day

(important: this will be mostly based around Ash's POV)

Ash sighs and continues to pace back and forth, the raven haired boy dreaded today, he had begged for it no to come but of course it did anyways.

Cilan watched his friend pace back and forth in the lobby of the Pokémon Center they were staying at, "Um, Ash is something the matter?" Cilan asked when his friend had started to mutter to himself.

Ash looked up, "Of course there's a problem!" he said in a rather loud tone, and then continued to pace.

Cilan sweatdropped, "Uh, would you mind sharing your problem?"

Ash sighed, "Cilan it's May 8th! (TG2012: I decided to use today's date...cause I could) Don't you know what that means!" but before the connoisseur could answer Ash continued, "Princess Festival Day!

"Princess Festival Day?!" Cilan said in a rather alarmed tone as he jumped up, "it can't be!" he took out a pocket size calendar and flipped through it only to find that it was in fact Princes Festival Day, "oh thanks for reminding me Ash, I have to get going!"

"Wait what?! Why?!" Ash wondered

"Cress and Chilli are waiting for me at the Striaton Café, and today's the Princess Festival day special," Cilan informed as he hurriedly grabbed his bag, "all three of us are going to have to whip up a whole bunch of food for all our female visitors we'll be having today,"

"But Cilan wait!" Ash said rushing after his friend as he hurried through the Pokémon Center's door and into the crowded streets of Striaton City where they had deiced to stay for a while.

"I'll see you later Ash!" Cilan called, as he hurried into the crowd of people, "and have fun with Iris today!"

"BUT CILAN!" Ash yelled, but his connoisseur friend was already gone, the raven haired boy heaved a sigh, "well it looks like it's just you and me again buddy"

The Pokémon atop his shoulder gave a happy "Pika pi chu!" and gave a cute but mischievous smile.

"Oh stop it, I know how much you love Princess Festival Day," Ash muttered with annoyance. The only reason his male Pikachu like this holiday was because while his trainer had to carry tons of boxes and bags the electric mouse got to get smothered in hugs, kisses and squeals as girls who had never seen a Pikachu before and were clawing at him from left to right, begging for a turn to hold and cuddle the "cute" and "darling" electric mouse.

As the raven haired trainer and his Pokémon started to make their way back to the Pokémon center Ash couldn't help but feel out of place with all the girls crowding the streets. Being that is was Princess Festival Day all the girls in Striaton walked to and fro through the streets of the city and what seemed like hundreds of females, young and old, were flocking to malls, boutiques and other girly shops to enjoy the day where females got everything for free! The girls walked in massive packs (as girls do when there out and about)all laughing and smiling with their group of friends all wearing outfits and make up they had gotten for free or at an extremely low cost at whatever shopping center they had been to and seemed to be having a grand old time!

Ash shoved his hands in his pockets, "Princess Festival Day is so unfair," he muttered to his Pokémon who sat on his shoulder, "I mean all Princess Festival Day is, is a day were girls get to have the freedom to do whatever they wanted and they get everything for free! And do you what to know what guys have to do all day long?"

Pikachu gave a sigh, already knew the answer since Ash had gave him the same speech every Princess Festival Day ever since they had been friends, but none the less gave a halfhearted "Pika?"

"Girls get to do whatever the hell they want, while guys have to trail behind them like mindless zombie slaves caring all their girly crap for 24 hours!" Ash finished throwing his hands in the air with frustration.

And it was true trailing behind every pack of girls that filled Striaton city's streets was one or two males caring boxes and boxes of stuff his female companions had collected in what seemed like an endless shopping spree. Most looked miserable and exhausted as they carried all the boxes and bags and most times lagging way behind (as much as 10 feet) the group of girls in which he was assigned to for the day. And even though it was only roughly past 8:30 most girls had a guy caring enough boxes of shoes to last her a life time!

"Will you hurry up Jason!" came a sassy sounding voice, Ash and Pikachu turned to see that the voice belonged to a blonde girl that had just emerged from a hair salon. She was quickly followed by two other females who were sporting green and pink hair. All three of the females' hair was shining and shimmering with perfection from the highlights and the identical ponytail style hairdos they had received from the hair salon which matched their outfits that were the same color as each girl's hair.

"Yeah hurry up, Jason!" the blond girl's friend repeated in unison placing their hands on their hips

"We have to hurry the mall across town is opening at 9:00 and we can't be late or all the good stuff will be taken and then we'll have to wait for those lazy employees to restock everything up again!" the blond informed over her shoulder, the girls only waited for a few seconds before the blond one seemed to lose her patience.

"UGH! That slow fool!" the blonde girl said stomping her foot, "ugh come on ladies, forget that dumbass and let's keep moving, were wasting time just standing here!" and with a flip of her ponytail she started sashaying away with her friend's close behind.

Ash watched the hair salon's door, only to see a guy, probably a little older then himself, stumbled out of the shop. He was caring so many boxes and bags that Ash couldn't make out his face, all he could see was the guy's curly brown hair.

"Um, uh coming ladies!" he called up to them, it was visible that his arms were trembling under the weight of the boxes. Just as he said this three Minccinos, which Ash assumed belonged to the three girls due that all three Chinchilla Pokémon wore bows matching the girls hair colors, ran quickly past him, almost making him fall, and each of them quickly scampered up and then leaped into the girl's arms who's hair color matched its hair bow. The group of girls giggled and squealed as they cuddled their cute Pokémon, before yelling in unison:


"R-Right of course…uh ladies could you please slow down?" he asked as they girl's ahead of him picked up the pace, Ash watched the boy give a sigh as he moved as fast as he could and at the same time balancing the items in his arms.

Ash cringed knowing that in about half an hour that would more than likely be him. Ash trudged back to the Pokémon Center and then leaned against the building and heaved out a sighed, Princess Festival Day, ugh why did today have to be Princess Festival Day?! Ever since Ash had started his journey to become a Pokémon Master he had always dreaded Princess Festival Day! And it was because of one jackass girl he had traveled with, Misty! The raven haired boy could still remember how that horrible Princess Festival Day with Misty like it was yesterday! It had started out with Misty ripping his bed sheets off his bed and loudly waking him up at like 5 am, she was all happy and excited for the special all girls' holiday. After she nagged him to get dress he was dragged out into the streets of whatever city or town they were staying at, and after that he forced into a shopping center. Then the shopping would start, store after store, mall after mall bag of bag of clothes, shoes and other shityass girly things were piled into his arms. Ash remembered how he would beg for Misty to hurry up, ask for a break or asked if she could carry something, but all that got him was a pinch on the ear and a yell from that red head freak to hurry up and walk faster! Carrying all her crap around all day long for Misty was torture! If he dropped something or left something somewhere Misty would forcefully and rudely order him to go back and get it. That only resulted in him dropping everything he had piled up in his arms, and while he tried his best to hurriedly pick everything up he got his ears yelled off by Misty who would cuss him out because her "precious merchandise" was getting all dirty on the ground!

Ash had also remembered how he had snapped about two hours into Misty's shopping spree, and they had busted into a full out argument, but alas the raven haired boy didn't win the argument. Misty had put on this big act causing a lot of people to stare at the water type lover as she worked up some alligator tears and starting yelling that he was being mean and cruel to her on Princess Festival Day! When he tried to explained that it wasn't true, no one listened and they all took Misty side (mostly because all the people that were staring were female) in result of that Ash almost got his ass beat by a whole bunch of angry women! To keep his body from being torn apart Ash was forced to apologize and had to say "Princess Misty" and a whole bunch of other shit for no Arcues damn reason! The raven haired boy was partially a slave to that red head devil girl, all day he lugging her stuff around and was forced (between angrily clenched teeth) to call her 'Princess Misty' when he was talking to her. But the most absolute horrible thing that happened that day was that he hardly got anything to eat for lunch! And Misty just sat in front of him stuffing her face with food as if to be taunting him while he sat there practically starving to death! After lunch, the shopping started again and even though Misty would say one last store Ash was forced to into fifteen other stores instead!

After the brutal torture of caring boxes and bags, nearly passing out from hunger (twice) and being bossed around all day Ash was totally wiped out! All he wanted to do was eat as much as his stomach could hold and crawl his achy tired body into bed, but of course Misty wasn't done yet, since she was trying to make the most out of Princess Festival Day. The last few hours of Princess Festival were totally uncalled for! Ash had to sit and watch as Misty came in and out of the bathroom wearing and showing off all the cloths she had gotten that day. And as much as he rather gouge his eyes out with a plastic spoon, Ash had no choice but to just sit there and watch it. If he didn't Misty would come and yell at him. Since his head was killing him he didn't want to hear Misty angry voice ringing in his ears anymore. It may had been over 30 outfits but he watched Misty flaunt and pose in all of them, that was before he got too tired and passed out on his bed out of pure exhaustion, that was all he remembered from that awful day.

That Princess Festival Day cursed all the other Princess Festival Days to follow for Ash. With all the females he traveled with every Princess Festival Day he spent with them turned out just about the same. But none could have been worse than Princess Festival Day with Misty, ugh he hated that red head freak!

Ash sighed, deciding not the think about the awful day with that red head; he had other things to think about, like how he was going to go about this year's Princess Festival Day. As much as the raven haired boy hated this holiday he had made up in his mind that today he was going to be the perfect…helper that a girl could have on Princess Festival Day. Not because he wanted to, no that wasn't it at all; it was because he wanted his female traveling partner, Iris, to be happy…no he wanted her to enjoy herself…no that wasn't right…he wanted that purple haired girl to…to….

'Oh who am I kidding?' Ash thought to himself in slight agitation.

He knew why he wanted this day to be perfect for Iris, it was because, even though he hadn't admitted it to anyone but Pikachu, the raven haired boy had a pretty big…no a huge crush on the purple haired girl. He wasn't really sure when this crush for Iris had developed but he didn't care, just the sight of her walking by made his stomach fill with that butterfly feeling. And wither he was talking or battling with her he'd always goof up in front of her which caused her to laugh that lovely laugh of her's and then she'd call him a little kid…which totally wasn't true…well most of the time. Over all, Ash thought Iris was perfect, she was nice, funny beautiful and she loved to have fun! Iris didn't care about getting sweaty or getting a smug or dirt on her clothes and didn't get all super excited when it came to shopping….which even for Ash, found this tomboy's behavior a bit odd.

'I mean the only time I've ever seen Iris dress up is when…she wanted to get back at those Flower Pargade girls,' Ash thought then smiled as he remembered how pretty Iris looked all dressed up in that green dress.

But he quickly shook his head as he tried to remember what he was supposed to be thinking about. He wanted to make Iris happy today, since it was Princess Festival Day he wanted to make Iris notice him. So in hopes of impressing the purple haired girl the raven haired boy had made a promise to himself.

Ash had promised to himself that today, he was going to make Iris the happiest princess on Princess Festival Day! Which may or may not come very easy.

"Now like I said Pikachu," Ash started looking over at his loyal companion on his shoulder, "all I have to do is be the perfect little….er um…helper for Iris and be nice to her…and carry all her stuff and…ugh today's going to be awful!" he cried holding his head in his hands.

"Pika pi chu," Pikachu said giving his trainer an encouraging smile, reminding him that he was doing it for his crush, Iris.

Ash sighed, "Right, I can do this, I can do this…I just hope my arms don't fall off like they almost did last year with Dawn and-"

"Ash!" the raven haired boy turned just in time to see Iris coming out of the Pokémon Center door, her lovely smile spread across her face.

"Hey, Iris," Ash said with a small wave, but was greeted with a punch in the arm, "Ow! Iris what was that for?"

Iris giggled "That's for not waking me up, I mean it's almost 9 am I can spend all day sleeping, right Axew?"

"Ax axew ax!" cried her dragon type companion who popped out of her mass of purple hair

(TG2012: Just so you know Axew and Pikachu won't be mention for a while but will pop up again toward then end of the fanfic)

Ash smiled "Er, right…uh so you ready to get started?"

"Started?" Iris asked as the two started walking the crowded streets of Stration, "Ash what do you mean-"

But Iris was cut off as a girl wearing an extensive amount of bright pink cloths run into her, "Hey watch were you're going!" she said in an unpleasant voice, "you almost ruined my new jacket," she wiped invisible dust off her pink jean jacket before continuing to walk.

"Well that was rude," Iris muttered, "ugh and why are there so many people on the streets today?"

Ash sweatdropped, "Uh…Iris don't you know what today is?"

Iris looked back at him slightly confused, "Uh...it's Wednesday right?"

Ash laughed a bit, "Er, yeah but today is-"

"Excuses me, miss," in front of the two stood a Nurse Joy, but instead of being in her normal work dress and apron she was dress in skinny jeans, a T-shirt that cut off right above her belly button with an Audnio on it and had her pink hair flowing down her back, "don't forget today's Princess Festival Day, and this year Startion City was chosen to hold this year's annual Princess Of Unova Pageant!" the pink haired lady held out a pink flyer, "it's starts today at 2:00, all females can participate, so don't miss out on this opportunity to become this year's Princess of Unova!"

Nurse Joy placed the pink slip of paper into Iris's limp hand before walking off with a group of other ladies nearby.

"Whoa, I never thought Nurse Joy would walk out in public without her uniform on, right Iris?" Ash said, but he didn't receive and answer, "Iris?" he asked turning only to see his friend still looking ahead and the pink flyer hanging limply in her grasp.

"Uh Iris are you-"

"T-Today's Pri-Princess Festival Day?" Iris asked her voice sounding small, she then turn to Ash, "why did you tell me, Ash?"

Ash blinked, he wasn't expecting that, "Y-You mean you didn't know today's Princess Festival Day?"

Iris briefly looked down at her shoes and then looked back up her mouth in a straight line, "I guess it just slipped my…that's all,"

Ash frowned slightly, 'I thought every girl in the whole world knew when Princess Festival Day was,' Ash thought, but then quickly shook his head as Iris looked at him. Those big brown eyes of hers glittering and her face once again a smile.

"Alright then, since its Princess Festival Day," Iris said placing her hands behind her back, "why don't we have a bit of fun?"

Ash sweatdropped, "Um…what kind of fun?"

A smirk curled on Iris's lips, "Don't worry about it," Iris grabbed Ash's wrist, "and come on it's time for Princess Festival Day, Iris style!"

There you go the first chapter! I hope you liked it, and sorry if it was a bit short I was going to make it longer but I didn't so…Anyway I hope none of you Misty lovers were offended by what I said about her, but in my opinion I strongly dislike Misty…but if you hate Misty, we'll just hate Misty together throughout the rest of this fanfic!

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PPS: Misty will pop up again in this fanfic again…hehehehe…;)

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