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Chapter 10: Round 3: Beauty and Talent pt 3

Ages: Iris:14 Ash:14

"And that's it Mienfoo is unable to battle!" a Nurse Joy called, "Emolga and Elesa are the winners!"

The crowd cheered as the electric type gym leader waved. When the cheering died down Elesa came over and shook the trainer's hand.

"You and your Mienfoo did a good job," Elesa said, to the disappointed trainer, "but better luck next time,"

The defeated trainer just nodded before heading off to the Pokémon Center to heal his Mienfoo.

"Wow, already Elesa's already battled about ten trainers," the green haired girl said

"Yeah and only two trainers were able to beat her," the pink haired girl said

"Well, I'm about to trainer number three to win!" Ash exclaimed

"A-Are you sure you'll be able to win Ash?" the green haired girl asked

"Because Elesa is very strong!" the pink haired one pointed out

"You guys don't have to worry, besides I'm at my best when I'm battling," Ash said with a confident smile.

"Alright, I'm ready for another battle!" Elesa called to the crowd of people, "I need a trainer to come up and show me how bright you and your Pokémon can shine!"

Being next in line Ash quickly ran towards his place on battle field, "Okay, Elesa I'm ready to battle!" he shouted

"Good to see a trainer with such a bright fighting spirit," the blond supermodel said with a smile, "if you ready to battle show me what Pokémon you're going to use,"

"Alright, I chose-" Ash started but he was quickly cut off when he felt tugging on his pants legs.

Looking down he saw Axew and Pikachu looking up at him. Both Pokémon had the look of determination on their faces.

"Both of you want to battle, huh?" Ash asked to the Pokémon

"Pika chu pi"

"Ax axew ew!"

The Electric Mouse Pokémon and the Tusk Pokémon responded

"Well I can only use one of you guys," Ash said, he then turned to Pikachu and gave him a pat on the head, "sorry buddy, but your electric type moves won't work on Elesa's electric type Pokémon, and we can't only use Quick Attack and Iron Tail, so I'm going to have to go with Axew on his one,"

"Pika…" Pikachu said in disappointment

"I'll use you for another battle," Ash said, he looked up from his Pokémon and faced the gym leader, "but as for now, Axew I chose you!"

"Ax axew!" the dragon type cried as he leaped on the field, all fired up for battle

"An Axew," Elesa said but then titled her head to the side, "hold on haven't I seen that Axew before?"

Ash nodded, "Yeah, this is Iris's Axew,"

"Oh you mean Iris Dragonlight, the girl that's in first place right now?" Elesa, questioned

"Yup, that's the one, she's letting me hold on to her Axew for a little while," Ash informed

"Well that's nice of your girlfriend to let you use her Pokémon," Elesa said with a smile

"G-Girlfriend?!" Ash repeated his face turning bright red, "what no I-Iris isn't my gi-girlfriend…I-I mean well she is a girl t-that's m-my friend b-but w-we're not…I-I uh…d-dating-"

"Right of course she's not your girlfriend!" Elesa said sarcastically, the gym leader laughed, "for what I've heard, you and Iris in the woods sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" the gym leader and a few other in the crowd couldn't help but giggle

(tg2012: I'm sorry, even though it made Elesa sound like a six year old, I had to add that! I mean they were up in a tree kissing, so…)

Ash felt his face burn as he thought back to that morning when he was up in that tree with Iris. He remembered how fast his heart was beating and how soft her lips were against his. But he also remembered how him and Iris were the only one there.

'So…t-then how did anyone else find out about that?' Ash thought

"Ax axew ew ax!" the little dragon type shouted, he wanted to battle already

"Looks like that little cutie is all fired up!" Elesa said turning the attention back onto the battle field, "and I remember watching this Axew battle and it's tough, so I'm going to let my best Pokemon shine," the Nimbscca city Gym leader whipped out a pokeball, "go Zebstrika!"

In a bright flash the zebra like Pokemon appeared on the field.

"ZEEEBSTTRIKA!" it cried as it's mane glowed bright yellow

Ash bit his lip, 'Damn, not Zebstrika!' Ash thought knowing how powerful that Pokémon was, 'Axew and I have a large size disadvantage…and Axew doesn't know any ground type moves to counter Zebstrika's powerful electric type moves…looks like I'm just going to have to trust the moves Axew does knows and hope for the best,'

"Alright, let the battle between Zebstrika and Axew begin!" Nurse Joy announced

"Alright Zebstrika, let's start off easy," Elesa said, "use Stomp!"

Zebstrika cried it's name as it raised it's hooves high in the air.

"Quick, Axew, dodge it!" Ash commanded

As Zebstrika's powerful hooves came down Axew nimbly moved out of the way causing Stomp to miss.

"Nice dodge," Elesa complemented, "Zebstikra, again, Stomp!"

"Axew, dodge again!"

As Zebstrika used Stomped, Axew dodged out of the way. This happened three times, Zebstrika would use Stomp and Axew would be commanded to dodge.

"Wow, that Axew is a fast little fellow," Elesa said, she smiled, "well that means it's time to step it up a bit, Zebstrika let's go use Thunder!"

"Zeb zebSTRIKA!" the electric type Pokémon let loose a powerful blast of electric energy

"Alright, Axew, we're done playing defense," Ash said, "give it anything you got and use Dragon Rage!"

Axew jumped up into the air and charged indigo energy in his mouth before unleashing a powerful Dragon Rage attack. Axew's Dragon Rage and Zebstirka's Thunder collided, but Thunder was too strong for Dragon Rage to withstand. The Thunder broke through an Axew was hit head on!

"AX!" Axew yelled as it was badly shocked by the Thunder attack

"Axew are you okay?" Ash asked, in response the dragon type got to his feet and nodded

"Zebstrika and I aren't holding back," Elesa informed, "Zebstrika use Flame Charge

The Thunderbolt Pokemon pounded the ground with it's hooves causing a thick cloud of dust to fly in the air. Then a split second later it broke though the dust, cloaked in bright red flames

"Wait for it, Axew," Ash said, Axew obeyed even though the powerful electric type was coming closer and closer each second, "now, Axew dodge!"

Without hesitation the Tusk Pokemon leaped out of the way of the Flame Charge attack. With so much momentum pulling it forward Zebstrika had not time to stop and it slammed into the ground, as it's attack missed.

"Quick, Axew, while it's down, use Dragon Rage!" Ash commanded

Axew cried it's name before he let loose the powerful blast of dragon infused power.

"ZEEB!" Zebstrika cried out in pain as Dragon Rage made a direct hit

"Alright Axew!" Ash cheered

"Wow that Dragon Rage, shines brighter than the sun when it lands at full power," Elesa said, obviously impressed, "but our light is far from dimming," the supermodel's Zebstrika got to it's feet, "Zebstrika, go use Wild Charge!"

Zebstrika screeched it's name as it covered itself it bright, crackling electricity before rushing towards Axew at full speed

"Axew quick, counter," Ash said, "use Giga Impact!"

The Tusk Pokemon charge up power until he was outlined with a bright white light, he then cried his name before he launched himself at Zebstrika. Both powerhouse moves collided and pressed against each other. Each Pokemon focused all their power on making their move break through their opponents. But the power, pressure and intensity were too much and there was a large explosion!

Ash shielded his face with his arm as bits of the battle field flew in every direction and smoke filled the air, "Axew!" Ash shouted as he watched the small dragon type Pokemon fall from the cloud of smoke and tumble to the dirt, covered with bruises, "Axew are you okay? Do you think you can keep going?"

"A-Ax…" Axew groaned as he slowly struggled to push himself up, he was panting and sweating and was obviously injured from the attacks

'Damn it, after using a move like Giga Impact, Axew's going to need some time to regain his energy,' Ash thought as he surveyed Axew's condition, 'I just hope Elesa doesn't-'

But Ash didn't have time to finish his thought as through the thick cloud of smoke he heard Elesa call, "Zebstrika, keep up the pressure, use Flame Charge!"

The sound of pounding hooves were heard before the Thunderbolt Pokémon burst though the cloud of smoke, cloaked in flames. Having no time to react Axew was hit head on with the fire type move.

"AAAXXX!" Axew cried as he was slammed hard into the ground

"Axew!" Ash shouted

"Now, Zebstrika let's knock their lights out," Elesa said, "finish this use Stomp!"

"Axew, please if you can counter with Scratch!" Ash called

As Zebstrika raised it's mighty hooves, Axew raised his claws. Axew cried his name as he got ready to slash his claws at the hooves that were coming down on him. But as he charge energy for the move Scratch his claws didn't gleam that normal white color instead they glowed bright indigo purple?

Iris growled as she ripped another sheet of paper from the notebook and crumpled it up. She tossed it into the mini mountain of papers that sat at her feet. As she drummed her pencil against the notebook the frown on her face deepen, she closed her eyes as she continued to think but this only made her more upset.

"UGH! I JUST CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING!" Iris exclaimed as she threw her arms in the air in frustration, an anime vein popping out of her head

Zorua, who had been sitting at her feet while messing with the crumpled up pieces of paper, sweatdropped and backed away from the angry teen. Faith and Hope also sweatdropped as they gave nervous glances at Iris; they both knew she was ticked off, and they also knew Iris had every right to be ticked off. For a while now the purple haired teen hand being sitting, notebook in hand, trying to scribbling down ideas for her performance for round three, but it was obvious that she wasn't getting anywhere. This was because every few minutes Iris would growl loudly in frustration before she would rip out a piece of paper, crumple it up and throw it on the floor.

"I've been sitting here, trying to think of something for my performance but I just CAN'T!" Iris yelled, "UGH! I'm super stressed out because every minute I spend trying to think of something the less amount of time I have to actually put the performance together!" Iris sunk to her knees and buried her face in her hands, "Oh…this is hopeless!"

"Don't give up yet Iris," Faith said as she rested her hand on her shoulder

"Yeah all you need is a little inspiration," Hope added

"Well…could you two give me some inspiration?" Iris asked lifted her face from her hands

"Er…um no, it's against the rules for us to give you any ideas for your performance in round three," Hope informed

"All we can do is your hair and makeup and also help you with what the stage for your performance will look like," Faith added

Iris sighed, "How about you Zorua?" the purple haired teen scooped up the black fox like Pokemon up in her arms, "can you give me some inspiration?"

The Tricky Fox Pokemon looked up at Iris with a look of confusion. Inspiration? Zoura didn't know what inspiration was. So Zorua squirmed out of Iris's grasp and landed on the floor, it started to go after one of the crumpled pieces of paper on the floor. But as it ran up to bat it, Zoura lost it's balance and went tumbling right into Iris's purple suitcase.

"My suitcase," Iris said crawling over to it, "I haven't opened it yet, hey, maybe it has something in there that will give me an idea for my performance! Oh thank you Zoura" Iris grabbed the pokemon and squeezed it into a hug, "you're a genius!"

The Tricky Fox Pokemon knew what a genius was and was happy to hear that complement. It giggled it's high pitched mischievous grin before it squirmed out of Iris's grasp and when to go play with the paper wad.

"I wonder what's inside," Faith said as Iris started to unzip it

"Well there's only one way to find out," Iris said, she held her breath a bit as she lifted the lid.

Sitting inside the purple suitcase was a black rectangle box. It almost took up all the space in the suitcase, it was rather thick, and by the looks of it the box seemed rather heavy. But what was interesting was that the near the top of the black box there was a hallowed out section. In the hollowed out section there was a small wheel that had many holes in it.

"What is this thing?" Iris asked, as she lifted it from the box, "ugh, it weights a ton!"

"Hm…I'm not sure what that thing is," Faith said as she pushed her glasses up her nose, "but whatever it is it looks like a rather interesting piece of stage equipment,"

Zoura, finding the new object in Iris's hands rather interesting, discarded the paper it was playing with a slowly approached it. The Tricky Fox pokemon came up and sniffled the object, but in the process it's nosed hit a small button that read 'on'. The black box suddenly made a soft humming sound and began to vibrate somewhat. Zoura gave a small cry before it jumped back ad began to growl at it, but there was no reason to attack it because as the humming continued the little wheel in the hollowed out section began to spin and suddenly bubbles floated out of it.

"Oh, wow!" Iris exclaimed, "it's a bubble machine!"

"Oh how cute!" Hope exclaimed clapping her hands

As bright bubbles drifted around the storage house, Zoura began to hop up swatting at them and Faith and Hope squealed and giggled.

Even though the bubbles were pretty and all Iris couldn't help but sigh, "Ugh…this bubble machine is nice and all," she turned the machine off, "but it doesn't give me a single idea for my performance,"

"Well…you have to think of something," Hope said

"And you have to use your bubble machine," Faith added, "it's part of the rules,"

Hearing this made Iris groan even louder, but she said nothing as she got to her feet. The purple haired teen started to pace about the room as she focused on her thoughts.

'Come on Iris, think! You have to think! Think of something, anything that could be a good idea for your performance! If you don't you'll run out of time, you'll look like an idiot up with nothing, everyone will laugh, Misty will win and then everyone will-' Iris stopped herself as she took a deep breath, let it out, 'No, Iris stop you just need to relax, you need to calm down. All you've been doing for the longest of time is freaking out because you can't think of anything. You need to start from square one and approach this problem differently,'

Iris stopped pacing as she grabbed the notebook and pen and sat down, 'First what am I good at…,'quickly Iris scribbled down a few things.

Climbing, running, battling, gymnastics and thing of that nature.

"And dancing I guess," Iris added as she also wrote that down, "yeah I'm good at those things,"

'Now all I got to do is figure out how I can use the things I'm good at, plus the bubble machine to make a performance,' Iris thought, she got up started pacing again as she stared at the list she had created, 'But how am I going to do that? I have no idea how any of these things can work in a performance! Ugh, Iris you have to be quick, you're wasting time! AUGH, no stop stressing yourself out, you need to calm down and think I mean an idea isn't going to fall right out of the sky-'

"WWAAHHH!" Iris suddenly cried, she tripped over Zoura and went flying forward. The dragon loving teen toppled into a box, knocking it over.

"You okay, Iris?" Faith and Hope asked

"Ugh…I'm fine…" Iris said as she sat up, Zoura sheepishly sweatdropped before it came and licked her cheek to say sorry, "I'm okay Zoura," Iris patted it's head with a smile

Iris began to sit up but then stopped seeing that the contents of the box had spilled all over the floor, there were a bunch of CDs. Sitting before her was a CD case and it had a title written across it.

"Cinderella," Iris said as she picked it up, then smiled as an idea came to her mind

(Tg2012: And yes, this is the song Cinderella by the Cheetah Girls. Oh and just throwing this out there, don't you guys remember when you couldn't live without a CD? Now a days CDs don't even exist anymore! Ha!)

"AAAXXEW!" Axew cried as he slashed his claw, which was glowing bright indigo, at Zebstrika's Stomp attack

"ZEB!" Zebstrika cried as it was thrown back to the ground

"What happened?!" Elesa asked as her Thunderbolt Pokemon struggled to get up after being thrown ot the ground

"That was…Dragon Claw!" Ash excalmed, "Axew you learned Dragon Claw!"

"Ax…" Axew muttered as he slowly got up, he gave a weak look of determination to his opponent as if to tell it he wasn't done yet

"Well a new move is one way to brighten up a battle!" Elesa exclaimed with a smile, "but let's see if your light can shine even brighter, Zebstrika Thunder!"

"Axew dodge!"

Zebstrika let loose the powerful electric type attack. It headed straight towards Axew, but even with little strength he had, Axew dodged the attack.

"Now Axew Dragon Rage!"

Axew shot the dragon type attack at Zebstrika. It made a direct hit!

"ZEB! ZEBSTRIKA!" the black and white striped Pokemon cried as it was knocked to the ground

"Now finish Axew, Dragon Claw!"

"AXEW!" Axew charged up energy until a large indigo claw formed over his small hand. He leaped high in the air before landing the attack, with full power

"Zebstrika!" Elesa cried, as the dragon type move sent her pokemon skidding across the ground before it ran into the wall with a thud "No!" the Thunderbolt Pokemon was out cold

"And with that Zebstrika is unable to battle," Nurse Joy announced, "Ash and Axew are the winners!"

"Alright Axew, we did it!" Ash cheered as he couldn't help but run over and give Axew a hug, "we won for Iris!"

"Ax axew," Axew said smiling, even though it was tried and injured

"Wow, you were amazing," Elesa said as she approached Ash, with a silver ticket in hand, "you shined even brighter than your girlfriend Iris,"

Ash felt his cheeks grow hot, "Er…um I-Iris she isn't m-my girlfriend…" Ash stammered

"Riiiight," Elesa said, obviously not believing him

"We're not dating I-I swear We're just….I-I mean…" Ash sighed, seeing that there was no changing the gym leader's mind, "er um thanks for the ticket," Ash said taking the slier slip of paper

"You're very welcome," Elesa said she then turned to the crowd of awaiting trainers, "Alright, who's up next? I'm ready to see if another trainer can shine like the sun!"

"Alright you two," Ash said to Pikachu and Axew (who magically just became all better…) "I got one ticket down now I got only two more to go,"

"Ash, you did an amazing job battling Elesa," the girl with pink hair said approaching the raven haired teen

"Thanks," Ash said as he carefully placed the sliver ticket in his back pocket, "I may have looked easy but trust me it was…"

But Ash let his voice trail off as he noticed something. The pink haired girl was here but her green haired friend was over in a corner of the large crowd of trainers. She was standing with a blond girl, who looked oddly familiar, who seemed to be talking to her. Whatever the blond girl was saying seemed rather important because the green haired girl seemed to listening closely. After a few moments the girl with blond hair stopped talking and then with a simple nod the green haired girl just left the park!

"Um…where's your friend going?" Ash asked, seeing the green haired girl disappear around the corner and the girl with blond hair walk off as if nothing happened

The pink haired girl blinked, "Oh, my green haired friend? She said she's going to the bathroom,"

"But she was talking to some other girl with blond hair," Ash pointed to the area he just seen the green haired and blond haired girl, "and then she left the park!"

The pink haired girl's eyes seemed to look worried for a moment before she turned to look at the area ash was pointing at, "I-I don't see anyone," she said

"Well yeah, because both of them just left a moment ago," Ash pointed out

The pink haired girl turned back to him, and looked confused, "My friend said she was going to the bathroom…are you sure you saw her?"

"Oh…well I-I think-" Ash started but Pikachu tugged on his pants leg

"Pika pi chu," Pikachu said pointing to the battle felid Skyla was at

"Right, we need to keep battling if we want to get those two other tickets," Ash said heading over to the field

As the pink haired girl followed she couldn't help but smile mischievously to herself.

"This is perfect! Perfect! Absolutely perfect!" Iris exclaimed as she hugged the notebook to her chest and spun around in a circle.

The last half hour had been rather productive. After finding that CD, Iris's mind had been abuzz with great ideas for her performance for round three. Already she had planned what the sage would look like, picked out stage lighting with the help of Faith and Hope, made a few selections of outfits and she even made up some cerography for her performance!

"Well looks like someone a lot happier," Faith said as Iris hopped around the room

"Zor Zoura" chirped with a nod of it's head as if to agree with the glasses wearing women

"Yeah I know and it only took me an hour!" Iris exclaimed, feeling happy that she had made up for all that time she had spent looking for her special area and thinking up ideas, "I so excited with all the ideas that I think I might actually be able to beat Misty and win this whole pageant!"

"That's the spirit!" Hope said, "but bear in mind that it's already 5:00, that means you only have two hours left until round three starts,"

"And you still have to finalize the outfit you'll be wearing, the makeup, hair style and the Pokemon you'll be using," Faith informed

"And don't forget about the bubble machine," Hope added, "you still need to figure out a way for it to be in your performance,"

"Yeah, yeah I know," Iris said, "but I'm so psyched I feel like I have all the time in the world!"

The purple haired teen was so excited that she found herself doing cartwheels all over the storage house. She was having so much fun she didn't even notice Zorua, snoozing on the floor. Not seeing the Tricky Fox Pokemon Iris stumbled over it.

"WAHHH!" Iris cried as she flew forward, she set her hands out to catch herself, but she knew her landing wouldn't be too soft because she was heading right for her suitcase, which had that heavy bubble machine in it. Iris braced herself to feel the bubble machine hit against her hands but to her surprise she found that her landing was soft.

Iris looked to see that when her hands landed on the suitcase, her hands pressed inward against the fabric like lid instead of staying firm like she thought it would. Iris blinked, as she felt the lid, she didn't feel the bubble machine!

Iris felt panic fill her as she quickly unzipped the suitcase, "What the-!?" Iris just stopped and blinked, the suitcase it was empty, "the bubble machine is gone!"

"What?!" Hope and Faith asked, they both came over to the purple suitcase to see that Iris was right the suitcase was in fact empty

"Were did it go?!" Iris exclaimed as she franticly looked around for her special item, "it couldn't have just gotten up and walked off!"

"We'll start looking around," Hope said

For the next few minutes with the help of Hope, Faith and Zoura, the purple haired teen looked high and low all over the storage room for the bubble machine. As the minutes ticked by Iris couldn't help but grow more and more nervous. That bubble machine was her special item, if she didn't use it in her performance there was no doubt that she'd loose major points when judging time came!

"I can't seem to find it anywhere," Hope said to Iris after about ten minutes of searching

"Me either, " Faith informed, "are you sure you put it back, Iris?"

Iris nodded, "I'm positive, and I didn't even touch it ever since!" the purple haired teen turned to the Tricky Fox pokemon at her feet, "did you find anything Zorua?

"Zour…" the pokemon said sadly, and the Pokemon had really tried to look. It had transformed into a Pidove to fly about the room, a Gurrder to lift up heavy objects and a Solosis to squeeze into small places.

Iris sank to her knees, "Oh…this is awful! How am I supposed to do my performance without my special item?!" she covered her face, "there's no way I'm winning now,"

"Hey, don't give up hope yet," Faith said

"Yeah, Faith and I can go look around this area for your bubble machine," Hope said

Iris looked up, "You guys can do that?"

The twins nodded, "Of course, it's not violating the rules," they said

"B-But what if I happen to find it while you guys are out looking?" Iris asked

"If you happen to find it, call us, okay?" Hope said as she unclipped her Xtransceiver from her wrist and held it out to Iris

Iris gave a smile as she took the communication devise, "Alright, thanks,"

"No problem," Faith said and then pointed to the Xtransceiver she had on her wrist, "and if we find your bubble machine, we'll make sure to call you,"

Iris nodded and the twins were off, Iris took a breath, "Alright, Zoura," she said to the Triky Fox Pokemon, "it's just you and me, we'll look for a few more minutes alright?"

"Zour Zoura!" Zoura said, before giving a sneaky laugh and then doing a flip and transforming into the purple haired girl that stood before it

Iris couldn't help but smile, "Thanks Zoura, now let's look,"

"Pikachu, let's finish this," Ash shouted, "Use Thunderbolt!"

"Pika CHHUU!" the electric mouse exclaimed as he sent bright sparks of electricity towards his opponent

"Oh no, Swoobat!" Skyla cried as her flying type got hit head on with the electric type attack

"Swoo…" the bat like Pokemon groaned before plummeting to the ground, out cold

"Swoobat is unable to battle!" Nurse Joy announced, "That makes Pikachu the winner, this battle goes to Ash!"

"Alright, buddy we did it!" Ash said happily as he ran out to the field and scooped up his Pikachu

"Pika pika chu!" Pikachu said also happy that he had won the battle against Sklya, he hopped onto Ash's shoulder

"Wow, your Pikachu sure knows how to throw his opponent off their feet!" Skyla said as she approached Ash, a sliver ticket in hand, "you did an awesome job battling me, here's a sliver ticket,"

"Thanks," Ash said to the flying type gym leader, accepting the sliver slip of paper, "alright I got another ticket!"

"Ax axew!"

"Pika chu pi!" the two Pokemon cheered

"All I gotta do is get one more win," Ash said, but then he frowned, as he scanned the crowd of people, "hey where's that girl?" he muttered, he wanted to show the pink haired girl the ticket he had won.

"Ax! Axew ew!" the Tusk Pokmon on one of his shoulders said, he pointed towards a small less crowed place in the park

Ash looked to see the pink haired girl, but it wasn't only her. It was also her friend the girl with the green hair, the raven haired teen made a face as he watched them. The one with green hair seemed to be telling something to the girl with pink hair, it must have been important because the girl with pink hair was nodding every few seconds. As the green haired girl talked she reached down and picked something up, it was a shopping bag which Ash assumed was from a high end shopping place due to the bag's elaborate design, after saying a few more words the pink haired girl's eye widened somewhat. He guessed the bag belonged to the pink haired girl because she took it from her friend without hesitation and gave a smile an…odd smile.

"I wonder what their talking about," Ash said to himself and started to make his way over but he was quickly stopped as he bumped into someone

"Hey, watch it!"

"Oh, sorry I-" Ash started to say but he cut himself off as he looked at the person he had ran into.

It was that girl, that blond girl from the hair salon this morning. It was the girl who was part of Misty evil little group of followers, that girl that talk smack about Iris in Forever 21 and the same blond girl that was with the green haired and pink haired girl before they decided Iris wasn't as bad as everyone thought she was.

"I know you," Ash said

The girl with blond hair narrowed her eye at Ash; "Well I certainly don't know you!" she rudely shot back

Ignoring her rudeness Ash continued, "Aren't you that girl that talked to me at Forever 21?"

The girl stopped, thought for a moment, and blinked, "Maybe…wait…aren't you the guy that's dating that jungle girl weirdo…oh what's her name…Violet?"

"It's Iris," Ash corrected, he then blushed, "and er…um w-we're not da-dating…uh-"

"Good, I bet she'd be the last person in the world anyone would want to date," the blond on scoffed

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with dating Iris, and she's not a jungle girl weirdo," Ash pointed out

The blond haired girl scrunched up her face, "Oh…so you are dating that freak, ugh figures, Princess Misty said you'd go for the ugly crazy ones, guess she was right as usual!"

"What did Misty say?" Ash asked, trying to hide his burning anger for the red head, "Iris isn't crazy or ugly she's-"

"It's Princess Misty and you should date someone practical," the blond girl said cutting him off, "like the beautiful Princess Misty!"

(tg2012: I threw up in my mouth a little when I typed that out...)

Ash made a face, "Over my dead body!"

"Figures," the blond girl said with a shrug, "Princess Misty said you weren't normal, you probably aren't even worth her time! Besides she has tons of guys lined up around the block at Cerulean City waiting to date her!"

Ash ignored that comment; "Forget about Misty," Ash said changing the topic

"It's Princess Misty," she snapped

"Whatever, now can I ask you a question?" Ash asked, not waiting for her to say yes or no he asked, "Aren't you still friends with the green haired and pink haired girls?"

"Who are you talking about?" the girl asked

"Those two girls over there," Ash said pointing towards the area where he had spotted the two. He blinked as he realized that the pink haired girl had vanished and now there was only the one with green hair standing there, "were did-"

The blond haired girl suddenly laughed, "Those two?" she seemed to remember them, "Ha, after they decided that the jungle weirdo Iris was better than Princess Misty, I dumped those two as BFFs,"

"Then...why did I see you talking to the one with green hair, earlier?" Ash inquired as he watched the green haired girl start to amble back over to where he was

"Talking?" the blond one asked, she rolled her eyes, "You have the wrong girl, I-I'd never talk to them!"

"Are you sure?" Ash question, "because I'm pretty sure I-"

"I'm positive," the blond girl insisted, she started to walk off, "now I gotta go, I have other more important things to do,"

With that the blond haired girl walked off, her nose high in the air.

"I see you were talking to my ex-best friend," the green haired girl said, approaching Ash

"Well not really," Ash said, "she's not really good at holding up a conversation-oh hey, were did your other friend go?" Ash asked, remembering that the pink haired girl was gone

The girl with green hair blinked, "My f-friend?" she repeated

"Yeah, I saw her walk off with a bag or something?" Ash said

"Oh, that? Those were just some clothes that she left back at a store when we were shopping this morning," the green haired girl said quickly, "she just went to go put them somewhere safe,"

"Oh…" Ash mumbled, "er…well okay…hey look I got another ticket!" Ash said showing her the additional ticket that he had won

"That's wonderful!" the green haired girl said, smiling, "all you have to do is beat the last gym leader and get ticket number three right?"

Ash nodded, "Yup!"

"Alright everyone!" called Nurse Joy, who was on a microphone at the front of the park, "our lovely judges are down to their final tickets! Skyla had five tickets, Elesa has three, and Roxie only has two more silver tickets remaining, so if you want to vote for your favorite competitor in Princess of Unova Pageant you better hurry,"

"Oh no, I have to hurry if I want to get that third ticket!" Ash cried before he hurried over to the battle field Roxie was at, with the green haired girl following him

"How did that get here?!" Iris wondered aloud as she stared down at the object that was now in her suitcase.

For a long while the purple haired teen had been looking all over for her missing bubble machine, but couldn't find it anywhere. She was about to give up when Zoura grabbed her attention. The Tricky Fox Pokemon had bounded towards the door, which had strangely been opened a little bit, and was growling and barking it's name at it. Iris had gone over and poked her head out, but found that nothing was outside the store house, when she gone back inside something caught Iris's eye. It was her purple suitcase, it had moved a little ways from where she had left it and the lid has halfway unzipped. Iris went to inspect it and was surprised to find that her suitcase was no longer empty! No, it wasn't her bubble machine it was a small pouch, about the size of her hand, sitting in the suitcase.

Iris reached down and retrieved the item from the suitcase. She found that it was rather heavy, she opened the small pouch to see many small green orbs filled the entire pouch. Each orb was about the size of a pokeball that had been shrunken down to it's miniature state.

"I wonder what things are," Iris said as she took one of the green orbs from the pouch. She held it between her thumb and pointer finger and gave it a small squeeze, Iris giggled, "It's squishy,"

"Zor?" Zoura muttered as it got close and sniffed the object

"I don't think it's food Zoura," Iris informed holding the green orb out of the Pokemon's reach in cause it was thinking about trying to eat it.

But as Iris did this, she didn't notice that she added a bit more pressure onto the object with her fingers. Unfortunately upon doing this the green orb made a sharp popping sound and suddenly a cloud of white smoke exploded in Iris's face.

"WAAHH!" Iris cried in shock and then she coughed and sputtered as she waved her hand in front of her face in attempt to get rid of the white substance. Within five or ten seconds the white smoke evaporated into the air all by itself, "W-Wha…what are these things?" Iris asked, catching her breath from the sudden shock

"Zour…" the Tricky Fox Pokemon growled at the pouch of green orbs

"Don't worry Zoura, it didn't hurt me," Iris told the Pokemon, patting it's head, "but I better call Faith and Hope about this,"

Iris then turned to her Xtransceiver and after pressing a few buttons called Faith's Xtransceiver, "Hey, Iris," Faith greeted as her imaged popped up onto the screen, "did you happen to find the bubble machine?"

"No," Iris responded, "but I did find these little green thingies," iris held up one of the green objects to the screen

"Were did you get those from?" Hope asked, her face appearing on the screen as well

"I don't know where they came from," Iris explained, "they just ended up in my suitcase somehow, I don't know what they are, but they do explode and send white smoke in the air,"

"White smoke?" Faith repeated, "Wait…that means those are the smoke bombs,"

"Smoke bombs?" Iris asked

"Yeah, you see before Nurse Joy assigned us to our special area spots she told all of the helpers for round three what the items in all of the suitcases were," Hope explained, "she said there was a box of assorted flower petals, a bubble machine, and a pouch of smoke bombs,"

"But I had the bubble machine," Iris said as looked down at the pouch in her hands, "how did the smoke bombs end up in my suitcase?"

"I have no idea," Faith said

Iris frowned, "Someone must of switched out my bubble machine for these smoke bombs!"

"You think so?" Faith asked

"Yeah, and I kinda have an idea who did it to" Iris said as she frowned, "Misty,"

"But how? None of the other contestants know where your special area is," Hope said

Iris's frowned deepened, 'Hope was right. It wouldn't have been possible for that red head jerk to take her item and switch it out if she didn't know where her special area was,' Iris thought 'Besides, theses smoke bombs could have been that Jacey girl's and she could of done it. But who knew for sure?'

"Can't they you two find a way to just make them give me a new bubble machine?" Iris asked, hopefully

"I'm afraid not," Hope informed, "there's only supposed to be one of each item in each suitcase and since we didn't know what item was in which suitcase we wouldn't be able to do anything about it. Even if you did say your bubble machine was switched out for one of the other contestant's smoke bombs, we'd have no proof,"

"Then what am I supposed to do?" Iris asked the twins

"I guess…just find a way to work with the smoke bombs," Faith suggest

"Ugh…" Iris groaned as she glared down at the pouch of green smoke bombs, "how am I going to do that?"

"Don't worry you'll think of something," Hope encouraged

"Yeah, and since there's nothing we can do we'll head back to the storage area alright?" Faith said

"Okay, bye," Iris said as she hung up the Xtransciver, Iris sighed as she looked down at the green smoke bombs, "great…now what am I gonna do?"

What will Iris do? Who took her bubble machine? Will Ash win his last silver ticket? And why are the green haired and pink haired girl acting so…odd? Find out in the next chapter of A Different Kind of Princess!

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