Moulin Rouge 2

By Arron Philip

Based on the 2001 film 'Moulin Rouge' by Baz Luhrmann


Once upon a time, and years ago, there were some girls who put on a show. They flashed some skin and spread some joy, but the main attraction met a boy. They fell in love so secretly, although her owner paid his fee. Her controlling Duke was not best pleased, but now he's gone and she's deceased.

This boy's song carried so far, dancing with the moon and stars. His song crossed the pond and hit the front page. Now one man ignores love and only wants a wage. He travels to the song's source, searching for the truth of course. What sweet dove inspired such words? What stupid fool immortalized foul birds?

The papers want to know her story, and the inspiration of this song's glory. Satine is dead and Christian's gone, leaving behind only a song. A journalist gets a job, and the job is huge. "Investigate the Moulin Rouge." fun, seduction, lust and joy, ignore all of the above. We no longer care for freedom, beauty, truth and love. Get the scoop and the job is done. It's all work and not all fun. But what would happen if he meets a new sparkling diamond on these streets? I guess til then we'll never know. Ladies and gentleman take your seats... and let's start the show!