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The Future Black

Chapter 1: Black, Bellatrix Black


It was a mild September night, the corridors of Hogwarts stood dark and silent. The portraits were fast asleep and only the resident ghosts sometimes graced its passages. The girl hid in the alcove as one passed across her path, she watched it vanish into the opposite wall and kept her gaze fixed on that spot for a few moments, waiting to see if it would pass back through.

When she was pleased that the spirit was long gone, she slid back out of the shadows and carried along her way. She skipped through the corridors of the dungeon without a care in the world then began to hum to herself, caring little for the number of rules she was breaking, rules meant nothing to her, she thought herself above such restrictions.

The hairs on the back of her neck began to stand on edge, someone was following her, another student, if it had been a Professor they would have called out and stopped her. She growled lowly to herself and turned a corner where she waited with wand in hand for her follower. She didn't have to wait long and was soon upon the other student as they rounded the corner, she pushed the other pupil up hard against the wall. Lighting her wand she pressed it against their neck.

The light revealed a Slytherin girl with thick long light brown curly hair, dark yet soft eyes and pale skin. "Bella." She says softly, unthreatened by the wand at her throat.

"Andy." Bellatrix lightens her grip on her younger sister and lowers her wand. "What are you doing following me?" She snaps.

"I'm a prefect remember? I was doing my rounds when I saw you skulking about. What are you up to?" Andromeda flashes her prefect badge on her robes, which Bellatrix rolls her eyes at.

"I was talking a stroll." Bellatrix said innocently, her hand coming up and playing with a stray curl in a bored manner.

Andromeda quirks her eyebrow in suspicion. "At night after hours?"

"Best time to do it." Bellatrix cocks her head to the side and gives her sister a look with seemingly big innocent eyes. It never worked of course, Andromeda knew her sister far too well to know she was anything but innocent, but Bellatrix did it anyway, purely because it annoyed her little sister.

"We've only just got back and you're already trying to get yourself into trouble?" Andromeda sighed as her hands came to rest on her hips.

Bellatrix scoffed at the motion and turned her back on her sister, pretending to look at the portraits. "I won't be in trouble if you don't tell… And you won't, will you?" Her gaze shifted back to her sisters, giving her a hard cold glare.

"No… Of course not." Andromeda relaxed her posture, admitting defeat before the fight had even begun.

"Good… Then run along sister, I'm sure there's someone else you can bother." Bellatrix smirked and turned on her heels to leave.


"No buts! Leave me alone with my thoughts."

Andromeda reached out and grabbed Bellatrix shoulder softly, who stiffened in response. "Bella… You're not as alone as you think, you'll always have me and Cissy. We can help-"

"No, you can't…" Bellatrix whispered over her shoulder before shedding Andromeda's hand. "Goodnight Andy, and don't follow me again." Without another word Bellatrix storms off and turns a corner, leaving Andromeda alone in the dark. 'And you're wrong… I am alone, it's better that way… For both you and Cissy.' Bellatrix thought as she hurried along her way, putting distance between herself and her younger sister.

Leaving the dungeons, she kept to the shadows as she made her way through the school, trying to decide what to do tonight. 'Hmm could order the kitchen elves to make me a snack then grab a book in the restricted section… Or I could break into Gryffindor tower and… Redecorate… Again.' A smirk graced her lips as she remembered the last lot of commotion she caused, it had taken them days to remove the Slytherin colours and they still hadn't found out what happened to all the mudblood's clothing.

She treated the school as her own private playground, reigning terror from the darkness, despite her sister's assumption, she rarely got caught causing trouble, no her housemates although terribly dim-witted, made excellent scapegoats. One of the perks of being a daughter of the noble and most ancient house of Black was that everyone coveted her favour, they came to her with the illusion that one day she'd repay their loyal service to the Black family. 'Fools.'

'On second thoughts… Not been to the lake since I've been back.' Finally deciding on a destination, Bellatrix took the next right and followed the corridors that would eventually lead her to the school grounds. Taking extra care she slipped out of the castle and made her way slowly across the grounds, doing well to stay in the shadows as much as possible to avoid the eyes of any professors who might chance a glance outside. It didn't take long for Bellatrix to reach the Black Lake, she walked casually along the shore until she found her favourite spot, a single tree that overlooked the water's edge with a rocky perch nearby that provided adequate seating.

Sitting on the edge of the perch, she laid back and stretched, looking up at the clear night's sky. A full moon hung in the night's sky made up of countless dark blues and blacks, there wasn't a single cloud in sight staining nature's canvas allowing all the stars to bathe her in their pure celestial glow. In the distance, coming from deep within the nearby forest, she heard the howling of the local pack of wild wolves crying out to each other.

"Awhooo!" Bellatrix cries out and smiles when they howl again in response. She stretches her arms above her before then tucking her hands behind her head and lets out a small yawn and starts to rest her eyes a little.

After a while the air starts to turn cold and Bellatrix is soon woken up as the cold nips at her skin, frowning to herself she sits up and pulls out her wand, with a small flick she casts a small heating charm around herself. Just as she lays back down she spots something moving out of the corner of her eye. 'Andy! What did I tell you?'

Bolting back up, she looks around towards the castle… But nothing, no one is there. Blinking in confusion she surveys her surroundings but doesn't notice anything out of the ordinary, until, her eyes fall upon the edge of the Forbidden Forest. A whitish figure obscured by the trees.

Anyone else might have been afraid, or weary. But not Bellatrix's instead she was curious and more than slightly annoyed at being disturbed. She gets to her feat with her wand in hand and mutters a quick spell. "Lumos."

Slowly she moved towards the forest, trying to make a little sound as possible to betray her presence as she hoped to use the element of surprise on whoever or whatever was beyond the trees. As she drew closer the figure became clearer, it was a woman… Or was a woman, whoever she used to be was dead and here stood her spirit. 'The ghosts don't usual venture far from the castle… What is this one doing out here?' Despite knowing a ghost was little threat to her, she still kept her wand high as she passed through the tree's, entering the Forbidden Forest.

"Toujours pur, my child." The spirit said without looking back at Bellatrix.

Bellatrix stiffened, frozen in place by the use of her family's motto. "How dare you use my family's motto to greet me!? Insolent spirit! And I am no child!"

"Your family?" The spirit sounded amused and chuckled softly to herself.

Scowling, Bellatrix took a step closer. "Yes! My family, I am-"

"Bellatrix Black, first of her name. Firstborn daughter to Cygnus Black the Third and Druella Black née Rosier. Yes my child, I know who you are." The spirit interrupted with an arrogant tone of voice that made Bellatrix's jaw clench.

"For the last time I am not a child!" Bellatrix spat out, unfazed by the spirit's familiarity with her, everyone knew who she was, it was common knowledge. Even the lowliest of mudbloods knew much about her, after all… She personally educated some of them in that subject.

"Oh but you are." The spirit slowly turned around, revealing what would have been a stunningly beautiful woman, who Bellatrix's couldn't help but think she looked somewhat like her. "For all Blacks are my children. I am Morgan le Fay, or more importantly, Morgana Black, founder of… Our family." Morgana stood there with an arrogant regal-like posture while a smirk played about on her lips.

Bellatrix stared intensely at Morgana, unsure if to believe the spirit or not. Sure she had a lot of the physical characteristics that ran strong in her family, but that didn't mean that the spirit in front of her was the legendary dark witch. Also as far as Bellatrix knew, there was no accurate images depicting Morgan le Fay only vague accounts, combine that with Bellatrix's untrusting nature, she was inclined not to believe her. "And I'm meant to believe that a crazy spirit wandering the Forest is my ancestor? Please… Don't insult my intelligence."

To Bellatrix's slight surprise, Morgana just smiled. "I didn't expect you to believe me Bellatrix but neither is your belief required. For you will do my bidding regardless." Her voice turned cold and sharp as she narrowed her eyes.

"Oh is that so? Well good luck with that because I'm leaving." Bellatrix scoffed, she tried to make a move and leave but Morgana rose her hand. A glow encased Bellatrix, freezing her in place. "Hey! Let go of me!" Bellatrix shirked as she tried in vain to move.

"I think not." With a wave of her hand Bellatrix lost the ability to talk. "Now be a good descendant and listen closely."

Morgana eyed Bellatrix closely and began to pace around her with her head held high. "As I'm sure you know, I was as powerful a seer as I was a dark witch and I have seen our future. For a thousand years our line has stood strong, powerful…" She tone was one of pride before it started to grow darker. "But future events will come to pass that will bring forward the destruction of the house of Black." Morgana stopped circling Bellatrix and stood face to face with her, barely inches away. "But you Bellatrix… You are my direct descendant, a prodigy, you can change our inevitable future… But, alone you will not succeed, you'll need help and this help resides with a girl, her name is Hermione Granger. Only together will you be able to save the house of Black. Use any means necessary… Now go… Go and save our family."

Without saying another word or freeing Bellatrix from her spell, she reached out, placing her hand over where Bellatrix's heart was and started muttering an incantation. Bellatrix felt herself grow warm as her vision blurred, her lungs started to burn as she struggled to breath, her heart was racing at unworldly speed. Then agonising pain came, she felt as if she was being literally ripped in half, if she could make a sound she was sure she would have ripped her throat apart screaming. Just before her consciousness faded, she felt the strange sensation of her whole body seemingly being lurched forward just as the world turned black.


It was a bright sunny September day and Hermione was sitting on her favourite spot as she studied, a rocky perch by the Black Lake with a single tree nearby overlooking the water's edge. The two boys, as usual, were busy avoiding doing any work and instead were having a mock duel. Shaking her head and sighing, she carried on doing her potions homework that Professor Slughorn had set them, scribbling away about the properties and history of grounded Dragon horn. 'At least they are giving me some peace to finish it.'

"Mione!" Ron called out. 'Or not…' Hermione thought and sighed softly.

"Yes Ron?" Hermione called back without looking, keeping her concentration on reaching the end of her seventh bit of parchment.

"Put down that homework and come duel for a bit."

Hermione gripped her quill tighter in annoyance and scribbled faster. "I can't Ron, I've only done six and a half parchments for Professor Slughorn."

"What? Bloody hell we only got that homework an hour ago!" Ron shouted in surprise.

"Hermione it's not due in till next Wednesday." Harry spoke up next, siding with Ron as usual.

"For your information Ronald! We got this almost two hours ago, and I want it out of the way as soon as. Merlin knows how much work the Professors will be setting us over the next few weeks, I don't want to fall behind, you shouldn't either!" Hermione snapped back defensive as she ranted about homework.

When the boys didn't reply, Hermione believed they had given up. Smiling to herself she carried on writing away. 'For the last three centuries ground Dragon horn has been a vital ingredient in the making of-' Her line of thought stopped suddenly when something wet hit the side of her head, soaking her and her homework. Her mouth hung over and she snapped her head in the direction of the boys standing together, Harry was holding his forehead and shaking his head, while Ron scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly.

'I don't believe they just did that! My homework's ruined!' Jumping to her feet she casted a quick drying spell on herself then tried to dry her homework which turned out to be only partly successful. Hermione groaned at the thought of having to start over but first, she needed to give someone a good scolding.

Turning on her heels she marched over to the boys. "Alright, who did that? Ron? Harry?" She snapped as she got closer.

Ron smirked and pointed at Harry who jumped back away from the redhead. "Hey don't blame that on me, I told you that wasn't a good idea." Harry said quickly as he adjusted his glasses.

"Ronald! You ruined all my hard work!" Hermione snapped angrily.

"Sorry Mione… I didn't mean to hit your homework too. Just wanted to give yourself a break." Ron smiled weakly, which Hermione shook her head at, feeling slightly upset at his actions.

"How is dowsing me in water giving me a break? I'm going to have to do that all again now!"

"It… Only took you a couple of hours… I'm sure you'll catch up again in no trouble." Ron said cheekily, trying to be positive and encouraging but it just annoyed Hermione further.

"That's not the point!" She shouted as she took a step forward.

Harry realising Ron was making matters worse for himself, tried to intervene. "Hermione, calm down… Ron just wanted to duel for a bit."

Hermione snapped her eyes to Harry, taking a deep breath she nodded. "Ok then."

"Ok?" Ron repeated, believing he had just been let off he smiled warmly at Hermione.

"Duel." Hermione stated flatly as she whipped out her wand.

Ron eyed up her wand, realising she was still angry he took a step back. "I've err changed my mind now I think and-"A deafening crack and a flash interrupted Ron followed by a swirl of black robes landing on top of the redhead.

"Hermione, what did you do?" Harry said sounding slightly amused as he moved towards his friend.

"Nothing… That wasn't me." Hermione replied with a shocked tone of voice, looking very confused as she approached.

A low groan came from under the pile of black fabric, as Hermione got closer she was surprised to see an extra set of limbs. 'Oh Merlin, I didn't do that did I? I mean I'm sure I didn't but-' Hermione lost track of her line of thought when she almost bumped into Harry who was staring down at Ron, she was just about to speak when she saw what had rooted Harry in place.

The extra set of limbs weren't the result of an unknown spell effecting Ron, instead Hermione saw that a female student with thick long black curly hair was laying on top of a very bashful Ron. "Er… Hey… You ok?" He asked in a bewildered tone, making no move to move the girl from on top of him.

The girl made a muffled groan against Ron's chest and looked up slowly at the smiling redhead, she blinked in confusion for a few seconds before making a disgusted face and pushing herself up hard off Ron's chest, winding him before she scampered to her feet. Twirling hysterically around on the spot the black haired girl whipped out her wand in the blink of an eye, she kept frantically switching between pointing it at Harry and Hermione as she breathed heavily with a glazed expression on her face.

For the first time, Hermione was able to get a good look at the girl. Aside from having the thick black curly hair that came to her shoulders, she had large eyes that were as dark as her hair with thick eyebrows to match. The darkness of her features stood out on her pale smooth complexion, the only bit of colour in sight was the crimson red of her lips, from the looks of her Hermione guessed the girl to be roughly their age between sixteen and seventeen years old. She was wearing a thick outdoor robe on top of a light grey jumper which had just a dash of silver and green around the collar, a black skirt that came just above her knees finishing with a pair of grey socks and plain black shoes.

Harry drew his wand in response and both he and Hermione prepared to defend themselves against the girl. Ron who had seemed to have snapped out of his bashful and confused trace, jumped to his feet with wand in hand ready to help, standing not far behind the girl. But it seemed his help wouldn't have been required, the girls eyes suddenly rolled back as she started to fall forward. Hermione was closest to her by then and saw what was coming before it happened, moving forward quickly she caught the girl in her arms as she collapsed and passed out.

"Who is she?" Harry asked as he slowly lowered his wand.

"I don't know, never seen her before. But she's a Slytherin student." Hermione replied as she struggled to stand up with the weight of the girl resting against her. "Ron stop gawking at her and come give me a hand."

"How can you tell?" Ron questioned as he took a hold of the girls other arm and placed it around his around. "They are unlike any house robes I've seen before."

"She's got green and silver woven around the collar of her jumper. Now come on, we need to get her to the Hospital Wing." Hermione said quickly as she got a firm hold of the mysterious girl.

Ron groaned and muttered something about helping a Slytherin. "Can't we just… Levitate her there?"

"She's got a skirt on Ronald! I'm sure she won't thank you for showing of her undies to half the school!" Hermione snapped and threw him a dark look when he looked like he was about to make a cheeky comment back.

Harry took point after quickly gathering all their things then together the three of them led the mysterious girl up to the castle, ignoring the looks and whispers of the students they passed. The girl seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness, moaning and groaning as they led her up the castle path.

"Ughhh… Whoever… Just touched… My ass… Try that again and I'll… Hex you into oblivion." The girl growled out quietly before seemingly passing out again.

"Ron!" Harry hissed and rolled his eyes as he looked back at the redhead.

"Hey! It wasn't me!" Ron snapped back in defence.

"Err… Sorry, accident." Hermione mumbled out as she blushed in embarrassment.

As they entered they castle they heard a voice that they couldn't ignore. "You three! What's happened here?" Professor McGonagall's thick Scottish accent carried across the corridor as she glided towards them with her trademark stern face.

"We don't know Professor, there was a loud crack and a flash. Then she just appeared and collapsed shortly after, it was like she apparated here." Harry said unsure of himself as he scratched the back of his head.

McGonagall looked at Harry with a slightly annoyed look. "You know full well Mr Potter that no one can apparate into Hogwarts."

"We know Professor, but that's what it looked like."

Professor McGonagall approached the girl and lightly lifted her chin to get a good look at the unconscious girl, the old Professor's eyes widened slightly and released the girl. "Take her to the Hospital Wing quickly. I'll fetch Professor Dumbledore." McGonagall said quickly then rushed off in the direction of Dumbledore's office.

Hermione looked at Harry and Ron who seemed to be as bewildered as she was, with a shrug the trio then carried on their way to the Hospital Wing. They hurried along up the stairs as fast as they could without hurting the girl till they reached the first floor and made their way across the hall, and through the large pair of white wooden doors which led into the Hospital Wing.

Madam Pomfrey was sitting at her desk when the trio came in, she immediately sprang to her feet when she saw them and without a word and indicated to a bed. She was used to the trio coming in and had come to learn that the best thing to do when they were involved was to just get on with it. Hermione and the others walked over to the bed Madam Pomfrey was standing beside, and slowly Hermione eased her onto it, laying her down softly on her back and taking a step back as Pomfrey moved close to inspect the girl.

Just like McGonagall, Pomfrey's eyes widened when she got a clear look of the girl. "What happened?" She asked as she took a hold of the girl's wrist and started checking her over.

The boys just shrugged, leaving Hermione to explain this time around. "We're not sure Madam Pomfrey, she just appeared out of thin air then collapsed after trying to get to her feet." Hermione said calmly as she watched the nurse carry out some basic checks on the girl.

Pomfrey didn't look up as she lifted the girl's eye lids gently and checked her eyes. "I see, has she said anything?"

"Only for Hermione to stop touching her-" Ron began to say cheekily but received a quick elbow in the side before he could finish the sentence.

"Ron!" Hermione hissed out looking at Ron as she turned red before turning to address the nurse. "No Madam Pomfrey, well not really, nothing of Importance... She spoke once before passing out and hasn't come back round since."

"Hmm..." Pomfrey carried on making checks as she pulled out her wand and muttering a few spells in between her physical examinations of the girl. Pomfrey soon ushered the trio to move further back when they got in her, the boys were fixated on the girl, and Hermione could see why she was indeed very beautiful. Yet something was bugging Hermione, both McGonagall and Pomfrey had looked shocked when they saw the girl. 'Do they know who she is?'

Hermione turned her head when she heard the sound of familiar voices approaching, the double doors opened wide and in stepped Dumbledore and McGonagall, who were still locked in conversation but soon stopped when they looked up over at Hermione and the boys. As they made their way over to the bed Pomfrey met them half way and whispered something that Hermione couldn't make out, Dumbledore nodded his head and approached the bed, walking past the trio while McGonagall stood beside them.

"So this is the young girl who appeared by the lake." He said softly to himself as he leant over to look at her, peering over his half-moon spectacles. "Interesting."

"Is it her Albus?" The older witch asked nervously as she wrung her hands.

Dumbledore said something under his breath that no one heard and nodded as he looked at McGonagall. "I believe it is Minerva."

"But… How is that possible?"

"I dare say your guess is as good as mine, but perhaps she can shed some light on the matter. Poppy is she stable enough to be woken?" Dumbledore asked as he look towards the matron who nodded hesitantly.

"Is that wise Albus? Given who she is?" McGonagall stepped forward, giving Hermione and the boys a quick frown.

"Perhaps, perhaps not." Dumbledore replied and regardless of what he thought, he pulled out his wand and aimed it at the girl's temple, a bright warm light lit up her face and moments after she took in a deep breath.

Her dark eyes began to flicker open as she groaned, the girl brought her hand to her temple and rubbed it before turning her head to the side and looked at the Professors, a frown appeared across her brow. "Whatever's happened, it wasn't me." She said in a cold defensive tone of voice.

Dumbledore chuckled softly and smile. "For once I'm inclined to believe you. But I'd like you to do something for me, can you please confirm your name miss?"

The girl's eyes narrowed on the headmaster and clenched her jaw. "What kind of stupidity is this? You know who I am sir!" She snapped, everyone excluding Dumbledore flinched at the tone she used at the headmaster.

"Miss-" McGonagall began to say sternly but Dumbledore cut her short with a raise of his hand.

"We just need to check to make sure you haven't suffered any concussion and know who you are." Dumbledore stated calmly.

"As if I could ever forget!" The girl spat out in defiance then scoffed. "Fine. Black, Bellatrix Black."

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