Voldemort's Pet By DJay

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This is my first fanfic posted. In response to Nagini's 1st Challenge This is the first chapter will probably be edited later and maybe even a flash back added.

"Finite Incantem" The magical bonds disappeared and Harry drew himself up from the bed, his dead eyes cast downward and his raw wrists settling in his lap as he sat upright. He sat there, naked as the day he was born while his Master slowly dressed himself, to caring enough to even try to leave let alone get dressed.

"Harry, my pet." The harsh voice drawled and he tensed slightly, all the motion his exhausted and sore body would allow.

"Boy, look at me!" The voice commanded and obediently his eyes lifted toward his Master.

There, now fully dressed stood Lord Voldemort in all his red-eyed glory, leering at the tense, downtrodden young man sitting on his bed, among the emerald sheets.

"Pet." As he addressed him Voldemort drew closer savoring the dull green eyes and submissive look on his 'pet's' face. "You will come again tonight, 8pm, be here or you know what will happen."

"Yes Master." The hoarse, rarely used voice croaked, still raw from screaming, soft & low in the large chambers. Voldemort sneered and left but not before instructing Harry to get something to eat and some rest for tonight and one last quick "Crucio"

Harry heard him instruct a Death Eater in the hallway to make sure he followed instructions, before he headed off. From where he lay, the distant ceiling was fussy, he mused while he stayed there, too weak to get up. "I wonder where my glasses are?" He whispered. The last time he had seen them was the night of his capture. His long black hair was flung around him, it hadn't been cut in four years. He slowly reached out for the piece of string that he was allowed to have in order to tie the long hair back. Harry pulled his hair back and tied it in a ponytail, wincing as he so, Voldemort had a fetish for pulling his hair.and his still hurt.

The door was pushed open, and the Death Eater stood at the door looking for him, with his slave just behind him. He found Harry, so changed form his school days, and an expression of pity and even a little remorse flittered across his face. His face straightened up and with a slight sneer on his face, conflicting with the look still in his grey eyes, he motioned his 'pet' forward. She brushed past him and started to carry out her instructions.

"Oh Harry." She sighed in sorrow, helping him up and to put on his few clothes. He stood there dull-eyed, not caring that it was his best friend Hermione and her master Draco Malfoy seeing him naked. It had happened many times before and it didn't bother him any more, he just couldn't find the energy to care.

He slowly got up and stumbled toward the doorway with Hermione's support and Draco led them to the cell in which Harry was to remain while Voldemort still wanted him. Other times he was 'kept' by Lucius Malfoy his official Keeper, instructed to keep him alive but submissive.

The cell door was swung open by the guard and Draco led the two slaves in and helped Hermione lay Harry on the bed after making sure no one could see him doing it. Hermione hurried off for Harry's food while Draco remained to watch the nearly comatose 19 year old in front of him.

He finally broke the silence with a pitying tone. "Potter?" Hary wearily turned his head, an enquiring look on his face. "Forget about it . Just get some sleep and I'll leave a heating charm on the food so you can have it when you wake up later." "Thanks," the soft sigh came toward Draco as Harry dropped off, suddenly asleep. "No problem, Harry" he replied softly awaiting Hermione's return.

* * *

Sneak peak for the next chapter

Running, his heart pounding, he dashed through the Forbidden forest running desperately for his life, Death Eaters in pursuit. He had earned yet another detention in potions, except this time it was a trap. He heard the heavy breathing of the men behind him as they drew closer, he grew more frightened each minute. Suddenly one of the pursuers dived forward tackling him and forcing him to the ground. He writhed frantically, trying to escape the pile on as each of the Death Eaters jumped in to prevent that very thing. He had to stop struggling, there was no breath left in his lungs, so he lay still desperately trying to breath. The pile of Death Eaters on top of him lightened and he found himself pinned, a man at each arm and leg, preventing him from moving..

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