Author's Note (A/N): This is a story I've had in mind since reading Sindie's original story on this site. I always wanted to know what would happen if the Snape of that story was confronted with people in his first life again and vice versa. I hope I can do JK Rowling and Sindie justice in this crossover. All Harry Potter characters are owned by JK Rowling.

These early chapters are going to deal mostly with the Lord Voldemort killed at the end of "The Moment It Began" by Severus and Tobias Snape. I felt his survival would be a good way to connect the two worlds and create the opportunity for a crossover with the original HP-universe. The first chapters will be very expository because I am trying to set up everyone's emotional states and the means of dimensional travel, but I promise that once the story gets going we'll get into some character and dialogue-driven action. Hope everyone rates and enjoys!

Chapter 1 – Prologue, Part I

He woke up with a start, but before he could even begin to process what had just happened, he felt a sharp pain all over his body.

Lord Voldemort was in a state of complete agony, and he suddenly realized he could barely move.

Wait, where the hell is my body?

And then the last few hours of his life hit him. He had been killed… by a muggle with a muggle weapon.

He had tried to hit that horrible Mudblood wife of Severus Snape with a Killing Curse, but she ducked behind a couch. Before he could even set up another attack, he heard two bangs, and that was it. He knew from the desperate attacks from some muggle police officers that the sound had been a gun, and that he had felt two bullets pierce him before going out.

Had he been anyone else in the world, that would have been the end, but thankfully for him, he had taken preparations. When he realized that Snape and Dumbledore had been destroying his Horcruxes – pieces of his soul to tie his spirit to the mortal realm, effectively granting him immortality – he knew he needed an ace in the hole.

He had always meant to create a seventh piece to his soul, as seven was regarded as the perfect magical number, and was searching for the Sword of Gryffindor to place the final piece inside of it. But knowing that all his protection was gone, he got desperate.

After checking on the fifth and final Horcrux location, to complete failure, he captured a female snake, who received the name Nagini. She was smaller and less vicious as he'd have wanted, but the situation didn't leave him much time to be picky, and while she wasn't as dangerous, her lethal poison and reptilian elegance were more than enough to leave him comfortable in his decision.

While searching for Snape's house in Spinner's End, he killed a bystander, and through the ritual he had been preparing since first discovering the loss of a Horcrux, he created one final layer of protection for himself in Nagini. He finally found Snape's house, and before bursting through the door, he Apparated her into a location in the Forbidden Forest where his Death Eaters had occasionally met with him.

But even all that trouble couldn't have prepared him for what he was now going through. He was in spiritual form. He now began to wonder how much time had passed. He had been shot, so supposedly he should have been around his body. And then he saw it.

In an effort to ensure no trace of him remained, his body (or what remained at this point) was on fire and Dumbledore was watching intently with about a half-dozen Aurors to ensure nothing went wrong.

Dumbledore, you will pay. You, and all of that Snape's disgusting family will suffer dearly for this.

Or would they? It was becoming very clear now that this had been prophesized beforehand, and despite all his attempts to prevent the fate he was living, he nonetheless was only alive because of an eleventh-hour move that he was glad to not have waited any longer on making.

He then realized that the same had happened in Snape's previous life, when he had invaded Lily Evans' mind. He saw Snape die, and although he was only in her mind briefly, he saw Snape telling her that a boy had killed him in that life as well, meaning the Horcruxes were no match for the forces of the universe.

Or is it just one universe?

Suddenly, an idea on how to finally gain full control and power on Earth was being formulated, although he knew that what he was about to try would take a long time to put together. But first things first, he NEEDED a body, and he needed to find one before he started to weaken.

It was too dangerous to attack anyone with Dumbledore in direct sight, and he knew that he couldn't tip any more people than was absolutely necessary given what he was going to try to do.

But he did realize that he was in the Ministry of Magic, which meant he could go out into Whitehall and find someone to take over. He moved in spiritual form as quickly as he could and rested in an alley. He waited for hours, and then he saw his chance.

A young man, who was clearly an intern at the MoM, was leaving the building and no one within about 30 feet, and he saw his chance. Using a tremendous amount of will, he knocked over a garbage can. That shouldn't have exhausted me so much, I need to move quickly before I get weaker. When the boy came over to look, he dove for him and fought for control. He could feel a fight going inside his mind, but because he had no idea what was happening, Voldemort was able to quickly take control and influence the boy's mind.

It was then that he realized that he could see, but it was from the back of the intern's head. Sensing this would be a problem, he quickly grabbed the hood of the cloak and concealed himself.

"Oi! What are you doing over there boy?" a gruff voice asked.

Say you were looking for something in the trash. SAY IT!

"I was looking for something I left in the trash. Can't find it, though," the possessed intern said.

Voldemort was more than satisfied at this development, as he now had a body to work with. Part of him wanted to track down his Death Eaters immediately, but the Dark Mark wouldn't be sent out until he was in corporeal form, and what he was now planning required him to be as hidden from the world as he could afford to be. No one could know that he was alive until he was ready to do what he was planning to do.

After searching the intern's mind, he discovered his name was Elphir Frode, and he had moved to Britain after completing his years of education at Durmstrang. He lived alone, and Voldemort was thankful for that. I can conduct all my business in secret now. He decided that after three days he would send a resignation letter to the MoM, claiming he had found an opportunity back home that he wanted to pursue. He'd been there a couple of months, and he was working during what people believed to be the end of a wizarding war, so it wouldn't be all that surprising that he was receiving an opportunity.

As he sat with the body that now only lived because he existed in it, he thought about what he'd need to regain an actual, permanent body. Bone of the father, flesh of a servant, blood of an enemy. This part of the plan was easy enough. The non-human ingredients were easy enough to accrue, and he had access to the bones of his father from his grave.

He'd normally just do the ritual there, but as he thought about it. He wanted to carry out the second part of his plan immediately after reviving his body, so it would have to be done in the Department of Mysteries when the time was right. The next morning, he Apparated to one of his own old hideouts where he kept potion ingredients and gathered the ingredients needed to start the brew. Later that night, he went to his father's grave site and dug up the grave, taking enough bone fragments to guarantee the potion would react to them.

Flesh of a servant wasn't a difficult prospect, but it was one that must be handled with care. If any of his followers spread word that he might be alive, the Auror forces and Order of the Phoenix would make his ability to move much, much more dangerous. He thought of who he could use, and then settled on Augustus Rookwood. He had been loyal to him as a spy in the Department of Mysteries, and more importantly, he had told him many of the objects in the DOM, specifically one that he was fairly sure was necessary to complete his plan.

After a few days (in which he killed some unicorns to use their blood to maintain his strength), he Apparated to the home of Rookwood, who lived a few miles northwest of Whitehall. He waited until he heard the door open.

"What do you want? I recall seeing you around the Ministry. Why are you here?" Rookwood sounded guarded and Voldemort knew he had his hand ready to pull out his wand and go on the attack.

Instead of Frode's mouth, Voldemort spoke from the back of his head. "Ah, Rookwood. Ever the defensive one. I have something I need you to do." And with that, he turned around and removed the hood, and he now looked upon the utterly terrified face of Rookwood.

"M-m-m-my L-Lord! Is that you? What has happened to you?"

"Yes, Rookwood. As I had told you and all my followers, I have taken steps to ensure my survival. This is a most unfortunate side effect, but it is merely a temporary solution."

And with that he forced his way into the flat, as he didn't want to be out in the open for longer than was absolutely necessary.

Rookwood found his voice and asked, "It is an honor that you've chosen to come here, my Lord. I will notify the others at on-"

"NO!" Voldemort thundered. "I do not want anyone to be aware of my presence just yet."

"But why? We who spied for you need to have strength in numbers. It will only be a matter of time until the Death Eaters captured will be offered deals to name names." Rookwood sounded nervous.

"What happens to those not loyal to me is not my concern. I am around you now, and you'll be protected as long as I am with you. I am in need of your service, Rookwood. I have two tasks that you will need to ensure my ability regain a proper body and regain control of the war."

"But why me, my Lord. I believed myself to be a useful spy, but there were many others stronger than I?"

"Your knowledge in the Department of Mysteries will be key in both circumstances. You should consider yourself honored to be of such use to my noble mission."

"I-I am, of course! What is it you need?"

Voldemort decided to get the more immediate mission suggested first. "In order to regain my corporeal form, I need a regeneration potion. I have all the ingredients but two: flesh of a servant and blood of an enemy. I can receive both from you."

"My flesh?!" Rookwood was now becoming very alarmed.

"You will not need to kill yourself. As I said, no harm will come to you as I need you right now."

Rookwood looked more at ease. "And blood of an enemy."

"I could get blood from anyone who opposed me, but I'd like you to retrieve blood from that Mudblood wife of Severus Snape."

"How would I do that?"

"It doesn't need to be a lot, but it needs to be done discreetly. I want no one to become aware of my plans to regain a body until I am back at full strength. I want the potion to be given in the Department of Mysteries, of which you have access, and it is there that I ask a second task of you."

"Of course, my Lord," Rookwood said, although now very curious of what would be needed in the DOM. "What would you have me do?"

"I won't need it done for some time. I need to find something important before I can return." Voldemort wanted to make sure he committed Rookwood for this project long-term, as even he wasn't sure how much time it would take to find the potion recipe he needed.

Rookwood was surprised to hear that the Dark Lord didn't want to return immediately, but he complied. "Of course, my Lord, but if I may ask again, what is it you will need me to do?"

Voldemort smirked a little at this and said, "I am going to need to have access to the Veil of Death."