A message to all of the wonderful people who have taken the time to read and review this story. (Posted by a kindly friend on my behalf) First of all, please accept my apologies for have gone such a long time with no update and then again for this actually not being a chapter I never intended to leave it this long and as so many of you have been loyally reading this and reviewing despite some already long breaks I thought you deserved an explanation which is the best I can do for showing you all how much I appreciate you ( I want to start by saying I had intended to finish this story and hope to still do so however, over the last four months or so I have suffered a rather sever loss of vision and this prevents me from now being able to read, access my computer, write etc and so consequently have had to take an enforced break from the fandom. Not only have I been unable to work on my story but I have yet to read Ootp as I can't read the large print or afford the tapes so what with one thing and another my interest has waned slightly. As I am attempting to go to university in a week to study for a Masters degree (more fool me) I am getting some specialist stuff which hopefully will mean. I can get back on line etc and hopefully will enable me to pick this up again, get some new chapters out and revise the old ones. That is the plan anyway and I just wanted you to know I hadn't forgotten this. I do plan on finishing it but it may be a while yet. Thankyou all once again for your fabulous reviews, I appreciate each and every one of them. Carrie