Author's Note:

So this is an idea I wanted to play around with, and I'm not sure how it's going to play out just yet. This isn't really set during any particular time, but Castiel and Gabriel are both alive, full fledged angels, and nobody is playing God, so maybe AU season 6ish? If you like it, have any idea, or any suggestions, let me know! Interest will definitely inspire me to continue, so feel free to comment!

Chapter 1 - Not Again

Sam Winchester was uncomfortably familiar with the look the girl at the video game store was giving him, and he could feel Dean shifting awkwardly next to him. Was it too much to ask to have to take out a ghost somewhere geeky without getting recognized?

"You're them," the girl said with hushed awe. Her face was practically glowing with excitement, accented by the hot pink pigtails she was sporting.

"We're who?" Dean demanded, tugging at the collar of his dress shirt uncomfortably.

"The Winchesters," the girl breathed, her tone almost reverent.

"Lady, you've got the wrong idea," Sam started to say, but he was interrupted.

"Don't bother denying it, I know you guys are real! It's all over the message boards." The girl was practically fawning over them, her gaze seeming especially appreciative of Dean, but her eyes were flicking back and forth between both brothers.

"The what now?" Dean asked, clearly confused.

The girl gave Dean a small scowl, as though he was dumber than she had given him credit for. "Online? You know, for the Supernatural books?"

Sam nearly groaned aloud as his expression quickly became a bitch face. He turned to Dean and mouthed, "We're going to kill Chuck."

Dean just nodded at him and turned back to the girl. "Look, Miss...?"

"Kasey," the girl said excitedly. "Kasey Kinder."

Dean's lips twitched slightly, but he managed to keep a business expression. "Miss Kinder, I'm not sure who exactly you think we are, but -"

"You can stop denying it, silly," Kasey teased. "My online bestie is Becky Rosen. She told me everything! Ooh, I should call her!" Kasey had her cell phone out before either brother could stop her, and up to her ear with the mere press of a button.

"Dammit," Dean muttered under his breath.

Next to him, Sam was currently the embodiment of the expression "if looks could kill."

"Becky!" Kasey squealed. "OH MY GOD. You will not believe who just showed up at work! YES! You were right, they're so hot!"

Dean was looking increasingly uncomfortable, backing away slightly as though that would distance him from what was happening.

"Ooh, hang on, I'll put you on speaker!" Kasey hit another button and held the phone out closer to the Winchesters. "Say hi, boys!"

Silence. Both of the Winchesters glared at Kasey.

"They're both a little shy about their fame, Kasey, not to worry! Put me on video chat so we can all see each other!" Becky's familiar voice came through the phone, causing both brothers to cringe.

"Ooh, good idea!" Kasey hit another button and the phone provided a loading symbol, followed by Becky's overly excited face.

"HEY GUYS!" Becky yelled at the phone, grinning like an idiot.

Sam reached up to rub his forehead, feeling defeated.

"This is so not happening," Dean growled, his voice too low for Becky to hear.

"C'mon, guys, don't be shy! Kasey really wants to meet you! I've told her all about how awesome you are!" Becky was still grinning, obviously not seeing how irritated Sam and Dean were.

Sam held out a phone. "Look, Kasey, give me the phone, okay?"

"Uh...sure?" Kasey held out the phone tentatively.

Sam snatched it and took it off speakerphone and video and held it up to his head so he could speak normally, walking away from the group. "Becky, what the hell?"

"What's wrong, Sammy?" Becky asked, surprised.

"Don't call me that. You know that what we do is supposed to be under the radar. Why the hell did you tell some random chick about us? This is supposed to just be a generic salt and burn, but we can't get your friend off our backs." Sam exhaled slowly, trying to keep his voice sounding docile and not threatening.

"Sorry, Sam," Becky said, her voice sounding deflated. "I didn't mean to get in the way of your job! I just needed someone to freak out with, you know? Hey...I have an idea!"

"I don't like the sound of that, Becky," Sam warned.

"No, it's nothing bad!" Becky insisted. "I'll make a deal with you. I'll call Kasey off and have her get you any info you need to take out the spirit."

"In return for what?" Sam demanded.

"Read some of her fan fiction! She's a great writer, and it would make her life, I swear." Becky sounded really pleased with her idea.

"Her what?" Sam asked, confused.

"Fan fiction! You know, stories about you guys based on the books!"

"Aaaah..." Sam said, an incredibly awkward conversation with Becky filtering back into his memory. "Is it anything like what you told me you like to write about? Because neither of us are touching that with a ten foot pole."

"No," Becky sighed, almost sadly. "She writes about different pairings than I do. No Sam on Dean action, if that's what you're worried about. Seriously, just each of you read one of her fics, tell her what you thought, and I swear I'll keep her off your case. It's not too much to ask, right?"

"Dean's going to kill me for this, but you have a deal. We both want to just get out of here." Sam sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Great! Get something to write with so I can tell you where to go online. I know exactly which ones to have you guys read." Becky sounded excited again, and Sam bit back a groan.

True to her word, Becky had managed to get Kasey to become fully cooperative and stay out of their way, so they were done with the spirit by the end of the day. Sam was enduring a steely silence from Dean, who was not looking forward to their side of the bargain.

While driving back to the motel, Dean snapped. "C'mon, man, seriously? We have to read someone's crappy fantasies about us? How screwed up is that?"

"Supposedly she's a good writer," Sam offered, ignoring the withering look he got in return. "Look, Becky promised it wouldn't be the freaky stuff she likes to write about."

Dean winced, remembering that conversation all to well. "It better not be. I swear, Sam, the only reason I'm doing this is so we can get the hell out of town."

"Yeah, same," Sam commented.

Dean grumbled the rest of the way to the motel, and took the first shower while Sam got online. Becky wanted each of them to read a specific story, so Sam pulled up his 'assigned' reading.

The fic was called 'His Golden Wings,' and it took Sam all of two paragraphs to figure out what it was about. "Oh, God...Oh, hell no!" He set the laptop down harshly and jumped out of his chair, pacing. He was not reading that. Still though, was it the worst thing he'd ever had to do for a case? No. He could read some crappy fiction about him and a certain dead archangel.

With a resigned sigh, Sam sat back down and started reading. Reluctantly, he had to admit that this Kasey chick was a good writer. She also seemed to be relatively adept at describing parts of his body he didn't normally flaunt around, which made him uncomfortable. Even stranger was how nature the story felt as he read it. By the end, Sam was almost surprised to look over at his bed and not see an archangel waiting for him. Kasey's story made him feel like that was the natural order of things. As Sam finished the story and closed the page, he had to deal with the fact that he'd managed to develop an erection while thinking about an archangel that was not only no longer in the picture, but had always been a pain in the ass. Why in the hell was he thinking that way?

Curious now what Kasey had written in the story Dean was assigned, Sam pulled it up and began to read. He started laughing only a moment in, and was still laughing when Dean emerged from the bathroom.

"What's so funny? Is the story that crap?" Dean asked hopefully.

"Oh man, dude," Sam said, gasping through his tears of laughter. "You're going to want to kill this chick." He cracked a grin.

Dean's expression went dark. "What is it?"

"Uh uh, not telling, You do your homework, we'll stop by the game store on the way out of town, and that'll be the end of it. I'm getting in the shower." Sam passed Dean the laptop and hurried to the bathroom, managing to jump into the water right as Dean's strangled cry became audible.

Dean was going to be seriously pissed about that story, but it was so worth it. Sam had to admit that Kasey had an eye for detail. Even details that Sam had noticed. The whole Sam and Gabriel thing was still kind of smacking him upside the head, but he had no trouble understanding why fan fiction revolving around Dean and Castiel existed. Seriously, the only people who hadn't noticed the tension there were Dean and Castiel themselves.

Sam's attention was diverted back to his apparently latent attraction to Gabriel by the throb of his erection. Well, at least he was in the shower. If he kept it down, there was no need for Dean to ever learn of this particular fantasy Sam had just discovered.

Strangely, Sam was almost looking forward to seeing Kasey tomorrow. She really was a good writer.