"Ah, just look at that sunset." SpongeBob says, sitting on the grass, with Patrick by his side.

"It's nice, isn't it?" Patrick asks.

"Yes, it is." Spongebob says

"Really? Cause I can't see it with this rock on me." SpongeBob turns to see Patrick on the ground, with a rock on his face. The rock has a note attached to it.

Dear SpongeBob SquarePants,

"Hey, it's for me!" SpongeBob says in joy. He continues reading.

You have been accepted into our Second Annual Year of Nick Racing! You will be returning to reclaim your championship. You will have the chance of winning 100, 1000, 10000, 100000, or even 1000000 dollars! There are five cups, corresponding to each cash prize: Junior Cup for $100, Rookie Cup for $1000, Amateur Cup for $10000, Pro Cup for $100000, and Master Cup for $1000000! You will get a chance for any or all cups. There will be fifteen other racers, and 12 racers per race. These racers mean business, so bring your A-Game so be prepared for a challenge. If you are interested, come to the Nick Arena tomorrow afternoon. Only one of you can race. However, the rest can absolutely come to cheer you on in the stands. Will you protect your title?

"My championship can be taken? I must not let that happen!" SpongeBob declares.

"Can I come?" Patrick asks.

"You can be in the audience, but not racing, sadly." SpongeBob says.

"Don't worry! I'll cheer you on all the way! I'll get the rest of our friends ready!" Patrick runs off.

"And I've got to make my boat nice and spiffy for the big race." SpongeBob says. "I will not lose!"

Want to see SpongeBob defend his title? Tune in for Nickelodeon Racing II: The Return of the Grand Prix, out now!