Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it…

The lust of a hollow is far greater than its hunger could ever be…

Ichigo's vision disappeared into black as he shut his eyes tight. If he wasn't so damn scared, he would have thrown the little pest out the window for preventing him from sleeping. Of course, Kon never took the hint. Eventually the Mod Soul stormed out of Ichigo's room muttering something about finding Orihime, but Ichigo wasn't listening.

His mind was focused on blocking out the look of disappointed friends, friends that would leave him, his friends… just as Shinji had suggested. He was working hard to fight the voices that he heard, voices that called to him, that whispered his name sinfully ever since his fight with Byakuya.

The days had been getting worse and worse. His hollow had been getting closer and closer. Several times Ichigo had awoken from one of his nightmares only to find the object of his torture standing in his room. The albino would instantly jump Ichigo and arouse the teen to no end. Then, just when Ichigo was ready to release, he'd leave the boy with just a few words, "You're already mine."

"Damn it," Ichigo muttered through tearless sobs. "I don't need Shinji to tell me… I know. I know if this keeps up… If this keeps up-"

"If this keeps up what?"

Ichigo's heart beat twice as fast. His muscles reacted even before his brain did, shoving himself off of his stomach and around to sit on his bed. "Y- You!" he screamed to his seemingly empty room.

"Are you trying to scare yourself Ichigo?"

Behind the distorted voice there was mischievousness. Ichigo shivered, there was another reason added to the list of why the hair on the back of his neck stood tall.

"You're so easy to figure out!"

Though he knew it was pointless, Ichigo continued to scan the room. There had to be a radio or television turned on that was emitting this monster's voice. It couldn't be coming from within Ichigo's mind; it had to be some sort of prank!

Laughter more horrid than the voice filled the room, until it spoke again. "I'm going to keep getting closer and closer to you. And not just day after day, oh no. It's going to happen much faster than that!"

Ichigo jumped, throwing the pillow across the room to where he thought to have seen movement.

The voice cackled again before his image finally appeared within Ichigo's mind. A pale hand reached towards the trembling teen. "See?" he whispered, further traumatizing the other. "I'm already closer to you than I was a moment ago." His hand cupped Ichigo's cheek; the rest of the albino's body straddling the Shinigami's to make no room for an exit. "And I'll keep getting closer to you, until there ain't any distance left to separate us."

"Go away," Ichigo shouted.

"Now, now, now… That ain't something ya should say, especially to me. What would happen if I left ya here and went downstairs? That's exactly where Karin and Yuzu are right now, eh?"


A playful grin spread across the hollow's lips making him look like some sort of twisted clown.

The teenager was seething.

A soft laugh then escaped the other's lips, his head tilting slightly to the left with amusement.

Ichigo got mad, no, scratch that, he got pissed. Screaming with rage he swung his fist straight for the other's head. But before the substitute even knew what happened, he was pinned to one of the many familiar sky scrapers of his inner world, a hand clamped tightly around his neck.

The albino giggled. "That's good Ichigo. Never let that pure instinct go."

"G-Get o-off of m-me!" Ichigo growled whilst choking.

The hollow grinned. "Of course." His hand slithered out from around Ichigo's throat only to climb up onto his cheek.

The teen's chest jumped up as he gasped for much needed air. His heart beat three times as fast, yet nearly stopped when he noticed the hollow's eyes. Hidden deep within the horrific gold lay a spark of something mesmerizing.

"Long time no see, eh Ichigo? Haven't seen you since..." The hollow's lips curved into a paper thin smirk. "...last night? You've gotten weak."

"Wha-?" Whatever Ichigo's next statement was, his words had become lost in the monster's eyes. The thoughts running through his head right now were mainly about the eyes… why did they look the way they did? They were so lusted and… hungry. Of all the times he'd seen the hollow... he never looked quite like this. Trembling, Ichigo shied away from the icy feeling of fingertips brushing over his cheek.

"And you're scared."

"Get away from me!"

The duplicate chuckled. "You're scared, but you don't need to be. Just let it go... just trust me."

Ichigo knew that 'trust' meant more than just what his hollow lead on. A cold harsh sweat covered Ichigo's entire body. His eyes were frozen wide open with fear, but his face didn't even tell half of it. His eyes instantly noticed the Zanpakuto that stood out on the hollow's back. His arms reached for his own blade, panicked when he found nothing, but all of Ichigo's actions came to an immediate halt as soon has the albino made just one.

"What the hell are you doing!?"

"Heh. What does it look like?"

Ichigo's lips met with the hollows, tongue immediately entering the orangette's mouth. No fight was necessary, shock had the dominance over Ichigo's body and soon the hollow had the dominance over shock.

Ichigo's body went into a fit as soon as he felt the hollow's finger trace the inner part of his leg. Its hand found the sensitive flesh beneath his pants and took a fierce hold on it. Ichigo bit his lip forcing a thick moan to get caught in his throat. The white figure squeezed making his counterpart release the moan he was desperately holding. "S-Sto-op…" Ichigo whined. "D-don't… Ahh!"

"Ne, Ichi, why would you want me to stop when it makes you feel so good?" The hollow's fingers gently combed through Ichigo's hair. The teen closed his eyes, melting into the touch. "You love it Ichigo, and don't try to deny it, I'm not stupid y'know."


"You're only calling me that because you know it's true."

Ichigo's arms gave out due to the undeniable pleasure he felt. His chest heaved for air, his heart beat faster than he'd ever had it before. Ichigo's eyes rolled back into his head. But despite every inch of his body's eagerness to be touched, his mind remained resistant. Ichigo knew he would crack one day, but that day wasn't going to happen now!

Or at least, that's what Ichigo had hoped. However, his body seemed unwilling to carry on with his plans. His inner hollow gave Ichigo a delightful stroke and Ichigo arched, moaning like a whore.

"Told ya, didn't I?" The hollow whispered lustfully into Ichigo's ear. "You need me."

There it was; the hollow's cue. Every time he had appeared to Ichigo, he'd seduce him until he was hard then leave. It was driving Ichigo insane, and Ichigo let out a senseless chuckle once he'd figured out that was the point. The hollow wanted Ichigo insane because only then would the Shinigami lose to his hollow's ambitions. Only then would Ichigo obey his hollow's rule.

Ichigo shut his eyes, sighing as he knew it was all over. He knew where he was headed next, the damn fucking shower. The place used to be his favourite, but now it was just a reminder of how sick and twisted he was on the inside.

This time when Ichigo's eyes opened he found himself not in his bedroom, but still in his inner world. His cock still burned and begged for release, but there was no sign of the hollow. At least, not in Ichigo's view. The orangette was looking up, not down...

"Ah!" Ichigo yelped as he hakama was torn off in one go. He leaned forward, eyes darting to his legs where he saw gold on black narrowed cunningly. A blue tongue slide out of his hollow's lips and coiled wickedly around the tip of Ichigo's manhood. Ichigo threw his head back, a deep moan penetrating the air from his throat.

"How long have you wanted it?"

Ichigo groaned, his head falling to the side. He grabbed the monster's hair and tangled his fingers deeply into it.

There was another lick sending tingles of pleasure up Ichigo's spine. "You've waited for so long... just to feel something more than fabric against your dick, right Ichigo?"

The imagery threw Ichigo's mind past the first level of insanity. If it weren't for the sudden finger wrapped around the base of his member, Ichigo would've come right then and there.

"It's just been your hand, right? Does it compare to this?" The hollow wrapped his lips around Ichigo's erection then took it all into his mouth, save for where his finger was.

Ichigo screamed in ecstasy. His hands had retreated from the hollow's hair and now turned beast-like as they clawed into the building below.

The hollow purred, his lips tightening around Ichigo's dick as he smirked. He tightened his finger just as Ichigo had begun to thrust. Ichigo stopped immediately and the hollow knew Ichigo was obeying his silent command.

He wanted Ichigo to know how powerless he was against him, he wanted Ichigo to know that he was the dominant spirit, and he wanted Ichigo to understand that he would lose to his insanity.

Ichigo's back arched painfully and his hips gave a wild thrust. The albino smirked and felt Ichigo's seed spray in his mouth. He swallowed it all hungrily, enjoying the slightly tangy taste as it rolled across his tongue. The hollow licked his lips clean then placed a gentle kiss on Ichigo's lips. Ichigo sloppily kissed back and when Shiro pulled away Ichigo reached out for him like a child.

The hollow smirked. "You're already mine."

Okay... Okay... I'll admit it: I'm an evil bitch! Hell, even I was reading this, reached the end and wished I'd written more! xD