Claymore fans... you'll understand this scene in a few minutes...

It had all happened so fast.

"There are six hollows," Rukia informed. She pointed out to the right. "You'll get the three over there and I'll handle these three!"

Ichigo nodded and took off.

Rukia defeated her three hollows without much effort and she could sense the other three disappear as Ichigo defeated them.

She took out her phone and reported to the Soul Society, "Mission success."

Her end of the line was cut off by a scream.

A being with high Spiritual Pressure and terribly dark reiatsu stood behind Rukia. Its power threw her forward and she crashed into a building, the rubble pinning her to the ground.

There was a monster here and she needed to see it. Rukia twisted around in order to get a better view of what she was up against. Before her there was a screen of dust. As it began to clear, the image of a monster appeared. There, standing in the middle of the dust cloud, stood a creature from the very heart of her nightmares. And Rukia knew that it was this masked creature that had killed her beloved brother.

Rukia could sense three others fast approaching. She wanted to scream out to them not to come near, but her voice had been silenced by fear.

As Rukia began to accept her fate, many more people arrived, including the Captains of the Gotei Thirteen. Rukia then started to panic, if they were all here than they were here for only one reason: to kill this monster.

To kill Ichigo.

"You can't!" Rukia shouted to Yamamoto. "That's Ichigo! You can't kill him!"

"We are all well aware," The Head Captain responded. "Ichigo Kurosaki must suppress the hollow within him or we will be forced to take matters into our own hands!"

Rukia's eyes widened. She balled her hands into fists and fought hard to escape the rubble. "You have to fight him Ichigo!" Rukia screamed desperately. Tears began to build up in her eyes as panic clouded over her mind. Rukia pushed with all her might to free herself, but nothing helped and instead she wound up with another gash on her leg.

Claws ripped themselves from Ichigo's flesh and spread across his nails. Ichigo screamed silently in pain, his voice already taken over by insane laughter.

Ichigo could feel his mind sinking into darkness, his hollow half-guilty for pulling him there. There was a part of him that wanted this evil power. Ichigo knew that a part of him desperately wanted to let go, but the rest of him refused to give in to the ruthless evil.

"Suppress your power Ichigo, or we will be forced to kill you," the Head Captain commanded.

The skin on Ichigo's torso melted, resembling wax, and it was covered with white fluid moments later. A hole seeped through Ichigo's chest and an animalistic growl erupted from his throat.

Orihime froze, her eyes falling to the monster in front of her. Somewhere in her heart she knew this being was Ichigo, but her mind couldn't accept it. It wasn't the Ichigo she knew...

"If his Spiritual Pressure doesn't cease to increase soon, thousands of hollows will be drawn to Karakura town," Mayuri informed from Yamamoto's side.

"Very well..." Yamamoto emotionlessly declared, "Kill him."

"No!" Orihime squeaked. She threw her hands in front of her and a brightly glowing yellow shield appeared in front of Ichigo.

Something splashed off in the distance behind behind her. Rukia, Jushiro and the other Shinigami turned their heads to see what it was; two arms sliced cleanly from their elbows and down. Ichigo roared, a sickening, spine chilling, ear splitting screech. He lunged forward at Orihime, cutting the girl's head clean off in a single strike.

"Stop! You monster!" Ichigo screamed. "You bastard! You killed her! You killed her!"

His hollow laughed, effectively silencing the orangette. His shit eating grin continued to haunt Ichigo as a hand slid over lips. "I didn't kill her, love, you did."

Ichigo slammed his fist into his hollow's jaw. Blood rolled down the white skin, but his grin still remained.

"You're still trying to fight me off?" A cold hand ran down Ichigo's groin, stopping just before the berry's dick. "It's great that you have so much strength, but I think this game is officially over."

"L-Let me g- Ah!"

And he started to stroke the teen beneath him. "Feels good, doesn't it?"

Ichigo bit his bottom lip to silence his moans. He fought to stay silent; the only thing really helping him was the pain.

"You don't need to silence yourself Ichigo. The only ones that are going to hear you are us."

"There is no 'us'!" Ichigo spat. His hollow squeezed his erection and with nothing to hold it back, Ichigo let out a loud moan.

"Doesn't it feel better just to give in? When you're angry at someone, you yell. When something bad happens, you cry. And when you're offered a greater power, you take it. It's your instinct Ichigo, I am your instinct."

Ichigo whimpered as his hollow continued to abuse his arousal. Though he managed to look the albino in the eye and question, "Instinct?"

"Inoue!" Chad called.

"Orihime," Ishida screamed.

Rukia's eyes widened in shock and her enter body froze in fear.

Jushiro stumbled backwards, an unreadable expression across his face.

Every Shinigami (other than Yamamoto) took out their Zanpakuto and pointed them at the terrifying monster. Reiatsu flared around Ichigo and a mask shaped image was projected across the vicious red. Ichigo's head fell backwards creating a sickening snap. His arms spread out to his side. Seemingly weightless, white plasticine bubbled from his mouth and rolled over his skin like drool. Other places it exploded outwards only to turn back to Ichigo forming a hand-like figure as it wrapped around his body.

A cloud of black reiatsu covered Ichigo's figure and everyone squinted to see.

"Really? Is that it?" Rukia's heart skipped a beat at the watery voice flowing from Ichigo's mouth. He tilted his head sideways, no expression on his face and his long orange hair rolling gently off his shoulders. "All that fuss over not turning into this..."

Rukia sat, horrified and shaking. Her body was being crushed by Ichigo's Spiritual Pressure, her mind frozen on the terror in front of her and her heart shattering at the reality of losing a second person to a hollow.

Ichigo's eyes drifted down to his slowly rising hands. He stared intently at his left hand, gently opening and closing it with a satisfied chuckle. Ichigo's scorching gold on charcoal black eyes snapped up to face the Shinigami in front of him, a playful smile corrupting his lips. "Instinct..."

Ichigo cracked his neck from shoulder to shoulder, his muscled torso bare for everyone to see. His hakama remained still in the same shade of black as his sclera.

A noise, close to a purr, was released and Ichigo ran his fingers through his hair. "And I never realised it would feel this good."

"You monster!" Soi Fon snapped. She rushed forward and swung her Zanpakuto downwards in a strike filled with hate. After the attack she pulled back, bracing herself on one knee and preparing for the next move.

"So reckless Captain..." Ichigo taunted. "And look, you're messy too." Ichigo held up Soi Fon's arm, cleanly cut off and his own Zanpakuto to blame. "You shouldn't leave your stuff lying around. Here, you can have it back." Ichigo threw the arm towards her receiving a vile scowl in return.

Shunsui and Jushiro rushed forward, their Shikai released. Ichigo evaded their attacks, each of his moves slow but effective. Then at a speed no one could see, Ichigo caught Shunsui and Jushiro by their throats and held them above the ground. "I see... so you're all interested in killing me?" Ichigo laughed, a spine chilling, goose bumps worthy laugh. He threw both Shinigami at their respective lieutenants and proceeded in opening a Garganta. "I'm afraid I cannot allow myself to be killed by the likes of you. So if you have a death wish, follow me." And Ichigo left.

Jushiro climbed off of Rukia, careful not to put too much weight on her. He took the rubble off of her body until she could do the rest by herself, and held out his hand. "Are you alright?"

Rukia nodded at Jushiro, and then turned to look where Ichigo just stood. She swallowed, "I couldn't do anything. In the end all I could do was watch as that... thing inside him swallowed Ichigo whole."