Okay, this is my first fanfiction ever, so I want you readers to be kind to me even if it's a crappy story. Please enjoy the first chapter! :3

"Ahhhhhh!" A boy screamed out in pain. His hand bleeding heavily as he stumbled back from his attacker.

"Someone call the teacher!"

"Stop the bleeding!"

"Get that girl away from him!"

It was chaos as the school staff tried to deal with the frightened children and aid the wounded boy. His attacker, a little girl with stark white hair, held up her newly weaponized hand. The end red with the boy's blood.

"I…I didn't mean it!" she cried shaking from head to toe. "He was making fun of-"

"Shut up monster!" a girl cried out from the other side of the room. Other children began to join in.

"Monster! Monster!"

"Demon girl!"

"Go away!"

"But I didn't mean it," the little girl cried. Tears were flowing freely from her eyes now. A flash of white surround her blade hand and it changed back to a small child's. The blade was gone, but the blood was not. The little girl shook even more as she saw the blood ooze down her fingers, splattering onto her pink dress. She opened her mouth and screamed with all her might.


It was hot and sunny just as it always was in Death City. The sun beat down hot rays as the citizens went about their usual day. A dog was wandering around, having escaped from its owner. It came up to a railing in the middle of a stair case. With a wicked gleam in it's eye it lifted it's leg and got ready to relieve itself. Suddenly a skater came barreling around the corner.

"Outa my way pooch!" the skater yelled. The skater hopped up onto the railing and did a grind downwards; scaring the dog out of his wits. The skater touched down and sped away laughing, her long white hair streaming behind her. Music pounded in her ears as she rode down the boulevard. Her goal was just a few blocks away, and she had no time to spare. The bell for her new school was about to ring.

She turned a corner and shot past someone. She didn't really notice, but that person was staring right at her as she whizzed by.

A boy walked up the street, aiming to find his way to Shibusen academy. He'd arrived only the night before and hadn't had a chance to learn how to actually get to his new school.

He sighed, why had he come here? It wasn't going to keep his parents at bay for very long. There wasn't really any point to him being here, he'd simply wanted to get away from his stifling house and family. Course his freedom wasn't going to last long, they'd find one reason or another to drag him back eventually. He was continuing to lament about his life when he heard a shout from around the corner. I turned his head just in time to see a white haired girl come around the corner at top speed on a skate board.

Time slowed as she past him, she had pale skin and sharp teeth, which only added to her strange appearance. Her eye were focused a set forwards, as well as a deep brown. She didn't even seem to acknowledge his presence as she went by. This lasted only a split second before she disappeared as quickly as had appeared. He stared after her with bewildered blue eyes, not knowing what to really think.