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"Now tell me Will, about the latest nightmare. What was different about it from the others?"Hannibal asked the younger man, handing him a cup of tea. Will took a sip, trying to remain calm as he recounted the nightmare.

"It started out as a normal dream. I was walking around in the forest, Winston was beside me. It was... Just normal."Will began, thinking about it. He remembered his nightmares well, probably better than most did. Hannibal sat down on the chair in front of the young agent, watching as he sipped his own tea cup.

"Please, do continue Will. I don't like being kept in suspense."Hannibal spoke, trying to catch the brunette's gaze.

"Winston ran out in front of me. I chased after him, not wanting him to get lost. I kept hearing Winston's bark and called out to him, following the barks and howls. As I walked, bodies started dropping... From... The tree tops..."Will admitted, his hand shaking. He sat the cup down, afraid his shaky hands would cause him to spill tea all over the doctor's clean office. His gaze turned toward the globe in Hannibal's office, his mind replaying the nightmare over and over in his head.

"Will... Will... William. I need you to come back to me. Don't get lost in that head-space. Talk to me. What do you see? What happened in the nightmare?"Hannibal tried to get the attention of the younger man back on himself, trying to figure out what had awoken his friend up this time, what had him so scared.

"T-the bodies... They belonged Jack... And Katz...Alana...Even... Even your body was there... They were... Strung up... Blood just... Coming out of your eyes and mouths... I couldn't even scream before... Someone... Stabbed me..."Will spoke, staring off into the distance. The doctor could tell by the younger man's expression that he was far away into his own mind. Sighing, he walked in front of Will, sitting down on the table, something he rarely did.

"Will. Talk to me. Look at me."Hannibal tried to get the man's attention. Will stared straight ahead still, paying the doctor no mind. This interaction continued until Will's cell phone went off. He shook his head, coming out of the daze he seemed to be in to answer the phone.

"Hello? No... Oh... Okay... I'll help... See you then... Bye..."Will spoke before hanging up. Hannibal raised an eyebrow.

"Plans?"he asked, watching as the younger man started to get up. Will sighed.

"More like I got a case... Jack needs me... I'm apologize... For this coming between our... Session..."Will apologized. Hannibal gave a half-smile.

"Do not worry about it Will. Go. Help Jack. Thank you for speaking with me."the good doctor spoke, walking the agent out. Will nodded.

"Bye Doctor..."